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Wisconsin creative writing

Creative Writing

Create on the shores of Lake Michigan at one of America’s first graduate English programs to grant both the MA and PhD with concentrations in Creative Writing. Our program is unique; you will hone your craft as you receive a broad-based English education that will inform and enhance your artistic vision.

While our students generally focus on a particular genre, many of them experiment in multiple genres, seeking to borrow tools from other forms that prove useful to their primary work. Some students have even successfully incorporated multiple genres in their culminating projects.

We admit 10 to 15 new students per year, and we generally have between 40 and 50 graduate-level Creative Writing students in our program. Of these students, approximately one-fourth are working at the MA level and three-fourths are working at the PhD level.

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Creative Writing Program

If you have a passion for storytelling and wish to pursue a career using your writing talents, consider a degree in Creative Writing at UW-Whitewater. Every step of our Creative Writing program is designed to help you unleash your imagination.

A degree in Creative Writing provides opportunities to cultivate and improve upon your craft. You will learn about the industry from published writers, study literature from a writer’s point of view, and participate in a variety of writing courses across a variety of genres – from fiction and creative nonfiction, to poetry, screenwriting, and nature writing, among others.

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A Creative Writing emphasis or minor can prepare you for many professional paths, including teaching, publishing, copywriting, screenwriting, communications and more.


The tiered curriculum for Creative Writing is designed to:

  • Broaden students’ understanding about the writing process and the craft-based choices made by writers
  • Encourage analytical abilities
  • Prompt students to work across genres to strengthen their writing

English courses outside of Creative Writing provide additional practice in the careful reading, writing, and understanding of creative texts.In order to achieve a professional level and produce a sizeable body of work, Creative Writing majors are required to take at least six intermediate and advanced-level writing workshops in a variety of genres. Students begin the program by taking an introductory creative writing course and a literature course aimed specifically at writers. The capstone course for students is Advanced Writers Studio in which students will create a sizeable body of work of publishable quality in their chosen genre.

For more information and to learn about oppurtunities the program offers, seach the links under Program Resources.

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