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9 Writing Prompts about Aliens

It’s no wonder the concept of aliens has been a fixture of science fiction books and films for as long as those mediums have existed.

And for young writers too – letting the imagination run wild, and combine with knowledge of just how massive the universe is, to creatively inspire endless pages of writing. That they’re excited to be working on no less.

So today the topic is, aliens – let’s see what the following prompts inspire in our creative writing – or philosophical and scientific discussion for that matter!

How to use the prompts:

Try selecting a random prompt, and get as much written on the topic as you can in 15 minutes.

Or pick a specific prompt, and create a short story that takes it in an exciting direction.

Try writing a journal style entry covering the prompt fully.

Try combining two prompts for a story with a twist.

The Prompts:

  1. Do you think that alien life exists in the universe? Why?
  2. What do you think might happen if humans meet friendly aliens in the future, and get given some advanced alien technology?
  3. How could we communicate with aliens if we found them on another planet?
  4. What would humanity be able to offer to an intelligent alien species whose technology was already much more advanced?
  5. If you were travelling down a road in the middle of nowhere and saw a UFO start hovering above your car, what would you do?
  6. Imagine you are one of the first human settlers on Mars. How would you react to the discovery of an underground alien city?
  7. Do you think humans should be broadcasting messages out into deep-space trying to communicate with alien planets out there? Why or why not?
  8. Is it possible that alien lifeforms already know about Earth and humans? If so, why haven’t they contacted us?
  9. If you tried to explain what the internet is to a monkey, they wouldn’t be able to grasp the concept. Do you think the same thing would happen if aliens try to explain their technology or ideas to us?

If you’re looking for more writing prompts…

Well, good news, here’s several thousand more creative prompts for you. You’re welcome!

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Alien – quotes and descriptions to inspire creative writing

“We’d love to say ‘Hello,’ to your kind. when you are kind,” said the alien. “Kind to your own and other species. Keep working on that and perhaps we’ll let your crude machinery glimpse what is beyond your quarantined world.”

If we let anyone see us, if we spoke to them directly, you’d have them carted off to some mental facility. So, what’s the point? Our word for you guys is close in sound to our world for “paranoid,” that’s not a coincidence. On a deep level, that’s how we aliens see you guys. So, you call yourselves “human” which is close to “humane” and “humanitarian” and a good deal of you are “human.” Those folks we actually use a different word for which is closer to “loving” in our language. Yet so many of you we call, in our words, sort of “paranoiams.” It is not a genetic distinction, yet cultural and linguistic, because culture and language are interconnected and interdependent. Still, the effects on neural programming over lifetimes renders you as almost different species by the time you reach mature adult ages. You are the meek and the predators, though there are also hero types, protectors, and they are necessary in these situations. Aliens are your buddies from other planets, and we have to guide the right kind of plans to save yours.

Fixing messes, the apocalyptic type, is the mission we all chose. It takes a lot of effort and a lot of sacrifices on a personal level. I’m sure doctors and such can relate. We want to get you on the right track so we can get back to our lives, have fun, be with our families and friends. Again, I’m sure you can relate. So, aliens, yes we are. However, given our advancement and abilities, the fact that you are all still there being dicks to each other should put you at your ease somewhat. If we were as murderous as the worst humans are, you’d all be eradicated by now.

We travel more distance than you can fathom in crafts your imaginations have yet to dream of, and you think you would know we are here? We are as the good biologists, observing and tending to your dysfunction. We are the doctors of the galaxy, the care takers who come to save planets such as yours. We operate under the command of the divine spirit, the one who is love and loves us all. This is a created universe after all. So think of us as friends from far, far away, perhaps in a place with two suns, yet we are the ones who bring peace to you, help you develop into a species that is kind. So when you are ready to find us, we’ll let you. if you’re very, very good.