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Paper Help has a consumer rating of 4.44 stars from 1,862 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Consumers satisfied with Paper Help most frequently mention great experience, easy process and good job.Paper Help ranks 2nd among Education Other sites.

This company responds to reviews on average within 3 days

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  • Any corrections needed were made, great responsive customer service!

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“Very reliable and affordable service”

If you are in need of homework and essay writing help, these people are the ones to turn too! I have turned to them on multiple occasions for help in formatting and structuring my assignments. They have always met my deadlines I set (with many of them being a couple of days early which gives me extra time for review before submission). The support team is wonderful an they have a very good rewards program. I wish I would have found them way before!


This website is a scam. I paid 100 pounds for statistical analysis for a psychology paper and they sent me an essay about osteoporosis which has nothing to do with psychology! Then procedeed to tell me “the expert said there is no need for statistical tables”. I asked for a refund then I got a call at 11 at night (which normal company rings people at 11 at night?) and said something about coming to my uni with a solicitor etc. Don’t use this!

Reviews (1,862)

If you are in need of homework and essay writing help, these people are the ones to turn too! I have turned to them on multiple occasions for help in formatting and structuring my assignments. They have always met my deadlines I set (with many of them being a couple of days early which gives me extra time for review before submission). The support team is wonderful an they have a very good rewards program. I wish I would have found them way before!

Products used:
Essay/Homework Assistance

Thank you so much for your positive feedback. We are so glad you are satisfied with your paper. Hope to make you happy with your orders in the near future!

To be honest, I was just too lazy to do an essay on economic theory. I could do it myself, but why, if you can always turn to people who quickly write a decent job. I made an order for PaperHelp – they have never let me down, and I always remain satisfied with cooperation with them. The author of my essay was found quickly and immediately got down to business. The work, which I received in 6 hours, I immediately printed out and the next day took the teacher. I got an excellent essay, its content was good.

Miriam, thank you for this amazing review! Great to hear from you. Hope you’re having a lovely day.

I definitely prefer the old site over the new one. They are not helpful. I purchased a paper and got an email that my bank did not except the payment. I asked to cancel my order instead as I went somewhere else. They proceeded to still take my money, assign it to a write than said we are only give you 70% back. disgusting I will not order again.

Hello Makayla!
Thank you for your feedback. I am sorry to hear that you were not satisfied with our services. Unfortunately, a full refund was not possible on the order of yours since our writer had started working on the assignment by the time we received your cancellation request. However, I am glad to tell you that the partial refund has already been issued and the funds are expected to be back to you within the nearest time. Do not hesitate to contact us back in case you have any further questions or concerns.

Alan, Customer Care Manager
Email: [email protected]

I usually do not leave a review, but here I was pleasantly surprised. The guys really know their business. My order was completed on time, without any lexical or grammatical errors. Excellent, thank you for this order

Bryden, thank you for this awesome feedback. We’re pleased to see you were satisfied with our services. Wish you a lovely day ahead!

When I went to university, I realized that I would have to pass a number of general subjects. Wasting time on them absolutely did not want, so the essay on architecture has decided to order.
Suitable artist found among the authors Paper Help. I liked it right away, that the site offers a guarantee, and the prices were affordable for students. The result was worth it, the essay was written in two days. At the same time it contained comprehensive information on the topic, gave interesting facts, the latest statistics. The contractor immediately inquired about the requirements for the design. Also promptly responded to my questions, which, frankly, came several times a day. Personally, I will be turning here for help throughout my studies. Thank you so much for supporting students.

Hello, Julia! Thank you for this wonderful review! Really appreciate it. Good luck with your submission!

Greetings to anyone who is still deciding whether or not to order texts from this site. I would like to recommend authors on this platform. They respond quickly to your request and follow all the details you specify. I am satisfied with everything.

Wanda, thank you for this amazing feedback! Will be glad to see you again!

I submitted for 2 papers, costing approx $800.1 paper was returned with a grade of 18%, and the other returned with a grade of 28%.
Trying to deal with customer service was useless as they just decided to have their own conversations rather than actually listening to my feedback. They offered me credit bak, but based on both papers, why would i risk that again when its already brought my grades down so much to almost fail. They offered me $100 as a refund which is completely unacceptable.
Never again

Michael, thank you for your feedback. I am sorry to hear that our services did not meet your expectations. I would like to confirm from our side, that refunds on both of the orders have been successfully submitted and the funds paid initially are expected to be back to your credit card. In case you have any more questions or need any additional information, we will be more than glad to assist you.

Alan, Customer Care Manager
Email: [email protected]

I was not sure at first about the idea of using an essay writing service but I took a risk and it was beyond amazing. Nice papers, co-operative staff, and also prices are affordable. I ordered 2 essay which were the assignment for my university work and I got 95 out of 100 on it, so you can say i’m more than happy with their services. Will be coming back for sure.

Don’t use this site for help, as they are not trustworthy. If you ever have issues with them, they will threaten to post your paper and send it to Turnitin. They do not issue refunds for an unreasonable amount of time. Not only that, but writers sometimes have difficulty following instructions even if you explain them in detail.

Hi, Joseph. Thank you for leaving this feedback. On behalf of PaperHelp, I’d like to apologize for the inconveniences encountered. May I ask you to share the case ID you are referring to? So I could double-check the issue and offer you a possible compensation.

Thank you in advance! Joseph, look forward to your further cooperation.

Best wishes,
Alan, Customer Care Manager
Email: [email protected]

I would like to recommend to those who have not yet had time to use it! The staff is polite and responsible to perform tasks. If you’re looking for a resource that will help you with your papers, try them out!

Luke, thank you for this amazing feedback! It means a lot for us. Hope you are having a wonderful day!

You will pay top dollar for a substandard paper written by a non-english speaker. When you point out their poor grammar or incomplete sentences, they will say “everything looks good”. At this point you will have to highlight every single mistake they made in hopes that they can figure out how to correct it themselves. they can’t. Eventually, you will grow so tired (3 days after the original deadline) of coaching their “advanced writers” through a paper, that you will simply give up. Here I am spending hours of my time editing the entire paper I paid top dollar for in hopes that I can make it appear that is was written by someone who understands the English language. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY.

Tip for consumers:
here is a tip. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY

Products used:
“university level” research paper written by one of their “advanced” writers.

Hello Stan!
Thank you for your feedback. On behalf of, I would like to express my apologies for the inconveniences we have caused you with the order. I am glad to tell you that half of the amount paid for your order was saved on your balance for your future use. In addition, we would like to grant you a 10%-discount for one of your next orders with us. Do not hesitate to contact us before the payment and we will be more than happy to help you apply both of the offers.

Alan, Customer Care Manager
Email: [email protected]

I finally got around to writing you a review. I’m sorry it’s so late. I was coming off the shock of how quickly and efficiently you completed my task^^

Thanks, Megan! Better late than never 😉 Appreciate your review! Hope to see you soon.

The most important thing is to explain well and set the task to the author. We found a common language and the essay turned out as if I had written it myself. My thoughts from my head. Nice one

Great! Stephen, we thank you for being such a responsible individual. Explanations are indeed important when it comes to placing an order. Thanks again & let us know if there’s anything else we can help you with.

Maybe test their service first with smaller assignments? But I trusted their university level writers would understand the ethics behind research proposals, which was a clear misjudgment on my part.

Tip for consumers:
Start with small orders

Products used:
Writing Service

Hi, Veronica. Thanks for sharing your experience using our platform. We appreciate your understanding that mistakes sometimes happen in spite of the numerous checks and measures. I’m glad to see that the refund has already been submitted on your order and the funds will be back to you within the shortest time possible.

Veronica, I hope you can find this resolution up to your expectations. In case of any possible questions, please let us know.

Yours respectfully,
Alan, Customer Care Manager
Email: [email protected]

I had concerns when I ordered a paper from PaperHelp, but the order was sent without problems (and there were no noticeable critical errors, and they met the deadline). Used the services of a top author. Everything seems to be fine. Thanks

Emma, you’re always welcome! Thank you for your great feedback. Look forward to seeing you again in the future!

This ia a great service. I have had them help me with over five papers now and I feel it is a great service. While their work can stand on its own, I always take what the writer has done and make it my own. I will be using them again.

Thank you so much for your positive feedback. We are so glad you are satisfied with your paper. Hope to make you happy with your orders in the near future!

I am very pleased. Received well before the due date! Will definitely use this service again in the future!

Great, Alex! Happy to hear from you. Can’t wait to see you again!

I used this website for an assignment I was nervous about completing in time. What a big mistake I made. The paper that was written was an extremely poor one that fell well below my expectations.
I had believed that I had ordered a Top Writer, but it is clear that the writer was totally inexperienced at essay writing especially for literature. Paragraphs were mostly incoherent, there were several extremely awkward phrases a native speaker would not make and half the essay was repetitive and regurgitive. It was also evident that the writer did not do much research for the paper and barely mentioned the primary text except in passing. As a literary analysis, a tenth grade student would write more sense. Overall, it seems extremely unfair to have been assigned a writer who was inexperienced and who was definitely not a native speaker to complete the work I requested.

I am so disappointed as the paper was expensive and I do not have so much time to write the paper myself but am now forced to. What a waste of money. Literally.
I feel totally cheated and ripped off by this company and would not recommend any one risk a big assignment with this company’s writers.

Hi Paul!
Thank you for your feedback. We would like to sincerely apologize for the inconveniences we might have caused you with the paper. I am glad to see that the matter on the order of yours has been successfully resolved and the funds will be back to you within the nearest time. Do not hesitate to contact us back in case you have any further questions.

Alan, Customer Care Manager
Email: [email protected]

I had an urgent Order # 364323070 with them yesterday, for one single Statistics question and paid $56 on it. One of the writers (Writer ID #290110223) took over my order. I gave the writer 24 hours for that single question. But in the end, the writer didn’t do anything. The writer saw my message and ignore me as well. After the deadline passed, the writer just abundant my order and escaped.
I then contacted their support to file the complaint, but they didn’t issue any punishment to the writer. They then help me to find a new writer, but the previous writer had already wasted me 24 hours, so there’s only around 3 hours for the new writer to finish my homework. At the end, the new writer can’t finish my homework by the due date ( 11:55 pm), i ended up submitting incomplement homework and submitting via email at the end (In principle, mail submission is not acceptable), i don’t know if my professor would take it or not.
Anyway, i then contact their support again and complain that, why there’s no option for customers to filter writers? Why there’s no punishment for the previous writer who abuses my homework. But they didn’t give me any explanation regarding that.

Guys, that means, if you place an order with them, there might be some jerks taking your order but end up doing nothing. This is a disaster! You can’t filter a good writer, you can only wait for a random writer to take your order. And the writer won’t get any punishment if they don’t do anything after the deadline pass.

Think about that, u set up the deadline, and expect a paper, then the writer just escapes without any punishment. And you get 0 for that homework, it might force you to drop that course. Do you still want to use their service?

For me, i used them for 3 years, i trust them, their website was named essaypro in the past, it was good. But they update their website now. A terrible policy. Customer can’t filter writer, can’t do anything if the writer escape. My trust is crushed by this single assignment! Review looks like an interesting writing service. I liked the website very much when I saw it. The mascot, a little cosmonaut in his spaceship, is pretty cute. I have no idea what he has to do with academic writing, but okay.

The more I explored the site, the less sense it made. I ordered an essay to see how the writers handled urgent challenges. Paper Help fell short of impressive. Let’s discuss the details in my review.

Services Review

Essay Services is the main category here. There’s a drop-down menu under it, and it’s ridiculous. Let me share just a few of the “services” listed under Essay Services: essay writing services, buy an essay, pay for an essay, write my paper for cheap, do my paper, essays for sale… it goes on. It gets clear what the website is all about: keyword stuffing.
There’s another category: Other Services. We see another drop-down menu, which gives us this list: paper writing service, research papers help, personal statement help, write my research paper, write papers for money, do my homework, and custom paper writing.

So what does PaperHelp offer, exactly? You’ll have to access the order form to find out. Most types of projects are offered, but I became wondering: is this team capable of completing research papers, dissertations, and even simple essays?

Prices Review

The prices are very affordable here. That’s not always a good thing. Let me explain: a professional writer will not work for $10 per page. If someone got a graduate degree and plans to monetize it, they won’t work for such a low price. It’s still possible to find a good, but affordable service. However, the starting price at this site seems too good to be true. From my personal experience, my precaution with overly cheap prices is justified.

For writing from scratch, Paper Help charges from $10 on. But the deadline they set for this low price is 20 days, and the level is High School. If you want PhD quality with a deadline of 3 hours, you’ll pay $56 per page. That seems like a reasonable price.

Admission help, on the other hand, comes with crazy high prices. I’m talking about $197. Per page. This is insane. An admission essay is just a personal essay. They are taking advantage of a student’s hopeless situation to get their college application right. I do not recommend hiring services that charge more for admission essays. It’s just writing, and it’s even simpler than PhD-level content. Don’t fall for this trick, please!

And then I thought the site couldn’t get more confusing. But it does. The discount program is outrageous. You get 5% off the full price if your order is over $500, and 10% off if it’s above $1000. Really guys? I hope no one orders content worth $1K here. Because the quality is bad! I’ll get to that point.

Content Quality

I ordered an essay with a very short deadline: 6 hours. For the University level, the price per page was $44. I got a discount code via email, so the final price was a bit lower.

For my essay, I chose a topic from literature. I wanted the writer to write about the life of a famous author. I allowed them to choose the author, so they could focus on someone they were knowledgeable about.

The final result looked like a Wikipedia page. In fact, it was paraphrased from Wikipedia. Every single sentence of it! There was 0% creativity in this paper, and I ordered writing from scratch.

Customer Support Agents

When I complained about the lack of uniqueness, the agents said that the paper went clean through their plagiarism detection engine. Let’s get something clear: if software doesn’t detect plagiarism, it doesn’t mean the content is unique. I provided screenshots that clearly showed the content was paraphrased. The agents did not respond. I didn’t get a refund, so it was a high amount of money gone to waste.

Final Thoughts

To summarize my PaperHelp review, let me say it clear: I don’t recommend the service! The website lacks proper information about the services offered and the qualifications of the writers. The prices are very low for high-school level, but impossibly high for admission papers. The quality doesn’t work for college and university students.

Because of this, I strongly discourage students from ordering papers at, as they are failed to deliver the quality and non-plagiarized essay.

Paper Help is a writing service that was established in 2010. We are providing a review of this company for the benefit of students and career professionals, so that they may have enough information about the products and services to make a good choice. In keeping with our own review policies, we have assessed Paper Help according to the same factors and criteria that we use for all companies we evaluate. This review is based upon factual information that we have gathered from the website, specifically products and services, pricing, benefits, security, customer service, and Paper Help testimonials. In addition to that, we have reviewed the sample writings found on the site and the quality of a research paper which we ourselves ordered. We also took into account customer reviews and feedback that we found on social media. This report is a summary of our findings. Without further ado, let’s start our review!

Products and Services You Will Find

Paper Help focuses almost exclusively on academic writing products. It offers a full range of these, from basic essays and papers through college level writing, such as case studies and research proposals, and includes thesis and dissertation products as well. Students from high school through Ph.D. programs are served. Other writing/services include coursework assignments, such as math and science problem sets, multiple choice test-taking, resumes, CV’s, cover letters, and admissions/scholarship essays.

We were unable to find any services related to re-writing and editing, and no PaperHelp reviews from customers mention having received this service.

The Real Proof – Writer Expertise and Quality of Products

There is absolutely no information about company writers on the site, other than to say they are professionals. Their expertise, in fact, can only be gauged by the quality of products they produce. In evaluating the quality, we looked to the sample essays and papers on the site, to their published testimonials, to customer reviews we found in other places, and through an evaluation of the research paper we received. In general, the following can be stated:

  • Many of the sample writings did not contain thesis statements in their introductions, and this can be an issue at the college level especially
  • We also found, in the sample writings, instances of fragments and run-on sentences, as well as punctuation and word usage errors.
  • Much of the writing in the samples was simplistic and appropriate for the high school level.
  • Customer testimonials speak very positively about the products received
  • Customers who provided off-site comments gave mixed reviews about quality
  • The research paper we received was also a bit simplistic for the university level, and resources were a bit “elementary.”

At no time did we find any complaints about delivery. In fact, our paper was delivered right on time. All specific category Paper Help reviews indicate that the company is legitimate.

Now the Money – Prices, Discounts, Payment Methods

PaperHelp prices begin at a standard, average level, at $10/page for a basic high school essay, due in 14 days. From there, however, prices take very hefty jumps, up to $197.00/page at the Ph.D. level with a very short deadline. The pricing chart we found did offer cost of editing and proofreading, but those are not listed in the drop down selection menu on the order form. Admissions essays are a bit pricey – $41/page.

Then, when you scroll down on’s pricing page, you’ll come across some extras. PaperHelp offers some very useful extras, but what’s easy to note instantly is that you’ll be charged for these extras too. A plagiarism report will cost you $14.99. If you want your order to get priority, it is possible with the VIP customer support extra, but you’ll have to pay an additional $14.99. An abstract page will also cost $14.99. If you also want to choose a preferred writer, it’ll cost $14.99. Adding charts will cost $9.99, and the same pricing applies if you want an outline. Furthermore, if you want all the sources used to be included, you’ll have to pay an extra $4.99. Customers will thus have to be aware of these fees if they’re interested in any extra.

Luckily, some PaperHelp coupons can offer the customer a PaperHelp discount. In terms of discounts, there is a plan which provides for 5% off of any order that totals more than $500 and 10% off of any order that totals more than $1000.00 Other than these two, there is also offered a PaperHelp coupon code for a 10% discount for a first-time customer on his/her first order.

We could not find and paper Help promo codes or any mention of special sale pricing that might occur at other times. It’s not exactly pleasant that there is no sight of any other PaperHelp promo code, since the target is students who might not have enough funds for a longer essay.

The paper we ordered was an 8-page university level work, and the price was $160.00, higher than average in comparison to other writing services. With our 10% discount, the final cost was $144.00, still higher than most others. At the same time, we do not consider it inadequate, considering we went for a university assignment. The PaperHelp discount code helped a lot.

Payment methods are through any major bank card and PayPal. Methods are secure and Trust Guard is used to process payments. It is a reputable 3 rd party processor used by many online retailers.

The Good, the Bad, the Beautiful, the Ugly

Among the good and beautiful, this company does provide the products and services it claims to provide. There are certain guarantees in place that are meant to help and protect the customer. The best guarantees to take note of are the Money Back Guarantee and the confidentiality guarantee.

Not only will your information and request stay private, but you can also get your money back if you are not pleased with the services. A refund will be granted in several scenarios. If you received a plagiarized paper, if they are late with the paper, if a mistake was made and you made a double payment, or if no writer is found for your assignment, you can get a full refund.

Other than that, you can cancel the order when less than half of the deadline passed and get a 70% refund. In other situations, you can only get a 50% refund. If the order was approved, then a refund is not an option.

Further, ordered products are delivered on time. Other good features include:

  • Customer-writer communication
  • Customer service center open 24 hours a day
  • All types of academic writing are available

Among the bad and the ugly, first and foremost we would state that the quality of written product could be improved, perhaps by an editing staff that would review what has been produced before delivery to a client, or some PaperHelp Chegg help to avoid potentially plagiarizing by mistake. Among other concerns are the following:

  • The extras that are usually provided for free by other services are all fee-based. For example, a table of contents will cost an additional $9.99
  • If a customer wished to have his/her product reviewed for quality before delivery, there is an additional fee – most services have editorial reviews as a part of their normal processes.
  • There is a pretty high number of negative PaperHelp reviews. While these reviews do not reflect the experience of every single customer, they cannot be ignored. Every bad PaperHelp review shows the company needs to work harder to make improvements.

Overall, we would state that this company is provide legitimate writing services, although its quality and pricing provide some concerns. The reviews contain both mixed and positive opinions, and it’s hard to ignore the displeased customers. On top of that, there should be more PaperHelp coupon code options, and more information about the writers, among other concerns. Our summary rating is “Fair.”