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105 Prime Math Jokes for Parents, Teachers and Kids

When it comes to math jokes, your kids can count on you.

When kids want to laugh, they rarely turn to their math homework for jokes. But if you’re a math teacher or a parent trying to help your kids (keyword: trying) with their math homework, you know a good laugh is exactly what the doctor ordered. These funny math jokes for kids are proof (get it?) that math can be a great source of humor — and humor, it turns out, might even help with those math skills. Recent studies have shown that laughter helps us to learn new things by reducing anxiety and boosting motivation, participation, perception, memory, and attention. Even when math isn’t fun, math jokes can be. And b ecause the success of funny math puns depends on understanding the concept behind the punchlines, even corny math jokes are also clever ways to check that your kid understands what they’re learning from their math teachers , whether it’s geometry, algebra, or prime numbers. And if they’re really advanced, you can integrate some calculus jokes into your repertoire.

These math jokes and puns are split into beginner and advanced levels, so you can find the right corny joke for your audience. And if our calculations are correct, these funny math jokes are some of the smartest and easiest-to-remember examples of math humor out there. Whether you’re looking for statistics puns or calculus jokes, odds are we’ve got you covered.

VIDEO: Tan Mom Is Now on Cameo and Offering Homework Help to a Young Fan

“I will give you my number … you can always call me,” the Wack Packer promises

Got $45? Then you can score your own personalized video from the one and only Tan Mom. She’s the latest Wack Packer to join Cameo, the video shout-out service where fans can pay money to get recorded messages back from their favorite celebrities. The Stern Show’s own High Pitch Erik has also been sending videos of himself to anyone who shells out $75. That’s the same price Debbie Gibson now charges for her Cameo videos following the custom Christmas greeting she sent to Jon Hein that became an instant hit.

Though Tan Mom is just getting started on the site, she’s already recorded quite a few memorable clips for fans, including one video message for a student named Jason who’s been having trouble with his homework.

“Her advice is to sing your homework,” Howard told Robin before playing the tape of Tan Mom giving some guidance to her young fan. And while she did suggest Jason sing a tune on his own as he studied, the Wack Packer also offered to tutor him herself over the phone anytime he needed help with his schoolwork.

“I, for free, if you want, I will give you my number before homework time and you can always call me,” Tan Mom said in the video. “You’re free to be Jason, the best special person in the world. Amen.”

To see if she really would lend a helping hand on his homework, the Stern Show called Tan Mom up and pretended to be Jason looking for answers to a few basic questions. Just as she said she would, Tan Mom tried her best to explain the Civil War, what lava was, and what the “H” in H20 stood for.

“What’s his name, Heinstein?” Tan Mom answered for that last question. “I can’t believe you’re plucking my brain right now.”

Hear the full phone phony phone call (below).

And when the Stern Show called the Wack Packer back as “Jason’s Mom,” angry about some of the answers she gave her son, Tan Mom talked some serious sense into her.

“Why don’t you just teach your own child instead of reaching out to other people?” Tan Mom yelled. “Quite frankly, I don’t have the fucking time for you. I’m going to the bank to buy a house!”

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Tan Mom Helps Out With Homework in New Prank Call – The Howard Stern Show

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From The Howard Stern Show (02-05-19) – Tan Mom Helps Out With Homework in New Prank Call