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Stump me help him to do his homework

Stump Me Answers

Stump Me Answers . Stump me is the newest brain challenging game available on Appstore and Google Play. You can watch a video if you get stuck to gain free coins. There are more than 180 levels in total but the developers update this game once a week with new ones.

Stump Me Answers

Turn to Stump Me Answers .

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Solution Stump Me game from level 1 – 50

Stump Me is an intellectual puzzle game with many illicit questions that will challenge your brain no less.

Stump Me !, an intellectual puzzle game similar to Brain Out, you will have to answer questions that are illogical and that are not ordinary puzzles. And sometimes it will annoy you.

But okay, too hard, you can find solutions in the game. Here are the Stump Me answers that you can refer to when your brain is broken.

NOTE: The questions may change in order when you play Stump Me on two different operating systems, Android and iOS. So look for the title of the question, wrote the question along with the answer below so you know the answer.

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Stump Me answers from 1 – 50

Level 1: Find the biggest Fruit! (Find the biggest fruit) – Choose a yellow mango

Level 2: What number is it under your bag – Get out of your backpack and see how much it is.

Level 3: Find the largest color area – Find white answer.

Level 4: Light it up! (Turn on the light) – One finger clicks on the broken string at the light, one finger touches the other broken line.

Level 5: Wake up the bat – Move the sun outside the screen, so that the sun is lost.

Level 6: Find the biggest fish! (Find the biggest fish) – Feed the biggest fish and eat the small fish and you will find the biggest fish.

Level 7: Which champagne is different? (Which champagne bottle is most different?) – Shake your phone, then choose the bottle with red foam.

Level 8: Feed back (Game Rating) Just press OK to be.

Level 9: Could you turn on the air conditioner – Move the microwave oven to the first screen, then the tissue box, coffee cup, table and finally you will find it control, click on it to turn on air conditioner.

Level 10: Help with ticket checking of the concert – One finger holds the ticket, the other holds the ticket stub and separates them.

Level 11: What time is it? (What time is it?) – Enter your current time

Level 12: Feed it with bone! (Give the dog a bone) – Put the word bone into the dog

Level 13: Find the smallest fruit! (Find the smallest fruit) – Click on the word Fruit

Level 14: This car is dirty, clean it! (Car wash) – Move your finger back and forth into the car.

Level 15: Make all the water bottles the same! (Make all water bottles the same) – Keep and remove all water in each bottle out and make them all without water.

Level 16: Make the black hole devour everything! (Make black holes swallow everything!) – Put everything into black holes, including the phrase “Make the black hole devour everything!”.

Level 17: How many holes are there on this cloth? (How many holes are there on this shirt?) – The answer is 8 holes

Level 18: How to put this elephant into the fridge? (How to put this elephant in the fridge?) – Shrink the elephant down like a finished picture and put it in the fridge.

Level 19: Make the equation works! (Solve equation 9 + 5 = 11) – Turn your phone upside down, remember to lock the screen before turning.

Level 20: It is to dark. Turn on the light please – Turn on the hint button in the upper right corner (light bulb shape) to turn on the light.

Level 21: How many candies on the tables? (How many candies are there on the table?) – Answer is 0, candies are there but there’s no table.

Level 22: Open the door please! (Unlock the code) – Flick the red fingerprint under the door keyhole.

Level 23: Which color is the missing of rainbow colors? (Which color is missing in rainbow colors?) – Draw red to yellow and orange.

Level 24: How can an ant beat an elephant? (How can an ant defeat an elephant) – Zoom in on the ant like zooming the image.

Level 25: Same question. Make all the water bottles the same! (The same question. Make all bottles of water the same!) – Turn off the screen rotation lock and turn your phone upside down to allow water to drain out of the bottles.

Level 26: Counting her hair. (Count her hair) – Move her hair out and choose 0.

Level 27: If 1 = 10, 2 = 20, 3 = 30, 4 = 40…. then 10 =? (If 1 = 10, 2 = 20, 3 = 30, 4 = 40. then 10 =?) – The answer is 10 = 1.

Level 28: Click on the next button to pass! (Click the next button to pass!) – Put the word Next on the green button, then press the button.

Level 29: Wake up this baby! (Wake the baby up) – Hold your finger to the baby’s eyes

Level 30: Find out a yellow duck! (Find a yellow duck!) – Drag the three ducks in the blue circle to the bottom left corner of the screen or the other corners, you will see the yellow duck, click on the yellow duck.

Level 31: Click the thumb ten times, then click the pass button to pass (Click the thumb ten times, then click the Pass button to pass) – Click on the thumb so that the bottom appears 9, then press Pass to go through the screen.

Level 32: What is your current body temperature? (What is your current body temperature?) – Press and hold a finger on the end of the thermometer.

Level 33: What is the right answers? (What is the correct answer of 11 + 22?) – The answer is 33, next to the word level is 33.

Level 34: Dry this dress quickly! (Dry the skirt quickly) – Hold the dress with one finger and move it back and forth until it is dry.

Level 35: Open the box. (Open the box) – Take two fingers and lift the lid up, there will be surprises.

Level 36: Make a rectangle with following shapes – Move the yellow trapezoid to the edge of the screen. Remember to put a sharp angle on the edge of the screen.

Level 37: Which one is inedible? (What can’t eat?) – Choose a plate under the watermelon.

Level 38: Make a fire – Move your finger quickly in the pile of wood so it will catch fire.

Level 39: Find the most special lemon! (Find the most special lemon!) – Shake your phone

Level 40: Look for a circle – Click the dot after the word Circle

Level 41: Continue to watch live (Click to continue watching) – Move the mouse cursor to the Play button in the middle of the screen

Level 42: Tear down this paper – Press and hold the gray paper clip above to do it.

Level 43: What number is it under your bag – Move your backpack out of your chair, if it’s a white line underneath the chair, turn your phone upside down and see the number of your In the adjacent seats, you will know which number is hidden.

Level 44: Which direction the cupid’s Arrow goes (Choose which cupid arrow to go) – Select Left

Level 45: Help him to do his homework – Move your guy’s glasses around so he can disappear.

Level 46: Defeat the boss – Gather three bonfires together and they will turn into a purple bonfire and hit it.

Level 47: Unlock you phone (Swipe your phone) – Swipe the green button to the left to unlock the phone.

Level 48: Let each plate have an apple – Drag the word Apple to the remaining empty disk

Level 49: How many coins do I have – Click multiple times on the pink piggy bank to break it, then count the number of coins earned.

Level 50: Enter the passcode – The answer is 80021.

The above is the solution of Stump Me from level 1 to 20. If you have played Brain Out, you will definitely have experience answering the questions in Stump Me.