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Spatial order essay meaning

Spatial Order Organization: What Is It and How to Use it in Essay Writing

According to Merriam-Webster, spatial order organization is the process of relating to space and the objects in it. In writing, it refers to a method in which ideas and elements are laid down logically according to the sequence of their location or their relationship.

Spatial order organization is like putting a disarray of elements into one specific order. It’s like fitting pieces of a puzzle together to create a compelling story.

Original: Source Yes, something like that.

In this article, you will learn more about what spatial order organization is and how you can use it while writing essays for high school and college.

What is Spatial Order Organization?

For any kind of essay assignments, grammar, choice of words, the information and also the research findings are the main characteristics that students focus on. Similarly, laying down the information in a logical order is also equally indispensable and shouldn’t be sidelined.

Unlike chronological order and other methods of writing, spatial order does not rely on time, but is instead solely dependent on the location of the objects. To implement spatial order in your essays and other writing assignments, your information needs to be in an organized format, and should showcase the ideas of the writer in a logical flow. It should convey the exact situation as it was observed the first time. This writing format is mostly used for descriptive essays.

Original: Source Let’s take a look at a few advantages and disadvantages of spatial order organization.

Advantages of Spatial Order Organization in Writing

  1. There might be times when you would have to describe and involve a lot of objects in your scene setting. In the absence of spatial order, this could lead to confusion for you and your professors who would not be able to follow the sequence of your description. Spatial order results in clear writing.
  2. A scene can be completely described using logical order. Through this logic, your professors will understand the content in your essay, no matter how complex the event or scene is.
  3. The use of transition and signal words in spatial order essays is highly necessary as they connect all the ideas and details of the essay and enhance the readability of your paper.

Disadvantages of Spatial Order Organization in Writing

  1. Due to the usage of sequence and order in the writing pattern of your essays, reading it can become monotonous. Hence, using it for long texts and essays should be avoided.
  2. When the writer showcases all the elements of the spatial order essay in a certain arrangement, equal weight is distributed to all these elements. So, if the writer wants to emphasize on a certain aspect of the scene, or draw attention to a particular subject in the essay, they would not be able to frame that essay easily.

How to Effectively Use Spatial Order Organization in Writing?

‘Spatial order organization’ sure sounds fancy but how do you use it appropriately while writing your essays. Here are six essential tips to help you use it correctly to enhance your writing.

1. Select an interesting topic

To write an attention-grabbing paragraph, you need to write on a subject that converges with spatial organization. Brainstorming is an excellent method to come up with various topic ideas and to figure out a basic content structure.

When you write your ideas down, you visually explore the concepts before making a final decision. Ask yourself a few questions:

  • What do you want to write about?
  • How will this be relevant to whoever reads it?
  • Will this topic be of interest to your readers?

2. Structure an outline

Creating an outline should be your next step as this will make your content flow, give it a direction and make it look more organized.

Don’t digress from your chosen topic. Digressing will make you lose focus on your spatial structure and content, which will end up creating a negative impression about your effort.

3. Share references and examples

If you’re finding it difficult to write the content for your chosen topic, use references from the internet that will assist in forming your spatial essay.

In these types of essays, visual cues are extremely important. Since these are descriptive in nature, you would majorly be describing an event, a place, a thing or a situation. Giving examples and references within the body will guide your readers in understanding and literally visualizing what you want to say.

Ensure that you pick a starting point and an ending point so that you can arrange all the details properly for your body paragraph.

Here’s a useful video by IELTS Liz on how to use examples in your essay

4. Construct the body paragraphs

Structuring your body paragraphs is vital. In spatial order essays, writers have the freedom to choose any sequence, side or process.

They can choose to not write the essay from the main character’s point of view as well as start the essay from the ending. But remember that the body paragraphs should provide clear divisions or chronological steps.

To make it easier for your readers to understand the sequence of the essay, transitional words in the body paragraphs are used to create a relationship between the full-blown information present and the concepts that are to be expanded. That gives you a high scoring essay.

5. Use transition and signal words

The usage of transition words and signal words in spatial order essays is very crucial. They are necessary to link the ideas of the writer and make the paragraph more coherent.

Transition words and spatial order essays go hand in hand, as they make it easier to interpret the entire scenario that the writers are trying to describe to their readers. They also help in assisting the readers to read the essay in a spatial, logical order.

Here are some examples of transition words:

  • However
  • Moreover
  • In spite of
  • Similarly
  • In contrast to
  • At the same time

Signal words on the other hand are prepositions that denote the location, place and position of the subject in view. Here are a few examples of spatial order signal words:

  • Across from
  • Behind
  • On the left
  • On the right
  • Attached to
  • At the top of
  • Into
  • Against
  • At that point

6. Personalize and make it self-explanatory

As you craft your spatial order essay, add a note of personalization to your paragraphs. Since these kinds of essays are laid down in a particular order and can get predictable, including personal tones and phrases can help your essay become relatable and more enjoyable.

For example, if you are writing about your college dorm room, you need to add a bit of your personality in your writing. Through this, the readers will latch on to your emotions and that personal touch, making it possible for them to visualize every detail from the writer’s point of view.

Thus, they would be able to conjure up a visual description of your dorm room.

Now that you know the methods to keep in mind while creating a spatial order organization essay, here is an example of the same to get a clearer idea:

When you walk into my room, the first thing you’ll see is a queen sized bed, with its back against the wall. As you go further you will notice an indigo carpet on the floor, right at the foot of the bed.

On the right hand side of the bed, on the wall, you will see 8 photographs of my family and friends, and a large wall-hanging beside it. When you look over to the left side of the bed, you will see a beautiful antique clock, and my guitar placed right underneath it.

Facing the exit, there are two brown cupboards on your right and a full body mirror leaning next to it.

In this passage, the reader can clearly visualize where all the items in the room are placed as they have been enlisted in the order of their location. Spatial order essays thus give structure to the description and paint a picture for the readers, making it easier to comprehend.


Spatial order organization is a primal factor for writing descriptive, logically sequenced essays.

There are many who don’t focus on the sequence of their essay, and there are many who have never heard of spatial order.

These essential tips will help you use spatial order organization in your essay writing, giving you an edge over other students in class. The logical sequencing will enhance the quality of your essay and is sure to leave your teachers impressed.

Spatial Order in Composition

Dr. Richard Nordquist is professor emeritus of rhetoric and English at Georgia Southern University and the author of several university-level grammar and composition textbooks.

In composition, spatial order is an organizational structure in which details are presented as they are (or were) located in space—from left to right, top to bottom, etc. Also known as order of place or space structure, spatial order describes things as they appear when observed. In descriptions of places and objects, spatial order determines the perspective from which readers observe details.

David S. Hogsette points out in Writing That Makes Sense: Critical Thinking in College Composition that “technical writers may use spatial order to explain how a mechanism works; architects use spatial order to describe a building design; [and] food critics reviewing a new restaurant use spatial order to describe and evaluate the dining area,” (Hogsette 2009).

As opposed to chronological order or other methods for data organization, spatial order ignores time and focuses primarily on location (or space, which makes this term easy to remember).

Transitions for Spatial Order

A spatial order comes with a set of transitive words and phrases that help writers and speakers navigate a spatially ordered paragraph and distinguish its parts. These include above, alongside, behind, beneath, beyond down, farther along, in back, in front, near or nearby, on top of, to the left or right of, under and up, and more.

Just as the words first, next and finally function in a chronological organization, these spatial transitions help guide a reader spatially through a paragraph, especially those used to describe scene and setting in prose and poetry.

For instance, one might start by describing a field as a whole but then focus in on individual details as they relate to one another in the setting. “The well is next to the apple tree, which is behind the barn,” or, “Further down the field is a stream, beyond which lies another lush meadow with three cows grazing near a perimeter fence.”

Appropriate Use of Spatial Order

The best place to use spatial organization is in descriptions of scene and setting, but it can also be utilized when giving instructions or directions. In any case, the logical progression of one thing as it relates to another in a scene or setting provides an advantage to using this type of organization.

However, this also provides the disadvantage of making all items described within a scene carry the same intrinsic weight or importance. By using spatial order to organize a description, it becomes hard for the writer to ascribe more importance to, say, a dilapidated farmhouse in a full detailing of a farm scene.

As a result, using spatial order to organize all descriptions is not advised because sometimes it is important for the writer to only point out the most important details of a scene or setting, giving emphasis to things like the bullet hole in a glass window on the front of a house instead of describing every detail of the scene in order to convey the idea that the home is not in a safe neighborhood.

Writers should, therefore, determine their intention when setting a scene or occurrence before deciding which organization method to use for it. Although the use of spatial order is quite common with scene descriptions, sometimes chronological or even just stream-of-consciousness is a better method of organization to convey a certain point.


Hogsette, David. Writing That Makes Sense: Critical Thinking in College Composition. Resource Publications, 2009.

Spatial Order and How to Use It in Your Essay

You could be struggling to understand the meaning of spatial order in writing. Let us, in this article, demystify the tenets of spatial order. Good command of English alone won’t make a difference in writing the best quality essays. Instead, combining the command of English with good organization of your essay makes you an effective writer.

Regarding organization, a good essay has to have the best presentation and logical development of ideas.

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A good essay structure means the ideas are woven together in the best manner possible. However, apart from the structure, a cohesive organization glues the details together to make a good essay.

Spatial order is an example of a cohesive organization that writers can use for excellent essays.

Spatial Order Definition

A spatial order organizational style is also known as the order of place or space structure.

It helps in the presentation of ideas or things as is in their locations.

Compared to the chronological order that lists ideas from top to bottom based on their date of occurrence, spatial order focuses on the description of the locations of things.

Ordinarily, spatial ordering makes the use of phrases such as: on top of, in front of, besides, alongside, beyond, further from, further along, behind, centric, elevated from, and under, just to mention a few.

Using the Spatial Order in Essay Writing

Spatial ordering or spatial organization is used when writing descriptive essays.

The main agenda here is to invoke the senses of the reader and help them have a good grip on the concepts and facts presented in the essay.

There are different steps to follow when using the spatial order:

  • Decide on the scenarios that need to be described in the beginning: Always start with the most important ideas, especially when you have two or more scenarios, like when writing a descriptive essay. Space the ideas based on their relevance, weight, and importance in the essay and make up your mind on what, to begin with.
  • This sets the mood for your audience and keeps them glued to your paper. Should spatial order reflect in the first paragraph? Yes, this would be good as your thesis statement will lead the audience into the body and keep them glued to the end.
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How do I use Spatial Order in an Essay?

  • Details of the Scene: Once you have decided on the scenarios, proper planning is inevitable. While planning is quintessential in any form of writing assignment whether it be essays, research papers, speech, and coursework, spatial ordering means going further than the initial plan. It means setting every detail when describing a scene, to capture the finer details, the physical location of everything as you begin the writing process.
  • Have a logical flow when describing the elements: Spatial order is all about logic. When writing in a logical order, the elements flow seamlessly. As a rule of thumb, spatial order entails the description of events from top-bottom or the furthest right to the furthest left; the decision is purely on you as a writer. When ideas are closer to the rights of your readers, they interact with it first hand and do not struggle to get the gist of your writing. Forming logical relationships is a tough endeavor. However, the use of transitions and avoiding too many adjectives in your writing can spark the minds of the audience. You must also display high levels of critical thinking and creativity to maintain an audience to the end.

If you are writing a descriptive essay about a place or a narrative essay, spatial ordering can come in handy.

The Importance of Spatial Order in Essay Writing

The spatial order has some benefits besides assuring you of the best grades.

  1. It simplifies the complex processes and scenes and thus increasing the flow and understanding of ideas in the essay. A reader easily relates to ideas and facts in a spatially ordered essay.
  2. It improves the originality of your essay as you express creativity and critical thinking more than using logical order or other ordering approaches.
  3. It evokes the senses of the reader and makes it easy for them to visualize the gist of the essay. You would want to please that hard professor to get the best grades. Trust us, our team of experts can write you the best essay with flawless grammar, well researched, spatial order arrangement, and plagiarism free. Place an order and enjoy our special

Note that using too much spatial arrangement in your essay is discouraged as it might give some unimportant scenes importance.

Therefore we recommend only using spatial ordering when seeking to spice up an essay but be wise when using spatial order.

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List of Transitional Words to use in Spatial Order Essays

When writing descriptive essays using the spatial order approach, certain signal words can help you bring the best out of the paper. Use these signal words in your spatial order essays and wow your professor, lecturer, or teacher for the best grades.

  • Between
  • Behind
  • Below
  • Above
  • Beyond
  • To the left
  • Slightly below
  • Parallel to
  • Alternate to
  • Across
  • There
  • Middle
  • In between
  • Center
  • Inside
  • Outside
  • Beside
  • Around
  • Adjacent to
  • Nearby
  • To the side
  • Through
  • Against
  • Next to
  • Opposite
  • On the right hand
  • On the left hand
  • By the
  • Beneath
  • On top of
  • At the top of
  • At the bottom of
  • At a depth of

These transition words are like power words to incorporate in your essay when you decide to use a spatial order. They help give a positional placement of an object when describing its features. For instance, when describing a character, the writer can describe the placement of the television on the scene. They will have to explain it in relation to where the character is seated or standing.

Spatial Essay Order Outline Example

To reiterate, spatial order is mostly used in compositions to present the details of a given subject depending on the location it is in. It is an approach used mostly in constructive writing. Majorly, it helps frame the object relative to its place and create an ideal mental image to the reader. When writing a spatial order essay or composition, like for instance, a profile essay of a person or place, you must first begin by drafting an outline.

Mostly, spatial order essays are five-paragraph essays. They can be anything between 500 words or 1000 words, depending on the essay prompt.

Below are some of the components of the outline:

Spatial Order Essay Introduction

  • Essay hook or grabber to lure the attention of the readers
  • Background of the essay, covering the reasons for the topic of object choice
  • Thesis statement, which outlines what the spatial order essay is all about.

The Body of the Spatial Order Essay

  • Description of the first object (topic sentence, supporting ideas and facts (in-text citations and signal words), and concluding sentence).
  • Description of the second object (topic sentence, supporting ideas and facts (in-text citations and signal words), and concluding sentence)
  • Description of the third object (topic sentence, supporting ideas and facts (in-text citations and signal words), and concluding sentence)
  • Description of the nth object (topic sentence, supporting ideas and facts (in-text citations and signal words), and concluding sentence)

Note that every single body paragraph should contain only one idea or object description.

Conclusion of a Spatial Order Essay

  • Concluding transitions and sentence
  • Summary of the entire essay
  • Restated thesis statement
  • Final words or concluding remarks

We hope that our advice helps.

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