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Psu creative writing minor

English Minor Requirements

To earn a minor in English a student must complete 28 credits (12 credits of which must be taken in residence at PSU):

  • Twelve credits must be ENG courses.
  • Sixteen credits must be at the upper-division level.
  • No more than 8 credits total and no more than 4 credits in each of the following may be applied to the English minor: ENG 199, 399, 401, 405, 408, 409; WR 199, 399, 405.
  • With the exception of upper-division creative writing courses, any course used to satisfy departmental minor requirements must be taken under the differentiated grading option and must have been assigned a grade of C or above. Upper-division creative writing courses assigned a grade of pass may apply to the minor.
  • The following courses will not count as part of the English minor: WR 115, 121, 211, 222.

For a list of English and Writing courses that may count in the English minor (except for the courses noted above as not applicable), please see our course offerings for the current term or review the full list of English and Writing courses in the Bulletin.


Email [email protected] or contact an advisor in the Language, Culture, and Meaning Pathway.

Creative Writing, Minor

Requirements for a minor may be completed at any campus location offering the specified courses for the minor. Students may not change from a campus that offers their major to a campus that does not offer their major for the purpose of completing a minor.

Program Description

This minor offers students not majoring in English the opportunity to explore different forms of creative writing–fiction, poetry, and nonfiction–or to focus primarily on one of them. Students receive instruction and practice the art and craft of writing in small, workshop courses.

What is Creative Writing?

Creative writing is a liberal arts discipline concerned with the practice of literary art, the life of the imagination, and the capacities of language. Creative writing students analyze masterworks of fiction, poetry, and literary nonfiction from different periods and cultures; compose their own original works; develop editing and communication skills; and explore the world of contemporary publishing.

You Might Like This Program If.

The qualities we encourage in our students prepare them to be dynamic employees who are creative thinkers and problem-solvers. Many of our students have gone on to careers as published writers, novelists, poets, essayists, short story writers, and writers of young adult literature. Other students find they are well prepared for careers in writing for the media, business, public and private foundations, and government. Higher and secondary education careers have been popular choices as well. Our students often pursue advanced degrees in fields such as creative writing, literature, law, psychology, linguistics, and ethnic and gender studies.

Program Requirements

Program Requirements

Requirement Credits
Requirements for the Minor 18

Requirements for the Minor

Some courses may require prerequisites.

A grade of C or better is required for all courses in the minor, as specified by Senate Policy 59-10. In addition, at least six credits of the minor must be unique from the prescribed courses required by a student’s major(s).