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Prices for Custom Essay Writing Service

How many times have you thought about the cost of essay writing service papers? We know how you feel because essay writing prices are one of the main worries of our customers. We’ve received tons of messages with phrases like “write my essay price” and similar.

But do not worry.

Although highly professional, has very affordable writing and college essay editing cost. We are proud of our ability to balance quality with moderate price tags, and we do it because we know how hard it is for you to pay for all those academic papers.

But how much does it cost to have someone write your essay? Keep reading to see how we form our prices!

Our Prices

Our Prices

High priority order With the high priority status, your order will be the first in line to get assigned to an expert

Advanced plagiarism check Your paper is checked for plagiarism with multiple tools. First, we check it with our own tool, then it’s checked with external service

Writer with 5+ years of experience A writer with 5+ years of experience in academic writing is assigned to your order

How much does an essay cost? Price Calculations

There is no single price for an essay. Our essay writing service price depends on multiple variables, so they all impact the overall cost. We have a special essay price calculator, and here’s what we take into consideration.

1. Word count

The word count is the most significant factor in determining an essay writing cost. It’s simple – the more words you need us to write, the higher our price will be. We offer discounts for higher word counts, but they are also a lot harder to complete.

2. Field of research

Writing about sociology is not the same as writing about mathematics. Our fields of research vary drastically, which is why we have a different price for each academic discipline. We provide a list of available fields, so you get to choose the one that suits your academic interests.

3. Urgency

An essay writing price also depends on your deadline. We give you a choice between regular and urgent orders. Of course, longer deadlines are major price reducers. But we know that every day counts, so we always work to meet emergency deadlines.

Just let us know how fast your paper needs to be completed, and we’ll do it!

4. Additional features

We have a special section of essays with unusual requirements. If you need us to include some specific information or use a certain format, there may be an addition to the price. You can find our prices for special features right below each type of essay.

5. Writing style

Our company has a team of professional essay writers and editors. They know how to make any paper look flawless with their experience and expertise. But most importantly, they know how to write your essay in the most suitable writing style!

That’s our most valued quality – we don’t like making things more complicated than they really are. But if you have a special request style-wise, our writing essay price may change accordingly.

6. Quality level

Most of our essay writers are the best in the industry. They can handle all quality levels, from basic over standard to premium. But if you want a top-quality paper, expect to pay an additional fee for it. We value your time and success, so we always aim to provide perfection at all times.

How do we make sure to lower your essay writing cost?

Our agency works fair and square, so we are ready to give you practical tips on how to lower the price of your order. Here’s what you can ask us to do on your behalf without getting charged.

· Create an outline of your paper

The first thing we’ll do to cut the price tag is to provide a free outline. The outline is short and without citations, but it will give you an idea of what points we cover in the essay and how we do it. It will help you understand what you are actually ordering, so it’s a good way to make sure the paper is what you need.

· Come up with a title

Writing a paper without a title is like climbing Mount Everest without proper gear. No matter how good you are, you’ll probably end up failing. That’s why we always give our customers a set of possible titles to choose from. The choice depends on what exactly your essay papers are about, so feel free to ask for recommendations.

· Format your essay

A small portion of our clients asks us to format their essays as well. This is particularly important with longer academic works because they may look awkward in some formats. If you prefer a particular formatting style, just ask us to use it for your essay!

· Provide correct citations

A lot of students are not aware that essays without proper citations are considered plagiarism. That’s why more than half of our customers need us to provide them with the right citation format. We can follow various types of recommended citations, so just give us a hint and we’ll choose the one you feel more comfortable with.

· Add bibliography

It’s not easy to write a good paper without a bibliography. Our writers use dozens of sources for most topics, but they know how to add references and bibliography in no time. We do it for free because it would probably take you too much time to do it single-handedly.

· Make amendments

Any reputable company should include revision in the service they offer. If you’re not satisfied with the quality of your essay, let us know and we’ll revise it. You can also ask us to fix any grammar or citation mistakes – if you ever find any!

  • Free outline $5
  • Free amendments* $30
  • Free title page $5
  • Free bibliography $5
  • Free e-mail delivery $10
  • Free formatting $10
  • Total savings $65
  • words/pages: 275/550
  • font: Arial
  • size: 12
  • margin: 1 inch
  • text: Double-spaced or Single-spaced

What do you get with our premium quality service?

So how much do essays cost? You know a lot more about it by now, but let us explain one more detail. We want to show you why our premium quality service is so good. It doesn’t affect the essay price too much, especially if you know that premium papers include the following:

  • Writer’s background
  • FREE add-ons
  • Plagiarism check
  • High priority order
  • Advanced plagiarism check
  • A writer with 5+ years of experience

But that’s not all. We offer many other bonus features for regular clients. For instance, you simply need to order a combined total of 15 pages or more to get a lifetime 5% discount on all papers and become our Silver Member.

When you order a total of 51 pages and more, you are qualified to get a lifetime 10% discount on all orders and become our Gold Member.

In case you make it to 101 pages, you’ll get a lifetime 15% discount on any service provided by our company and become our Platinum Member.

Don’t you think it’s worth a shot?

To get a lifetime 5% discount on all papers and become our Silver Member, you simply need to order a combined total of 15 pages or more.

When you order a total of 51 pages and more, you are qualified to get a lifetime 10% discount on all orders and become our Gold Member.

To enjoy a lifetime 15% discount on any service provided by our company and become our Platinum Member, your order should exceed 101 pages.

How Much Does It Cost for Someone to Write My Essay?

The cost of paying a professional essay writer to write an essay or research paper is between $15 – $35 per page.

Can I Pay Someone to Write My Essay Online?

You can pay someone to write a paper for you. Online writing services like consist of experienced and qualified writers specialized in academic writing. This includes research papers, term papers, and all forms of college essays.

Before you order an essay online, understand that writing academic papers takes a lot of research and advanced writing skills. So, if you are looking for the best essay writing service online, trust us and get a high-quality paper within the agreed time.

Writing a high-quality essay requires ample time and good writing skills. If you are unable to write your essay assignment due to any reason, it is better to pay a professional essay writer online.

Reach out to us. Our professional writers know what it takes to write great essays and other academic papers.

What Affects Essay Writing Cost?

Essay writing cost depends on the type of work and nature of your essay writing requirements. Here are the factors that affect the overall cost of your college paper.

  • Delivery deadline
  • Number of pages
  • Research required
  • Academic formatting
  • Citation requirements

Also, be careful of online paper writing services offering too many ‘add-ons’. This can quickly increase the final price of your project.

If you want to get your essay done at a cheap rate, the best way to achieve that is to place your order in advance. The earlier you place your order the better chances of getting your essay done at a low rate.

Is It Illegal to Pay Someone to Write Essay?

No, paying someone to write an essay or using a service like is absolutely legal and reliable. Nowadays professional writing services are very popular with students of all levels – from high school up through college! You can find the best writers for your paper right here on this site.

Let’s be honest, essay writing is hard. But there are tons of reliable services out there like that will do all the work for you! You might not know a lot about essays and academic papers but professionals have studied this stuff their entire lives so they can produce an A+ paper in no time flat.

Where Can I Pay Someone to Write an Essay for Me?

‘I can’t write my essay. what do I do?’ Where can I find the best professional essay writers for help?

You can find best and professional writers here at to write an essay for you. Use our essay writing service if you want high-quality essays that are sure to impress any teacher anywhere.

We offer a wide range of topics so we have an essay topic just right for everyone’s needs. The quality and price will both be top-notch because we know what students need the most when it comes time to buy their papers: affordability and reliability.

Can You Write My Essay for Free?

Many essay writing services provide free samples or give students their first free essay to earn their trust. However, since writing quality essays takes extensive research and professional editing skills, expect to pay for this service.

If writing an essay was easy, students will do it themselves without seeking online essay help.

In trying to save money, many students fall into the trap of buying free essays online from bad essay companies. If you’re looking for a quality essay, expect to pay a fair price for it. If you do, you’ll always be happy with the finished work. Working with a professional ‘write my essay’ service, you will always come out feeling like you actually paid less than the value you received in return. You also get access to free college essay examples and samples.

Is Hiring Someone to Write a College Essay Considered Cheating?

No, hiring someone to write your essay for you is not cheating. Every day, thousands of college students pay for essay writing services to avoid writer’s block and proofread their essays. Others use it to express their thoughts and ideas in ways they otherwise cannot do themselves.

In summary, it’s essential to only deal with legitimate, established, and trustworthy essay writing companies like We provide 100% plagiarism-free essays at the most reasonable price rate. Not only essays, but you can also get help with a lab report, case study, thesis, and other academic papers. Free revisions are also available until you are fully satisfied with the final draft. Just ask the writer, “rewrite my paper online” and they will do it right away!

Looking to order an essay from us? Our friendly customer support team is always ready to assist through text at 1-888-687-4420 and live chat.

Other Write My Essay Questions You May Have

We are U.S.-based, native English professional writers. We hold graduate and professional degrees from major universities (Princeton, Stanford, UCLA,Georgetown, Dartmouth, Penn, Northwestern). This is all that we do. We are accountable to our clients, and are proud to serve their needs on a “return customer”basis.