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Should I accept when people offer to pay me for writing an essay??

I get asked often by classmates i’ve had in the past if i could write an essay or a draft for them, and in return they would pay me. I always decline but I was offered like $60 one time for like a 1000 word essay, which doesn’t take me much time at all and it would be well written. I understand that them turning in my writing is plagiarism and I run that risk, so I’ve considered like tutoring sessions where we discuss their ideas and I help them write it out or something like that. What would you do if you when/ if you get offers like these? What do you think about the tutoring idea? I just don’t want to get in trouble with my university or anything. Thanks.

If you’re in the course, I would highly recommend against it. You’re asking for trouble from the institution. Edit: tutoring is a great idea. Even giving a list of ideas about what to research/write. But never enough words that their work could be called yours.

That’s what I thought as well, I’d never consider it if I’m in the same class/taking the same course.

You should also be careful because if it’s dramatically different than the students other work then it might set off some red flags. If a C or below student suddenly starts producing A quality work that is completely unlike their other work then the professor might confront the student and you run the risk that the student might give you up.

I also thought about that. That’s what I was most of cautious of because some people who were struggling really bad asked for help (me writing for them) and I thought it would seem fishy if they suddenly produced well written work compared to their previous work.

That’s up to your morality. If you don’t mind living in a world where people pay others to have success, go ahead.

I’m not being ironic. Just remember: you make the world you live in.

Yeah, I agree with this. You can certainly get away with it if you’re careful (and to start with, you should absolutely go through an online service and work for kids at other schools). But I think it defeats the whole purpose of education. So I absolutely would never do it. But lots and lots of people do.

I understand, and I’ve thought a lot about it. I’ve decided with myself that I prefer to help people in anyway, but to a reasonable extent. That’s why I’d much prefer editing/ tutoring or even drafting their ideas compared to writing full essays.

You could get into serious trouble with the educational institution if they find out. And mind you, they will. Universities use tools to analyse word usage, sentence lengths and sentence structures and compare profiles of students.

I’ve never heard of that, that’s absolutely insane. Thanks for the info!

There are plenty of people making full-time incomes from doing this sort of thing. You can avoid most (if not all) of the risk by doing it online for people at schools that are not in your area.

I tried to look into this, however I couldn’t find anything about how to work for these services or anything.

It depends on what you want to do in the future. But I would highly recommend you do not. I know someone who had graduated from an undergraduate institution and was applying to graduate school. During the off time, they would write essays for money. They were accepted to the graduate institution only to have the acceptance rescinded because someone found out about the essay writing. So I highly advise against it. Plain and simple, you just never know what could happen.

TLDR: Morality aside, it can come back to bite you if you’re still a student.

I don’t plan on being a professional writer, and I don’t intend on returning to graduate school. I’m a computer science major, but I am cautious of making permanent black marks on my resume or profile.

60 bucks is really not enough for that kind of possible heat. It’s not even a good hourly for a decent 1000 words (academical).

I’ve been doing that for about 3 years. In my country there are a lot of private institutions that hire you for this and even as a second job -to increase my income- at some point it paid better than my actual job. As for the plagiarism there are a lot of online programs that will help you avoid it.

I’m going against the grain here. Don’t even offer to tutor them.

Plagiarism covers a wide range of actions, and sitting down with someone and helping them write it or with their ideas can easily slip into plagiarism territory.

I know it could be a lot of money, but if the student gets caught, and you’re implicated, you could face disciplinary action, including expulsion.

Source: worked as a writing tutor in undergrad and we received specific training to avoid situations like what you’re describing.

Assuming you are all going to the same school, glance through your University’s policies on the matter. (I know mine were always required to be printed in all of the syllabi, so it was easy to find, but I don’t know if all schools do that) At the very least, few universities have a quibble about someone editing student’s papers, and helping them brainstorm/outline their ideas is probably not going to be a problem unless they have a clause about work being completely original ideas. Giving feedback, even heavy line-by-line feedback, doesn’t take as long as writing and you can make a good amount of money for it, especially for application essays and other important essays. It also helps separate the people who want good work but don’t think they have the skill from the people who want good work but aren’t willing to work for it. But seriously, breaking university policy can cost you your future. It can get you kicked out of school and leave a black mark that employers and other universities will be able to see in the future. Not worth the risk.