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Pay Me To Do Your Homework Review 2022: Our Honest Experience

All you need right now is a Pay Me To Do Your Homework essay review, an honest one.

For example, meet Steve. Steve is exactly what you think of when you imagine a non-traditional student. He is over 25, works a nine-to-five job, and has two children to take care of.

To say the least, Steve has a very demanding schedule. Although he tries his best to complete all of his college assignments independently, sometimes he just doesn’t have the time!

Like right now, he has an essay due in a couple of days and hasn’t even had the opportunity to begin. He is interested in contacting Pay Me To Do Your Homework to complete his essay but is searching for an honest Pay Me To Do Your Homework review.

If you can relate to Steve, you are in luck! Here at Gradehacker, we help college students daily with essay writing and more. Our years of experience qualify us to conduct a Pay Me To Do Your Homework review because we know what makes an essay writing service trustworthy.

In this article, we commit to giving you an objective, no B.S., Pay Me To Do Your Homework review. We will share the great, the good, the bad, and the ugly with you. If we think it’s important for you to know, we share it here with you.

And how will we do that? Well, we purchased a Pay Me To Do Your Homework essay so that we could share our honest thoughts regarding their service. Let’s talk a bit more about the essay we ordered.

We ordered a 4-page nursing essay for a microbiology course. What was the essay about? Well, in the essay, you had to describe a specific microorganism, covering different required sections such as the pathogen’s virulence factors or the infectious disease it causes. The selected microorganism was Bacillus Anthracis.

We ordered the essay on a Tuesday and put the deadline for that Saturday, so we gave our Pay Me To Do Your Homework writer four days to complete it.

By reading this article, you will get a walkthrough of how Pay Me To Do Your Homework works and will know if their essay writing service will be a good fit for you.

Factors Rating
Ordering process 7/10
Communication with writer 5/10
Essay pricing and costs 6/10
Essay quality 7/10
Essay English level 5/10
APA citations 5/10
Plagiarism 10/10
Pay Me To Do Your Homework guarantees 5/10
Pay Me To Do Your Homework legitimacy 7/10
Overall Rating 6.3/10

Pay Me To Do Your Homework Ordering Process

The first part of this Pay Me To Do Your Homework review will detail the process you have to follow to order an essay from them.

Ordering Form

So you want to order an essay from Pay Me To Do Your Homework but don’t know where to start.

When you enter Pay Me To Do Your Homework’s website, you will see a big red button with the words ‘Get my EASY and FREE Quote.’ All you have to do is click this button, and you will be taken to their ordering form!

Now you’re probably wondering what you have to fill out in their ordering form. Well, you have to fill out the following:

  • Full name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Request type
  • Class subject
  • Due date
  • Due time
  • Description of assignment
  • What type of student you are
  • If you’re a new or returning client
  • If you’re a resident of N.Y. State

It seems that the final question about the N.Y. state residency is due to the service not being available to that demographic. We are not sure why, but the good thing is that they do mention that in the order form.

There is also a section where you can attach any files relevant to your assignment in their ordering form. In our case, we attached the essay’s instructions and guidelines.

You may also be wondering what ‘request type’ refers to. Don’t they just offer essays? No, unlike many essay writing services, Pay Me To Do Your Homework offers a broader range of services. They offer assistance with exams, quizzes, entire courses, and more!

After you complete the ordering form, you simply hit submit.

Pay Me To Do Your Homework ordering form

Contact from the Sales Department

Okay, so what happens next after clicking the submit button on the ordering form?

Unlike other essay writing service companies where you pay directly after ordering your essay, Pay Me To Do Your Homework’s sales department will contact you via email.

You’re probably curious as to how long you have to wait for them to contact you. In our experience, they contacted us the same day, only around 3 hours after completing the form. This seemed quite quick and efficient.

So, what happens when they do contact you? The first email we received from the sales department did not directly give the essay’s price. Instead, they asked us how many words/pages our essay had to be and if there was a grading rubric.

You might want to include this information to describe what you need done; that way, you receive the pricing quicker!

Personally, we thought it was a good sign that they asked for the essay’s grading rubric, as it seemed like they really wanted to understand the assignment’s requirements.

After sending the grading rubric, the sales department responded by saying these types of assignments usually range from $159- $259 depending on how busy their “experts” are. They also asked if we wanted them to check with their experts to give us an exact price.

The answer to this was yes, as that was the reason we completed the ordering form in the first place. This back and forth just to get a price was definitely a downside of Pay Me To Do Your Homework. We also thought that such a significant price range and reason were not very clear.

In the next email, we received a $209 price that didn’t match their advertised price of starting at $29 per page on their website. For a four-page paper, the pricing should come out to $116. So almost $100 more than we initially thought was the final price.

After receiving the price, the sales department will ask if you want to book it. And you will let them know if you do or not in your email response.


Okay, everything sounds good until here, but how do you actually pay for your essay? Well, after you let the sales department know that you’re going to book it, they will send a payable invoice your way.

When they send the invoice to you, you should know that they ask you to pay by a specific time that same day to keep the exact quote.

Considering that Pay Me To Do Your Homework’s price is already on the expensive side, it can feel unnecessary to have to pay by a certain time in order to keep the exact quote. Although paying by a certain day is completely understandable so that the writers can begin working on your assignment.

When you open up the invoice link, you simply click the ‘pay now’ button to pay for your essay.

Below is an image of what the invoice looks like:

Pay Me To Do Your Homework Invoice

After paying the invoice, you will receive an email that says your payment has been received and to email their project management team if you have any other questions or would like an update on your essay.

You also receive a case number, which you are to include when emailing the project management team.

Overall, we rated the ordering process a 7/10. The positives are that you don’t have to create an account within Pay Me To Do Your Homework, and they directly assign you a writer.

However, the downside is that there is a lot of back and forth via email before you receive your actual price. There was also a lack of transparency in where the final price comes from.

Communication with Assigned Writer

By now, you’re probably wondering if you can communicate with your assigned writer when ordering an essay from Pay Me To Do Your Homework.

Being able to communicate with your assigned writer is vital because it can be a safeguard to ensure your essay turns out well. This is because you can share crucial information with them without intermediaries, and they can ask you any questions they have regarding the assignment.

The unfortunate thing about Pay Me To Do Your Homework is that you won’t be able to communicate with your assigned writer directly.

So, instead of emailing your assigned writer directly, you have to email the project management team, and they will, in turn, reach out to your assigned writer.

In Pay Me To Do Your Homework’s own words, they do so in order to protect the safety of clients and their experts.

However, your assigned writer’s lack of direct contact can make you feel detached.

There are times when this communication style is not always convenient. Like when we asked the project management team if they could update us on how the essay was going. They responded quite quickly and said they would get us an update from the ‘expert’ right away.

We didn’t receive any input from the expert until the following day, and it wasn’t good news. A specific microorganism was selected for the essay ordered, as mentioned at the beginning of the review. We also specified which microorganism we wanted them to write about in the ordering form.

Yet, in this update, the assigned writer asked if it was possible to write about another microorganism because they had done the paper halfway through, only to realize we selected a different microorganism.

These types of issues could potentially be prevented if clients have direct communication with their assigned writer.

So, what ended up happening? We let them know that we could not change the specific microorganism, to which the expert asked if we could extend the deadline. We agreed and ended up receiving the essay a day later than the deadline we had specified.

When our essay was done, we received an email from Pay Me To Do Your Homework’s project management team with the essay attached. They asked us to reply to the email to ensure that we received the essay.

We definitely consider the lack of communication with your assigned writer one of the major downsides to Pay Me To Do Your Homework.

Now, you must know that the emails indicate when it’s an update from ‘the expert.’ Quite literally, the emails, although sent from the Project Management Team, begin with ‘from expert.

Overall, we would rate the communication with your assigned writer a 5/10. This is because you have no direct communication with your assigned writer. Due to this, you don’t receive updates from your writer in a timely manner.

Pay Me To Do Your Homework Essay Cost

For starters, on Pay Me To Do Your Homework’s pricing page, you will see that their essay’s prices start at $29 per page.

Now, you might be wondering which factors affect the price. Well, on their actual pricing page, you won’t find anything other than the starting price. But upon some digging of their page, all they state is that the difficulty of the work and timeframe of completion affects the price.

However, they don’t actually mention how they measure the difficulty of how these factors affect the price in detail.

Personally, we paid $209 for a 4-page essay due in four days.

Pay Me To Do Your Homework is definitely more expensive than the average essay writing service and will not fit everyone’s budget.

Overall, we would give Pay Me To Do Your Homework’s cost a 6/10. This is because they don’t take the time to explain how they measure the difficulty of your work or what they consider a short timeframe of completion. Also, as they are on the expensive side, they may not suit everyone’s budget.

Pay Me To Do Your Homework: Essay Quality

Okay, now the moment everyone’s been waiting for, are their essays any good?

As we mentioned earlier, we received the essay one day later than the deadline we had put in the ordering form due to the misunderstanding of essay requirements.

We had uploaded the essay’s instructions and the essay guidelines in the ordering form. Both these files mention which sections must be included in the essay and the information that must be included within each section.

The essay we received had all of the necessary sections. However, the essay did not have an introduction or a conclusion, which was asked for in the essay guidelines. This shows that the writer did not pay full attention to both files uploaded.

Regarding the information present within each section, the writer did quite well, considering they covered almost all of the necessary points!

We rated the essay’s content a 7/10. This is because they did cover all the required sections, and the information was quite sophisticated. However, they did not include an introduction or conclusion.

Writers English Level

Pay Me To Do Your Homework really prides itself on being a U.S. based company. They emphasize that you don’t have to worry about your essay’s English level by choosing them.

This was why we were surprised by the English level of our writer. After reviewing the essay, there were some indicators that our writer’s level of English was not native. These indicators included: incorrect verb tenses at times, incorrect sentence structures, and typos.

Just take a look at this sentence for an example. The writer wrote ‘family history does not have anything significant,’ which sounds like non-native English. A correct version would be something like, ‘and there is nothing significant in his family history.’ Or take a look at this sentence, where the writer used the incorrect verb tense for the word ‘present’; it should have been ‘presented.’

These types of errors are mistakes that native English speakers just don’t make. Or at least after a second or third review.

Another negative aspect of the essay is that the writer included many sentences that didn’t make a lot of sense. Some of these sentences were unclear because they were very long.

Here are some examples below:

Here, apart from the sentence being difficult to understand, the writer also wrote ‘B. arthritis’ instead of anthracis.

Overall, we gave the essay’s clarity a 6/10 due to sentences that were very long and difficult to understand.

Poor APA Citing Skills

Another huge error present in our essay was the citing skills. In the first draft we received, there were seven references in a 4-page essay, and there were several instances where there were absolutely no references in specific paragraphs that merited citing.

After seeing this, we requested that the writer fix the essay’s references and citing. However, the citing was not completely fixed even in the updated version received. Yes, we saw more references, but the essay still had sections that lacked any references when the information was clearly retrieved from a source.

Below, you can see an example of an entire section that has no references:

There’s no references in the entire section

We rate the APA citations a 5/10. Because the first draft we received had many citing errors, and there were entire sections of information without any references. We think that if you’re paying a high amount of money for this service, those errors shouldn’t exist.


One thing Pay Me To Do Your Homework got a 10/10 is plagiarism. After receiving the essay, we gave it to our in-house Editor In Chief, who ran it through our own editing software tools and found a 1% plagiarism score. What showed as plagiarized was one sentence. Overall the essay did not contain any plagiarized content. Therefore we gave them a 10/10.

Only a 1% plagiarism score was found

Pay Me To Do Your Homework Guarantees

We looked through Pay Me To Do Your Homework’s website, trying to find the guarantees they offer (example: revisions).

And to our surprise, they publicize only one guarantee, which is if your essay doesn’t receive an A or a B, you get your money back.

However, they don’t offer much information on how you would actually request a refund if you don’t receive an A or B. They just plaster the sentence, ‘A or B guarantee’ all over their website but don’t specify the details or logistics.

It is a little disappointing that there are no revision guarantees stated on their website. Revisions should be a basic guarantee in any essay writing service because the client may not always be satisfied with the first draft they receive.

Even though Pay Me To Do Your Homework doesn’t state that they guarantee revisions anywhere on their website, we asked if it would be possible for the assigned writer to modify the references after receiving the essay with serious citing issues. The assigned writer did send back a new version (although the citing issue was not totally fixed).

So we guess you can try your luck and ask for revisions, and they just might do it; however, there are no safeguards when it comes to this aspect.

Overall, we rated the guarantees they offer a 5/10. This is because they do not cover how to actually request a refund for the grade guarantee they offer. Also, a downside is that they do not have any explicit revision guarantees. Yet when we did ask them to provide a revision, we did receive one but ultimately not exactly what we were looking for.

Is Pay Me To Do Your Homework Legit?

So, is Pay Me To Do Your Homework legit?

Well, they definitely are legit in terms of delivering what we purchased. However, we suggest that you shouldn’t count on their A or B guarantee. We just did not feel confident that the finalized essay would reach those standards due to the APA citation errors and lack of clarity in grammar and syntax.

And it’s not worth risking your grade and handing in a Pay Me To Do Your Homework essay directly to your professor just on the pretext of this guarantee.

One aspect that is not “legit” about Pay Me To Do Your Homework is the profile pictures used. The sales department correspondent that emailed me had the same profile picture we have seen in multiple essay writing services.

In fact, we placed this image through reverse image search, and it sparked multiple results. Just take a look below:

There were five pages of results, which indicate that the image is indeed fake.

This is a little disappointing as fake images can undermine a client’s sense that the company is credible or trustworthy. Also, when fake images are used, it can feel like you’re not talking to a real person.

Overall, we would give their legitimacy a 7/10 due to receiving the essay we requested, but their fake profile pictures were not transparent.

Pay Me To Do Your Homework Pros and Cons


  • You don’t have to create a Pay Me To Do Your Homework account to purchase their services
  • The project management and sales department responded quickly
  • The ordering process is not automated, which provides more personal attention


  • Their product’s quality does not justify their high prices
  • You do not have direct communication with the writer
  • They use fake images
  • We received the essay a day late
  • Poor APA formatting and many typos and grammatical mistakes

Pay Me To Do Your Homework Review: Our Verdict

So, what do we rate Pay Me To Do Your Homework? Well, considering our ratings regarding their ordering process, communication with the writer, cost, essay’s clarity, APA formatting, essay content, guarantees, and legitimacy, we give Pay Me To Do Your Homework’s essay writing service an overall rating of 6.3/10.

One pro about Pay Me To Do Your Homework is that you don’t have to create an account just to buy an essay from them. Another pro is that their project management and sales department emailed us in a timely manner. Also, their ordering process was not automated, and they had direct contact with their team before moving forward with them and paying.

On the other hand, some cons are; they are on the expensive side but don’t have top-notch essay quality. You cannot directly communicate with the writer; fake images are used, poor APA formatting, lots of typos, and grammatical errors.

Do we recommend Pay Me To Do Your Homework? We think that you should be cautious with thinking they offer next-level writing quality due to their high prices because this wasn’t the case with the essay we received.

That being said, Pay Me To Do Your Homework will be a good fit for you if you are looking for an essay that you can use as a reference or inspiration if you are struggling to start or have little structure. This is our recommendation, as we noticed we would have to fix citations and sentence structure. There was also a lack of introduction and conclusion.

On the other hand, if you want an essay on the cheaper side or simply want a high-quality essay that you don’t have to tweak, Pay Me To Do Your Homework will not be a good fit.

Now you have information to make an informed and analyzed decision. Pay Me To Do Your Homework might or might not be for you, but our objective is to give you everything you need to know to feel good about your decision.

In the case that you are now searching for a different option, Gradehacker provides an essay writing service that may be a great fit for you. We are here to help whether you work with us or not, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

If you want to continue learning or want to see other honest reviews we have made about other Academic Writing services, here are some articles that may interest you:

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Prices and Discounts

There are very few pay me to do your homework reviews about this service, so I had no idea what the prices were like. The website didn’t help at all. It gives you just the lowest rate for their services, and that’s it. You’d have to contact to get an actual quote. Here are their services with the minimal rates:

  • Full classes – $99 per week
  • Tests and quizzes – $49 per quiz or test
  • Finals – $119 per final
  • Essays and papers – $29 per page
  • Projects – $99 per page
  • Homework – $29 per page

These are the lowest rates at paymetodoyourhomework and there’s no discount you can add to them. As a matter of fact, you won’t know what it will cost to get help there before you get your quote from the agents. According to my experience and the pay me to do your homework reviews I read, the prices are always higher than this quotes. I think everyone will agree with me – $29 for a page of an essay or homework is double of what most companies charge online, which makes this a very highly priced service to begin with.

Ordering process

It’s not even simple to get papers from paymetodoyourhomework. It takes a couple of minutes to see what it will cost you, a while to answer all of their questions (they never end, really), and then you can proceed to pay. But, the agents are kind enough to help you out, so you shouldn’t have problems with this.

Is legit?

Yes, this is a legit service based in the US. It’s a very small service, probably because of the lack of popularity – they only have around 75 writers on board.


There’s no way to learn what deadline options there are. You need to reach out to pay me to do your homework and tell them what you need. They’ll review that and tell you if they’re able to meet your deadline. I didn’t like the fact that I won’t know if I can count on them when I need them.

The work I got

This was a very bad part of my review of pay me to do your homework. The woman in the video says that they accept writers with a Bachelor’s degree, which for me, was a bit of a setback. Most of the good companies I’ve reviewed have at least Master’s degree-holding writers, if not writers with a PhD. Even so, I gave a test run.

The work I got was not bad in terms of use of English as some companies tend to deliver, but it was far from good enough for the price they gave me. I literally paid over $30 for page for homework in the form of an essay. Never before have I paid this kind of price. The content had some errors and needed a lot of editing.

Final Review

I must say, I didn’t have a good feeling about at the start, and they just confirmed my doubts. This is not a fraud service, but they are too expensive for any student to be able to afford them. Based on my entire experience, even if you have the money – it’s not really worth it.