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P4g help nanako homework

Persona 4: Golden

> Once again, it is an overwhelming flavor that your body submits to. As you’re swept up in a black torrent of flavors, you desperately reach towards something and grasp it. Obtained the Power Charge skill card from Yoshitsune!

> Judging by the current time of day, it appears that you lost consciousness.

Mumon: I’m impressed that you came again. I’m even more interested in you now.
I imagine a cafe where the coffee seems to be drugged wouldn’t get a whole lot of return business.
Mumon: Hmph. Watching you reminds me of myself when I was young. Yes. that hot summer, long ago. My brother and I used to cool watermelons in the shrine’s well. Ah, but never mind. Talking about the past leads to nowhere in particular. Now you be careful on your way home, boy. You can come back here whenever you like.

> It’s late. You must return home.

I have to make something out of stuff I find in the house. A milk carton, a paper towel tube. Knitting wool, origami paper.
What else do we have?
Doorbell: *BING BONG*
Is someone here today too?

> Rise and Kanji came by.

. But, it looks like I picked the wrong day to come. I can’t do any of this art stuff.
Me neither.
Huh. Let me see what you’ve got.

That is CHEATING, Kanji.

> . and creates something that no elementary student could make! After putting Nanako to bed and saying goodbye to Rise and Kanji, you went to your room.

Old man: Let’s take a look, shall we? Ah! Incredible! Looks like I had you figured right. I knew you could do it, boy! I’m a man of my word. Think of this rod as me, okay? Take good care of it.

> Obtained Deep-Sea Rod.

Old man: Mm. You just might be able to do it. Even though I spent my whole life chasing that legendary fish, I think you might be the one to bring it home. Sorry, boy. I didn’t mean to get all misty-eyed. Just forget what I told you and enjoy yourself out there.

Now that everyone on the team has transportation, a few new things are available:

I came to fill up on gas since I was here on inn business. I thought I could use my scooter to help out around the inn more. I don’t need it for anything I’m doing today, though. But if I don’t make a point to ride it from time to time, I feel like I’ll forget how. Would you like to join me?

> It seems Yukiko wants to go somewhere on your scooters. Go out with Yukiko?

Let’s go to the beach.
The beach? Now. Hm. I see. We could make a day trip of it, so there’s no problem with going there now.
Sure, let’s go to the beach. I memorized the way the last time we went, so leave that to me.

> You decided to go out with Yukiko.

This is Bike Date. On certain days, one of the other Persona-users will be hanging out in front of the gas station, and you can spend the day going somewhere with them.

> Shichiri Beach. You came here with Yukiko.

I got a little sweaty riding on the scooter so the ocean breeze feels nice. Let’s go over there.

> You had fun at the beach with Yukiko.

Going on Bike Date changes the kids’ skills. Talking about memories lets you re-select an old, forgotten skill, and talking about the future grants one brand-new skill from a list of five, in sequence.
Huh? The future?
Uh. Yeah. I guess that’s an important thing to think about, huh.

> You decide to speak with Yukiko about the future. Something changed inside of Yukiko.

> You spent time with Yukiko until it got dark and then went home.
Everyone can get some pretty neat stuff from Bike Date, but for the most part I’m happy with the team’s regular skills. I plan on showing Bike Date with each teammate once or twice, and then reloading to use the day for something different–with the exception of Yukiko. You’ll see why.

Hmm. Which one should I choose.
Oh, I know! There’s a picture of it on that shirt that Dad bought. What’s it called? A platypus? I’ll write about platypuses!

> Nanako eagerly begins researching platypuses. She doesn’t seem to need any help. But you make sure she’s on the right track.

The platypus lays eggs.
And they have poisonous claws!
. Question! Is it the male or female platypus that has the poison claws?
Correct! You’re smart, big bro!

> Nanako is impressed. After Nanako finished her research, you put her to bed and returned to your room.

> It would be best if you worked on your homework today.

> The homework is mostly review problems. You feel that you have a better understanding of the material. You feel that you understand it, but still not well enough. After working urgently on your homework. All of your homework has been completed!
There’s your summer homework. It’s a better Knowledge boost than regular studying, but you can just leave it all for today with no worries.

I just need to write a picture diary. Umm. “Big bro. and Dad. ” Um, let’s see. August 27th. Ah. I don’t remember the weather. Um, big bro? Did it rain the day that we worked on my art homework?
It stopped raining by then.
Oh, that’s right! Thank you!

> Nanako just remembered.

“Big bro. and his friends. helped me. a lot. with my homework. They were so nice. I like them so much. ”
. No! Don’t look!

> Nanako has finished all of her summer homework. After putting Nanako to bed, you went to your room.

Should I help Nanako with her homework?

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Of course you should.
My Final Fantasy VII Remake Review:

You don’t have to if you got better things to do, but you’ll feel bad leaving her to finish her homework by herself.

A test to prove you’re her Big Bro.

You don’t have to if you got better things to do, but you’ll feel bad leaving her to finish her homework by herself.

A test to prove you’re her Big Bro.

I failed, 🙁 lol. It wasn’t worth my time.

You don’t have to if you got better things to do, but you’ll feel bad leaving her to finish her homework by herself.

A test to prove you’re her Big Bro.

I failed, 🙁 lol. It wasn’t worth my time.
Well at least you made Doctor Who proud

You don’t have to if you got better things to do, but you’ll feel bad leaving her to finish her homework by herself.

A test to prove you’re her Big Bro.

I failed, 🙁 lol. It wasn’t worth my time.

You gave in into comments not to >.> it’s freakin Nanako-chan.

Still was able to max social link, and read all books.

The entire theme to Nanako’s S Link is that she is woefully ignored by her dad and lonely.

Spend time with her, and include her every opportunity you can. That’s all.

Personally, there’s a feeling of moral wrongness with leaving her be.

If you played with the slinks in mind though (or using the guide), chances are you won’t be needing the boosts. But it’s Nanako, don’t be a heartless bastard.

P4g help nanako homework

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Help nanako homework

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