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Mfa creative writing amherst

Stonecoast MFA in Creative Writing

Reading Series Event at Food For for Thought in Amherst, MA

From faculty member Suzanne Strempek Shea: Thanks to all those who traveled from points in Western New England and beyond for the area’s first Stonecoast community reading at Food for Thought in Amherst. Readers Shane Collins, Julie Day, David Anthony Durham, Peter Maskaluk, Ellen Meeropol, Darlene Rivais, Lisa C. Taylor and Natalie Segal were cheered on by Sarah Steinberg Heller and a great crowd of friends, family and literature lovers in general. Fabulous work featured, and it was wonderful to see Stonecoasters grads and students, from the inagural class to those still studying, meet and mingle. Special cheers to Elli Meeropol on her great book contract news, and many thanks again to Food for Thought for providing the space. Let’s do it again!

Creative Writing Center

The Creative Writing Center brings together faculty from various academic departments to provide courses in the writing of fiction, poetry, plays, non-fictional prose and translation.

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T he Amherst College Center for Creative Writing holds a Fall and Spring Reading Series every year, with all events free and open to the public. For more information, please call 542-8200 or visit the Creative Writing Center’s Facebook page. If you would like to receive periodic announcements about our events and other events in the Valley, please email [email protected] For listings of other local literary events, visit the Five-College Creative Writing Event Calendar.

We partner with Amherst Books, which sells books for our events online. Please support out local beloved bookstore!

Creative Writing at Amherst College

Judith Frank talks about what it takes to succeed as a writer and touches on what students can expect from the creative writing program at Amherst College.

About the Center

Our Courses

We do not offer a major, and do not offer courses independently: our courses are located in various academic departments and count for the major requirements of those departments.

Our Philosophy

Rather than taking a heavy concentration of creative writing courses, we believe that aspiring creative writers should take a selection of such courses plus many courses in literature and other subjects.

Independent Study

In addition to the courses listed on this site, students may arrange with any faculty member at Amherst to create a special topics course in creative writing or to undertake creative writing honors projects.

Reading Series

We bring practicing writers and editors to Amherst for readings and class visits.

Literary Amherst

Amherst is one of the world’s premier writing colleges, with an enviable literary legacy. Our outstanding faculty and alumni include influential and award-winning novelists, poets, journalists and critics, and our renowned literary publications are read around the world

Creative Writing Courses

Writing Poetry I

A first workshop in the writing of poetry. Class members will read and discuss each others’ work and will study the line, stanza forms, meter, free verse, and more.

Fiction Writing I

Playwriting Studio

Get your play(s) ready for the stage! Hone your playwriting skills, study a wide range of dramatic vocabularies, and critique classmates’ plays from first draft to finished.

Meet Our Faculty

We are an interdisciplinary center. Our faculty are members of various Amherst departments: English, Russian, Spanish, and Law, Jurisprudence and Social Thought. Meet all the Creative Writing faculty and staff.