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Make money doing other people’s homework

6 Sites Where You Can Get Paid to Do Homework for Others

It may seem strange to look backwards as a way of making money. After all, you finished with school and homework years ago.

However, there are many students who need help or work done on their behalf and are willing to pay for great work.

With the ever-growing freelancing market, sites like AceHomework can help you supplement your income with assignments from students.

Some people may be concerned that this type of work is considered “cheating.”

If you are concerned, you may want to consider editing, tutoring or working with students.

Keep in mind however, that if you are informed about finances, math, accounting, physics or are a great essay writer, there is a huge amount of money to be made in those areas as well. Just look at a few freelancing or short task sites.

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Table of Contents

How Does AceMyHomework Work?

AceMyHomework functions on a bidding system, which allows you to set your own pay.

Student assignments will be posted and you can give your offer on what you will complete the assignment for.

Generally, students will pay well, particularly if they have a deadline coming up soon.

How Do I Get Started?

Getting started is easy!

All you have to do is register, send some samples, and get verified through the site.

Once that is complete, you can begin bidding on the jobs you want, and accept jobs when the terms fit your needs.

What About Disputes?

It can be difficult to trust that a virtual stranger will pay you when the assignment is complete.

AceMyHomework provides dispute resolution support and has great service overall for anything you need help with.

I have even been personally contacted by employees of the site seeking feedback on certain features.

What Skills Do I Need?

Realistically, you should consider the work you did best in school and focus on jobs in that area.

Play to your own strengths and you will find everything more satisfying and less stressful.

Some other sites require a certain educational degree to participate, but others accept writing samples as proof enough of your skill set.

Other Sites

Aside from AceMyHomework, there are a few other sites you might want to consider when exploring this option:

1. Chegg (previously Student of Fortune)

This site allows students to ask questions that will be answered by experts. Get registered as an expert in your field and you will be paid for each question you answer.

2. Just Answer

This site caters to people looking for help with homework, advice or everyday situations, and provides compensation for answers. Browse questions posed by ordinary people and answer to your strengths and you can earn great pocket money.


Like the sites above, this site allows you to register to answer questions. However, it also allows you to tutor real-time with students through a chat application, opening more opportunities for earning.

4. Smart Thinking

Similar to, you will be asked to answer posted questions. However, there are other available opportunities available for assignments, tutoring, editing, etc.

5. SchoolSolver

This is a relatively new site, but it is growing very quickly. They have some of the highest paying questions and assignments.


Your student days might not be over yet!

If you are great at research and completing assignments, you can turn all those hours you spent doing homework into money today.

15 Sites that Pay You to Do Homework for Other People

Want to share your expertise and get paid for it? These highly rated websites let you do just that, while helping high school and university students with their homework!

Editor-in-Chief and Career Expert

This article contains affiliate links. If you use these links to buy something, we may earn a commission.

Remember when you were younger, and you absolutely loathed doing homework? Well, thanks to the internet, you may just loathe it a little less now. And that’s because – as this is the internet we’re talking about – you can get paid to do homework for other people all from the comfort of your home (and behind your PC screen).

If this sounds like a great way to make some extra money on the side, and if you’ve got the brains for it, then why not give it a go?

Check out these 20 great sites to get started!

1. OneClass

OneClass doesn’t just pay you to do people’s homework with its Homework Help solution, but the company also pays you to share your study notes with other university students taking the same courses as you. In other words, you get paid to go to class and do homework too!

OneClass’s system is credit-based. You earn 25 credits for every approved document you upload (75 if you’re an Elite Note Taker), which can be redeemed for gift cards to popular retailers like Amazon, Starbucks and Domino’s, or even for cash. You can even earn credits by earning badges and referring friends to join OneClass. And the best part is that it’s available to people who have finished university, too; you don’t have to be a current student to take part!

2. is a fully online tutoring service which comprises a network of certified teachers, college professors, graduate students and professionals with master’s degrees, PhDs and Ivy League credentials who are experts in their fields.

It’s free to join but there’s a catch: you’ll need to be a current resident of, and eligible to work in, the US or Canada. You’ll also need to be a college sophomore or higher or hold a degree from an accredited US or Canadian university.

The whole application process can take anywhere between one and three weeks. Once your application has been accepted, you’ll be invited to take (and pass) an exam in 1 of their 21 high-demanding subjects (including physics, maths, business law and essay writing). You’ll then have to participate in a mock session and undergo a background check, after which you’ll be able to start tutoring students of all ages and help them with their homework. Hourly rates are dictated by the subject you earn.

3. PaperCoach

PaperCoach provides custom paper-writing services to high school, undergraduate, master’s and PhD students or whoever needs help with their course work, book reviews, essays, dissertations, admission essays, CVs, cover letters, business plans – you name it!

They rely on specialised LinkedIn groups to find writers, but you can send a speculative application by sending your CV in for consideration. The good news is that although it’s a US-based company, you don’t have to be a US resident to apply.

Depending on your academic level and the complexity of the paper you write and its deadline, you can earn about $8 and above.

4. HashLearn

HashLearn is an Indian mobile tutoring app which connects tutors to grade 8-12, JEE, NEET and CET students who need help with their homework. As a tutor, you’ll help alleviate students’ doubts on a variety of subjects, ranging from chemistry to maths and physics.

To apply to become a tutor, you’ll need to be a resident of India. Once you’ve chosen the topics of your expertise, you can start accepting tutoring requests whenever you wish – right on your phone – and you’ll get paid for every session you take.

5. Chegg

Chegg is perhaps one of the best-known online tutoring sites on the internet today. It recruits tutors from top universities for a variety of high school and college subjects, including computer science, algebra, accounting, French, biology and mechanical engineering. There are literally thousands of different subjects to choose from, and applying to become a tutor in your expert area is easy – the best part is that you can be anywhere in the world to join.

Upon becoming a tutor, you’ll be able to connect with students needing help in your area – whenever it’s most convenient to you. You get paid each week (you’ll typically earn $20+ per hour), and you can download the Chegg app to stay connected on the go.

6. Eduboard

Eduboard allows students to ask expert tutors for help in more than 30 different subjects, including maths, physics and chemistry. Students place orders for homework help, essay writing, assignments and everything in between, and you can bid on those that you like. Payments are made once a month with a 20% commission deducted.

To apply to become an online tutor on Eduboard, you’ll either need to be in your senior year of college or have already graduated from an accredited university in Canada or the US. You can set your own prices, with Q&A-based assistance usually starting at $2 and go up to $25 a question.

7. School Solver

Self-proclaimed as the ‘marketplace for school homework’, School Solver is a renowned homework and assignment help platform which has been referred by tech giants such as Forbes, Mashable and TechCrunch.

Students ask questions in every single subject imaginable, and your answers can be purchased by not just the student who asked the question but also others after them. This means that where you would normally earn $5, for example, you could actually make as much as $500 over time.

8. Help with Assignment

Help with Assignment is made up of PhD professors, MBA corporate leaders, writers, bloggers, teachers, mathematicians, historians and scientists whose goal is to help students with their assignments in a variety of subjects, like law, maths, marketing and nursing.

To become an online tutor at Help with Assignment, you’ll need a minimum of 2 years’ work/teaching experience and a master’s or PhD degree in your chosen subject. You’ll also need to undergo various tests before you’re able to help students improve their Excel skills, for example.

9. Growing Stars

Based in the US, Growing Stars is another great website to make money online by helping students with their homework. You’ll mostly work with young children from grades 3 to 12, offering about 2 hours of one-on-one tutoring a week in your expert area.

To apply to join Growing Stars’ team of online tutors, you’ll need to complete the candidate registration form as well as submit your CV. You’ll also need to be educated in your chosen subject, from C++ programming to creative writing and biology to chemistry.

10. Freelancer

Freelancer is one of the best online platforms to find freelance work like designing websites or translating. That said, you can also find and apply for opportunities to help students with their homework.

It’s free and easy to join, and you can set your own prices. All you need to do is set up a public profile and start applying for relevant jobs.

11. Upwork

Upwork basically does the same thing that Freelancer does. It lets people submit projects that they need completing, and freelancers bid on the ones that interest them and that match their skills. You set your own prices, and there are no registration fees, but do note that you will be charged a commission for each project you complete.

12. Homework Market

Homework Market is a platform that connects students with tutors to help with their homework. While a tutor’s traditional functions don’t include completing homework assignments of their students, the website does allow users to earn cash to do homework for others. You can also proofread homework assignments and respond to specific questions for a long list of subjects, including chemistry, engineering, environmental science, geology and history.

After you create a profile and list your skills, you set your rates. It’s estimated that you earn between $5 and $25 per homework assignment.

13. Studypool

Studypool is a micro-tutoring platform that gives you the option of placing bids on students’ homework questions, which is usually between $5 and $20 per answer. The website also has more than 20 million study documents from hundreds of universities in 150 countries in its Notebank.

Anyone can bid on any questions, but students will compare profiles, statistics and reviews to make their final decision, so be sure to put some effort into your profile creation. That said, the one thing that student users will look at is your degree.

14. Wyzant

Since 2005, Wyzant has been the go-to outlet for students searching for tutors. The online services marketplace utilises its education technology to match the right tutors with the right students. Tutors, who are vetted and verified by the Wyzant team, earn an average of $30 per hour.

The website has a wide range of functions, from one-on-one online lessons to real-time video chat and an interactive whiteboard for uploading documents and outlining equations. Wyzant is essentially a digital classroom.


When students want the basics – and quick! – is one of the best solutions around. It’s a website dedicated to college homework assistance, offering various services involving online tutoring, a library of academic solutions, and homework help.

After posting your credentials and verifying your English proficiency, you can submit an estimation of how long it would take to complete the homework. It’s then between you and the students to come up with a rate, which averages around $13 per hour. It’s a simple process for both parties: the problem is uploaded, the tutor and the student meet, payment is made, and the homework help is completed.

Final thoughts

This is just a selection of the best websites that pay you to help students do their homework. A quick Google search will come up with many more, and remember there are other ways you can make an extra income, including Swagbucks and Survey Junkie where you get paid to answer surveys, fun trivia questions and daily polls.

Whichever websites you choose to boost your income, make sure you do your research (particularly when it comes to payment methods and frequency, overall brand reputation, and specific terms and conditions).

If you’re looking for inventive ways to earn extra income, there are a few sites that pay handsomely for writing and other chores:

  • Swagbucks – earn by taking surveys, answering trivia, daily polls, and more
  • Survey Junkie – earn cash by taking surveys (available to the US, CA and AU)

Have you ever used any of these sites to make some money or know any others where you could get paid to do homework for others? Join the conversation down below and let us know!

This article is an updated version of an earlier article originally published in December 2015 and was written in collaboration with Andrew Moran.

How to Get Paid to Do Homework for Others | 10 Best Websites in 2022

Little wonder why many students are willing to part with a token to get it fixed before the next school day. Interestingly, you can get paid to do homework for students in 2022.

If you in search of ways you can make money as a student or school leaver, this article explains in detail.

The table of contents above highlights important facts about doing homework for money.

Table of Contents Hide

Can I Do Homework for Money?

Either as a high school student or undergraduate, you can recount a couple of times you wished you could just get your assignment done. Sometimes, your assignments are so easy that you can get it done in no time.

Other times, numerous social activities and other life engagement could make you wish you can get someone to do the work for you. Statistically, getting paid to do homework is one of the easiest and convenient ways to earn in 2022.

Aside from time constraint, lack of expertise or interest in a subgenre is one of the multiple reasons why people are willing to pay to get their homework done.

This is exactly how some students out there feel — they find some homework difficult and confusing. Nonetheless, they wish to submit their homework with the correct answers, but just can’t.

Now, this is where you come into the picture — you can help them. All thanks to your skill and experience, you can easily provide them with the answers they crave. So, you can get paid to do homework in 2022 if you are ready to put in the work.

Is Doing Homework For Money Illegal?

We know you desire a steady source of income. In today’s world, money can be made either through legal or illegal means.

Dabbling into anything that taints your image is not advisable. You will only be filled with regrets and remorse, afterwards. As an entity, we don’t recommend any illegal or dubious means of earning.
So, doing homework for money is not illegal. Simply find a legit site to answer homework questions. You can rest assured you are earning your money legally.

How Much Can One Charge For Doing Homework?

The sole aim of doing homework for money is obvious — to earn money. Here’s a fact: The rate at which students turn to those who render homework services is on the rise.

This implies that the jobs are available consistently. And the interesting part is, you can determine how much you charge per job. Amazing, isn’t it?

So, how much should you charge when you do homework for others?

First, it is worth noting that there’s no standard price to charge for doing homework. This implies that you can be flexible with how much you get paid to do homework. Just as the saying goes: “Different strokes for different folks.”

However, you need to put some factors into consideration before you settle on a price. Basically, how you decide to render your service alongside the nature of the assignment should detect your pricing.

You can choose to charge hourly or at a fixed fate: Just as it implies, you can decide to get paid per hour or fix a non-negotiable price. If this payment pattern favours you, go for it.

Fixed rates are particularly good for short homework. Nevertheless, your fixed rates should be in dollars. Why? The value of the dollar gives you a financial edge. For example, for a 1-hour homework, you can charge between $10 – $30. That’s what the top guns who get paid to do homework charge.

The nature of the assignment: Another great way to charge is basing the payment around the difficulty of the homework.

Without a doubt, you would not want to do difficult homework at the same price as the easier ones. If you do, that will be you short-changing yourself. That’s why we recommend that you weigh the homework — know the level of difficulty — and charge accordingly.

10 Best Websites Where You Can Get Paid To Do Homework

With all that has been shared so far, you should be able to create a steady source of income for yourself by helping others with their homework. However, this article won’t be complete without showing you where this opportunity lies.

So far, we have taught you what you need to fish, now, let’s show you where to cast your nets for the big catches.

Here are 10 tested and trusted websites where you can earn by doing homework for others.

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#1. Tutor Me

Tutor Me is an education-oriented website where students can access online courses and learn. They employ teachers for subjects like Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science, Statistics and the likes.
Payment: A minimum of $16/hour(extra bonuses)

Key Requirements: You must be enrolled in or have graduated from an accredited university.

#2. Wyzant

Wyzant is a platform where students get 1-on-1 lessons online. The tutorials take place in a digital and interactive classroom.

Payment: $30/hour (on average)

Key Requirements: After registration with them, you will be assessed to determine if you are the ideal fit.

#3. Studypool

Studypool is a platform that focuses on micro tutoring. Here, you can make a bid on submitted questions. The students choose their tutors based on their profiles, reviews, and statistics. So, you have an edge if you have a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or PhD degree.

Payment: $5 – $20 per answer

Key Requirements: You bid for questions. If a student picks you as the right tutor to provide an answer, you get a chance to earn.

#4. Help With Assignment

This platform serves as a meeting place for students who wish to get assistance with their homework and experts who can provide solutions.

Payment: $7 per page
Key Requirements:

  • Possess a Master’s or Ph.D. degree.
  • Over two years of tutoring experience.
  • Impressive communication skills.
  • Great command of English.


Holds the record of the oldest tutorial platform and has been hiring tutors to take students 1-on-1 since 2001. They employ the services of teachers for Mathematics discipline, college Physics, and Humanities.

Payment: $5 – $20(including bonuses)

Key Requirements:

  • You must reside in Canada or U.S.A
  • Be enrolled in an accredited college
  • Be available for at least 5 hours per week.

#6. Chegg Tutors

Chegg Tutors is a well-known platform that connects students to tutors. Here, students can get assistance on their homework from the finest tutors.
Payment: Great Tutors can earn as high as $1,000 monthly.

Key Requirements:

  • Possess a bachelor’s Degree
  • May need to complete a test

#7. 24houranswers

This website is focused on providing homework services for college students. In this case, tutors get to discuss the prices that they wish to charge based on the difficulty of the homework.

Payment: $13/hour(on average)

Key Requirements:

  • Possess a bachelor’s degree.
  • Great command of English.

#8. School Solver

This is the marketplace for homework, assignments, and projects. On this platform, students decide how much they want to pay to get an answer.

Getting paid to do homework on School Solver is possible if you are always available to provide answers to students.

Payment: $15/hour (on average)

Key Requirements: Always make yourself available to provide answers to the students.

#9. Homework Market:

This platform helps tutors to find students who need assistance with their homework. After you create your account, you can choose your payment rate

Payment: Ranges between $5 – $20 per homework.

Key Requirements: It is open to everyone. However, to get verification as a tutor you need to add the degrees you possess.

#10. Eduboard

Eduboard is a platform that gives students room to ask for the help of professional tutors in over 30 subjects. This includes Maths, Physics, and Chemistry. Also, you have to opportunity to determine your charges.

On this platform, you can get paid to do homework for others if you meet up with the requirements below.

Payment: $2 – $25 per question

Key Requirements: You must either be in your senior year in college or have gotten a degree from an accredited university in U.S.A or Canada.


With all you have learned in this article, you can now decide how you want to charge and your ideal price. Also, you can choose to register with any of the sites above, and get paid your salaries or wages in dollars. The ball is in your court.

Whatever your choice is one thing is for sure — you will get paid to do homework. Take a step to start earning money from the comfort of your home. The time is now. Don’t delay!