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Living room creative writing

a room – quotes and descriptions to inspire creative writing

A room is so much more than the sum of its parts when it encourages the soul to breathe.

A room can be small and perfect, plain and relaxing, simple and inviting.

A room with plants, with flowers in bloom, with calm pastels and soulful browns – to my heart and soul is a place that invites the most serene of dreaming moments.

A room of pastels awaited them at journey’s end, a room in which the spirit could rest and expand.

An Old-fashioned Room

Editor’s Note: Students were asked to complete the following creative writing task under timed conditions: ‘Describe an old-fashioned room as suggested by the picture’. Oliver’s response demonstrates some truly fantastic writing. ADM

The room had a musty odour, evocative of grandparents’ houses – the type that makes you feel safe and cosy. It was lit dimly by a tall lamp in the corner with a green lamp shade decorated with light, undulating patterns, all but lost under a thick coat of dust. There was drab, vile, green wallpaper; dark green contrasting curtains; a wide, thin rug with tassels on. A wooden rocking chair sat in the corner, furnished with an old, dilapidated cushion. A small, coal fireplace graced one wall beneath was a white, marble mantelpiece. On top of the mantelpiece danced porcelain figurines and ornaments.

On walls hung portraits of long forgotten people, who looked about the room with a proprietorial air. There was a sofa against one wall – a bland, beige coloured lump, which looked as if it would be itchy if you sat on it. A pink doll’s house was pushed up against a wall and enveloped in dust. It looked sad and lonely, as if it knew it would never be played with again. Next to it sat a hobby horse with chewed-looking ears, missing its rocker.

If you looked out of the ornate window, you would see an overgrown jungle of a garden: brambles and an oak tree with branches like twisted fingers and gnarled, twisted roots protruding from the ground like snakes.