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Irritating creative writing

Irritating creative writing

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Irritating creative writing

Never struggle with Show-and-Tell again. Activate your free trial or subscribe to view the Emotion Thesaurus in its entirety, or visit the Table of Contents to explore unlocked entries.


The inner landscape of your characters (especially your protagonist) is the lifeblood that runs through your story. Emotions, and how they’re expressed, are tied deeply to a character’s personality and which positive traits and negative traits will manifest. To bring your readers in deeper through shared experience, consider filtering the setting descriptions through your character’s emotions while also exploring important colors, textures, and shapes through his or her senses.


A pinched expression
Sighing heavily or with exaggeration
Statements suggesting impatience: “Here, I’ll do it.”
Narrowing eyes
Crossed arms
Tapping a foot, fidgeting
Swatting at the air
Tics and tells (a throbbing forehead vein, fingering a collar)
Lips pressing into a white slash
Clenching the jaw
Grimacing, sneering, frowning