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Internshala creative writing challenge

Internshala Creative Writing Course by Kulpreet Yadav: Review

I love taking courses. I always have. Last year I took the Blogchatter creative writing course, and this year it’s the Internshala Creative Writing course. Writing creative nonfiction is fun. I do a lot of it.

But I want to learn storytelling better. While teaching my daughter at home, I realized children like listening to stories. It’s easiest to make them understand morality, ethics, honesty through stories. Not just by definition.

Adults, too, love their stories. Maybe not the Cinderella and the prince ones, but stories we like. If I want to do a better job of educating, I need to learn storytelling better. That’s my 2020 goal.

All the time I have been blogging, I have learned. The best part of blogging for me is my personal learning curve while I help spread awareness.

That’s why when I found Mr. Kulpreet Yadav taking this course virtually, I quickly signed up.

In case you like doing courses, this one will make you happy.

This book is free for download for the next two days .Don’t forget to download it !

The course is hosted by the online educational platform Internshala. It has videos as the primary course material with a few reading resources, plenty of practice quizzes, specific module assignments and module quizzes to test your mettle.

You can only unlock the next levels, after taking the one-shot quizzes.

The assignments are peer-reviewed, and you have to review work by your peers at each level of assignment.

What does it cover?

Creative writing as a whole, Fiction, nonfiction, editing, publishing, scriptwriting, feature writing, advertisement, modules make up the course. The videos are informative. Mr. Kulpreet Yadav is effective in his brevity.

The mock quizzes are very well structured and are itself educational.

The course curriculum is well thought out.

The main contest makes it fun. If you want to know about the contest check this.

What could be better?

I would love video transcripts. Sometimes the internet is slow, and videos tend to take time.

Maybe more details for authors choosing the self-publishing route through Kindle.

In Conclusion:

This is a must-take course if you want to write better. That’s the crux of it.

I am looking forward to applying what I learned. If you have taken Creative writing courses, do let me know in the comments below.

Internshala Trainings launches the Creative Writing Challenge — Opportunity to learn from a bestselling author

Gurgaon: Internshala Trainings has launched the Creative Writing Challenge to encourage students to hone their writing skills. The last date to apply for the challenge is 27th February 2020. The ability to write effectively is one of the most in-demand skills in today’s world and it offers lucrative career options such as becoming a published author, content writer, journalist, story writer, scriptwriter, copywriter, and editor.

The participating students will learn creative writing through a 6-weeks long online training program taught by Kulpreet Yadav, a bestselling author of several books including ‘The Girl Who Loved a Pirate’. After completing the training, the students will write a short story as the final project. The top 10 stories will be evaluated and receive feedback from an esteemed panel of judges comprising of best selling authors (Kulpreet Yadav and Madhulika Liddle), a renowned columnist (Vinita Nangia), and a senior publisher (Milee Ashwarya). The top 3 stories would win cash rewards worth INR 65,000 and exclusive certificates signed by the jury.

In the training, students will learn to write fiction and non-fiction including screenplay and ad scripts. One of the major highlights of the training is ‘peer grading feature’ which aims at strengthening students’ reading and writing skills by getting them to critique and grade each other’s writing.

On the launch of the challenge, the Founder and CEO of Internshala, Sarvesh Agrawal said, “Content writing is one of the most-in-demand skills among employers and is a popular career choice among the internship seekers. Through the Creative Writing Challenge, we hope to inspire students to learn this in-demand skill first-hand from renowned authors, get lots of practice through written assignments, and get unbiased reviews and meaningful feedback on their writing via one-of-its-kind peer grading system”

Internshala Trainings Creative Writing Challenge 2020

Organisation : Internshala Trainings
Contest Name : Creative Writing Challenge 2020
Applicable For : All
Last Date : 29th August 2020
Website :

Internshala Trainings Creative Writing Challenge

Do you love stories and want to become a writer, but don’t know how and where to start? Here is your golden chance! Participate in the Creative Writing Challenge to learn everything about Creative Writing and how to become a published author, from scratch!

Once you register for the contest, you would first join the Creative Writing training on Internshala Trainings. At the end of the training, you will write a short story as your final project. The top 10 stories will be evaluated by and will receive feedback from an esteemed jury consisting of bestselling authors, an experienced columnist, and a senior publisher.

Who Are Eligible?

Only those students who register for the contest between 27th Aug 2020 to 29th Aug 2020 are eligible for this contest. Students who have bought Creative Writing training before or after this period are not eligible.

You don’t need any prior knowledge for this contest. You will learn everything from scratch. Only beginner-level students are eligible for this contest. People with prior knowledge and experience in the field of writing – professionals, experts, writers are not eligible.

How To Register?

Registration Fee: Rs.1349/-


The top 3 winners would receive cash prizes of Rs. 35,000, Rs. 20,000, and Rs. 10,000 respectively, along with an exclusive certificate signed by all the members of the jury.

Contest FAQs

Q. What is the process of the contest?
You will have to fill the form above and pay the registration fee to register yourself for the challenge. Then you will be given access to the online Creative Writing training on Internshala platform. As a part of the challenge, you will be given a written project (a short story) based on the training program’s content. The top 3 writers will be rewarded with cash prizes.

Q. I have registered for Internshala Creative Writing training earlier, am I eligible for the contest?
Only those students who register for the contest between 27th Aug 2020 to 29th Aug 2020 are eligible for this contest. Students who have bought Creative Writing training before or after this period are not eligible.

Q. When and where the training will be given?
The training is completely online and you would be given access to the training on 1st Sep 2020.

Q. What is the duration of the contest?
The training will start on 1st Sep 2020. You will have 6 weeks to learn Creative Writing and submit the written project (short story). You would have to attempt the final test and submit the short story by 13th Oct 2020 to qualify for the contest.

Q. Who will be the trainer?
The training is completely video-based created by Internshala experts and Kulpreet Yadav, one of India’s best selling authors.

Q. When will the results be announced?
The results will be announced on 15th Dec 2020 via email.

Q. Will I get a certificate of participation?
Every participant who completes the training with 33% marks in the final test would be provided a certificate of completion from Internshala Trainings.

Q. I have paid the fees, what are the next steps?
You would be given access to Internshala Creative Writing training on 1st Sep 2020.

Q. How will my doubts get cleared during the training?
You can ask your doubts anytime by using our forum. Your doubts will get answered within 24 hours by our team of experts.

Q. Can I use my ISRP code to avail discount for the contest?
ISRP coupon code cannot be used to avail discount on Internshala Trainings Contest.


29th August 2020 : Last date to register
1st September 2020 : Your online training will start
13th October 2020 : Complete the training and submit the short story
15th December 2020 : Results will be announced