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Help with computer science homework reddit

Need help with Computer Science assignment for class.

Reddit, I’m a freshman college student taking a intro to computer science class and I’ve been stuck trying to do this project for my class. Can anyone help me? Please?

A customer is buying books at “The University Book Store”. Read the information for the customer, each of the three books and the top & bottom headings from the Input File.

Write a program to print the receipt to the output file. If the price of a book exceeds $90, give 5% discount.

Add the prices of the three books. Compute total discount. Subtract total discount from the total of books. Then add 8% sales tax and compute the final total which the customer needs to pay.

Print the customer Receipt to the Output File. You must use at least five manipulators.

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Where is the best place to get help on Computer Science homework?

You can post homework questions here. Just make sure you show what you’ve done so far, since no one is going to do your homework for you.

Could you help me then? I’m in my second month into this class and I am finding it really difficult because my professor makes his labs different from the textbook. Here are the instructions and I’m on step 9.

I’m not sure how I setup an instance variable color because I do not know the data type. The same goes for the setColor method. I’m not sure if I’m supposed to specify individual colors or just make a variable called color.