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Help others essay in english

Paragraph on Helping Others – by Rajan

Helping others is the greatest quality of a human being. There are several ways and numerous styles to aid people who are in need of help.

It costs nothing but the person who receives it, gets everything.


Help is a word that implies assistance in doing certain kind of work. It can include several factors such as financial help, mental help, physical help, etc. No matter what kind of help you offer, no matter whom you help, it is more important to notice that another person is gaining something just because of you and your help.


We can help people in thousands of ways. For instance, if a senior citizen is standing in a bus full of people and you are sitting, then you must offer that seat to the senior citizen.

Financial help:

Financial help is the one that involves money. There are many people in this world who need financial support. There are many students in this world who cannot complete their education because of lack of funds. There are many handicapped people in this world who cannot earn enough money to survive.

These people actually need money to fight against destiny. We must help these people who are less fortunate in all possible ways. In this way, we can help someone in achieving success, we can help a student in completing his education, and we can help a handicapped person to live a restful life.

Mental Help:

The world is full of troubles, tribulations, fear, and many other disastrous conditions. Many people cannot deal with the mental burdens and attempt suicide. In such cases, we must provide moral support to those people. We can motivate them to fight against the terrible situation. We can impress upon them that life is incredibly beautiful and good times are yet to come. This mental support is another form of help.

Physical help:

This term can be explained on the basis of examples. Consider a situation where one old woman is trying to cross a road full of vehicles. We must help her cross the road by stopping the vehicles and making a way for her. Consider another situation where an old man is trying to lift heavy materials but cannot proceed. In this case, our responsibility is to set him free from this work.

We must take that heavy material and transfer to its desired location. Also, if a girl is surrounded by anti-socials then we must protect her. Blood donation can also be one kind of help. The blood donated by you will definitely save the life of someone who is in need of the blood. These are some of the forms of physical help.


Helping others gives pleasure. However, the world is working on a tight schedule and no one possesses time to help others. It is our responsibility to help people who are truly in need of assistance without considering the consequences. Any help always gets counted. Helping others is like helping ourselves, to spread the kindness and to live a peaceful life. Service to people is service to God.

Paragraph on Helping Others in English for Students and Children

Paragraph on Helping Others- Helping others is an act of spreading happiness around the world which in turn makes you happy. This gesture also shows humanity and kindness. When you help others in any form, you have many chances to get help when you are stuck somewhere. Make sure while helping others, your intention should be pure, and you should be sure to help others.

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100 Words Paragraph on Helping Others for class 1, 2, and 3 kids

Helping others is an action of kindness and humanity that spreads happiness to everyone in this world. Some people help others get help when they are stuck in a problem, and some help others as they want to have positive vibes in their lives.

When you help others, your intention should be good; when you help others, do not wait for a thank you from them. Actions speak more than words; people give a speech to the world, but rather than speaking, one should help others in this world. Even small acts also play a significant role in changing one’s life.

150 Words Paragraph on Helping Others for class 4 and 5 children

When you do something for others that help them and make them happy, it is considered helping others. The action of helping others spreads happiness and kindness in the world.

When you help someone, you feel amazed to see their happy face and happiness in your life too. Help others with good intentions and a pure heart. People help others get help when they are in need, and some help get positive vibes in their lives.

You can help someone by mentoring, teaching them good habits, providing some essentials to the needy, and even other small acts such as making someone laugh in abnormal conditions.

Helping others is a significant gesture of humanity. After helping someone, one should not wait for them to thank you or pay gratitude for your help. If you help someone, you also get pleasure, and it helps you to live a peaceful life. Serving people is like serving god.

200 Words Paragraph on Helping Others for class 6,7 and 8 students

Doing anything for others, whether it is a small action or a big help, is a gesture to spread happiness to others and ourselves. You can provide help to anyone, be it your friend, a stranger, colleagues, or neighbors.

You don’t need to help some with money or by giving something to them. You can even help someone by providing them emotional, mental, or physical help. When you make someone laugh in abnormal conditions, it is also an act of helping them.

Mentoring, teaching someone good habits, and providing something to someone which makes them happy is also helping someone.

Helping someone not only makes them happy but also gives pleasure to you. You have incredible feelings after helping. Help should be given pure and good intentions. You should help others to get help from others when you are stuck in any problem, and it gives you positive vibes and helps you live a peaceful life.

If you help others, you always get back. Helping others is action humanity that spread kindness, happiness, and love in one’s life. Service to humankind is always considered as a service to god.

250 to 300 Words Paragraph on Helping Others for class 9,10,11,12 and Competitive Exams

Helping others is the action that permanently reverses back and Dowell to the person who helps someone. It is not only good for others but also makes us happy. Humans are living beings who are blessed with the quality of helping others. It is an act of humanity that spread happiness and kindness.

You can provide help to anyone. It could be your family, friend, a stranger, colleagues, or neighbors. Help should be provided with good and pure intentions, and one should not wait for someone to express gratitude or say thank you for helping them.

According to some psychological researches also it is found that helping always gives pleasure to one who helps someone.

It is not necessary to help someone only with money or by giving someone to them. Sometimes your small actions also speak greater than anyone’s words. You can help people in different ways, such as providing:

  • Mental help: In this world full of tensions and competition, when people fail to get what they want, they get depressed and try to harm themselves by one or other things such as attempting suicide. One can help them by providing moral support and motivating them.
  • Physical help: There are many situations when someone has to carry something from one place to another, but due to illness or other problems they cannot carry, one can help them by carrying their luggage. Blood donation or donating body parts of a person who died is also one form of help.
  • Financial help: We find many people who need food and money sometimes for one thing, such as paying the debt. We can provide them with money to help them.
  • Along with all these helps you make someone laugh in odd conditions; Mentoring, teaching someone good habits, and providing something to someone that makes them happy is also helping someone.

Serving humankind always makes us feel pleasured and live a peaceful and happy life. It is always said that man service is always considered as a service to god. We should always keep helping and supporting others as it saves humanity also.

FAQ’s Related to Helping Others

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions regarding to this Helping Others Paragraph.

Helping others is an action of kindness and humanity that spreads happiness to everyone in this world, making you happy.

We can help others in various forms such as financial help, mental help, physical help, make someone laugh in odd conditions; Mentoring, teaching someone good habits, and providing something to someone which makes them happy is also helping someone.

One should help with good intentions. We should not wait for a thank you or gratitude from a person we helped.

A person who provides always feels happy and feels pleasure after helping others. He always gets help when in need. He always has a peaceful and happy life.

We can help anyone; it could be your family, friend, a stranger, colleagues, or neighbors.

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