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123HelpMe Review

There is an old saying – “Don’t get fooled by the looks!” The same thing can be said about too. There are so many things that are wrong about their services. If we could, we would have put a red flag on the website! Their whole operation system made us cringe now and then. So, should you order your highly valued paper or essay from 123HelpMe?

Well, we would ask you to go through our whole review before you make up your mind.Let’s start our 123helpme review from services overview.

123Helpme Services

Let’s talk about 123helpme com services. While most of the reliable or popular names in the industry try to help out the students with every kind of academic writing services, they tend to confuse the heads of the potential customers.

Why are we accusing them? Well, rather offering types of academic writings as their service, they have enlisted some topics of expertise. For example, instead of disclosing types of web services, their website offers only topics like “War on Drugs” or “Wife of Bath.”

To be more specific they don’t offer writers who can tend to your custom writing needs. They simply offer you some prewritten papers on various topics. So, if you have a unique topic that needs professional writing help, the website cannot help you. Some might say that this is a unique service differing from the common writing services available on the internet.

But if you ask us, we would call it a narrow vision as they cannot meet the varying needs of the market.

Moreover, a student might need a dissertation or a simple paper. They only offer essays on a few topics. The bottom line is the services will not help most of the students to meet their varying needs.

123helpme Quality level, Plagiarism

Okay, let us clarify again, this is not a platform to order a paper or an essay. They have collected some essays on various topics only. One can get free or paid essays or donate papers here. So, there is a big chance that you will a fine quality paper or an essay. But also, there is a possibility that the same essay could be sold to other buyers.

So, there is no guarantee that you will get a unique paper that is plagiarism free. In most cases, we have seen buyers getting plagiarized papers!

Moreover, as the papers are prewritten, no one can be sure that the contents are written by a quality writer having a proper educational qualification. So, you will have to cross check every piece of information that the paper has on it. That’s another daunting and time-consuming work.

This is a web service that helps a student to get started with an essay. They don’t offer writers to write a paper for you.

123HelpMe Delivery

We a try to judge a writing service with some of most desired features like writing quality or delivery time.

As you know, there are no writers to take your paper on this website. So, there is no point judging their delivery time. The parameter is almost obsolete in this case. Although you want to get essays or papers from them, you can instantly get them or start writing using their samples.

Pricing, Payments

They don’t sell the papers or essays as a unit in If you are planning to use their services, you will have pay for the subscription. The monthly subscription fee is $29.95. So, basically, you will have to pay about $30 just browse their website to find a prewritten paper or essay.

This the policy that annoyed us the most. They would charge you even if you only wanted to look at the paper that might not be of any use.

We decided to try out their free 2-day trial. But sadly, they deducted $29.95 for our balance before the period ended! We have seen people suffering from the same issue. The worst part is you will not even get any refund after facing such scamming!

Their website doesn’t have much information about the payment system either. There is no way of knowing the approved payment methods. Only a scammy web service acts like this.

123 Help Me Security, Trust, and Reliability

This is the point where things seem even shadier. They don’t have any kind of security certification. They even don’t even offer any kind of money back guarantee. So, if you have shared your credit card details, there is no guarantee that they will not empty it up!

123HelpMe didn’t give any scope to trust them or rely on their words. We have seen numerous bad reviews that the service is a scam or robbed people of their money. You should not trust them at all if you love your hard earned money. Discounts policy

No, 123HelpMe don’t offer any kind of discount or whatsoever. You can’t get free essays from 123helpme or samples, or some significant discount. Like their pricing policy, they haven’t disclosed anything about their discount policy. We think they don’t have a discount policy at all.

Overall Experience

Samantha Barry,‘s conclusion

In one word, our experience was – horrible! We would never recommend service to you. Not only that but also we would warn you to stay miles away from taking their services. We would give 123HelpMe a rating of 2.5 out of 5.


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