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Get someone to write your personal statement

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Gaining admission into your dream college takes more than just good grades and test scores, particularly in competitive fields like business and engineering. Your essay writing skills also count. Its relevance is evident when writing a personal statement for the application package you’ll share with the assigned admissions committee, notifying them about your identity and reasons for interest in a selected program.

Having a well-curated personal statement can set you apart from other applicants. However, not every student can draft one. Here’s where professional personal statement writing services are invaluable. This guide will show you how to hire the right personal writing service and what to expect from them once they start working on your essay.

If you personal statement writing help, you can always find a vetted writer online who is willing to help. Some of the best personal statement writing service providers come in all shapes and sizes — from companies that will write your essay to those who can help you brainstorm ideas and edit your work. However, choosing the right one can seem overwhelming. No worries, here are some top picks for you:

1. PaperHelp — Best Personal Statement Writing Service Overall

One of the most popular personal essay writing service providers for grad school currently is PaperHelp, which ranks number one on the list of academic writing companies. It has been in business for over ten years. Founded by a group of expert writers, editors, and consultants with decades of experience, PaperHelp offers college admission essay writing and personal statement service to students worldwide.

Consumer ratings on Sitejabber are 4.44 stars and Trustpilot ratings are 4.7 stars, indicating the company provides satisfactory personalized service and on-time delivery. You can count on them to deliver all types of personal statements, including law school, medical school, college, fellowship, and residency statements. Their rates are affordable, starting at $45 per page.

2. EssayPro — Cheaper Alternative to PaperHelp

Have you been struggling to put together a memorable personal statement for college? This service specializes in helping with that. Based on 11685 reviews on Sitejabber, EssayPro has an overall consumer rating of 4.73 stars for its affordable rates, quality output, and excellent customer service. The company also offers free revisions.

There are no limits to the fields EssayPro can write about, whether it is computer science, economics, psychology, or even English. The best part? The content is 100% custom-written, with no plagiarism. The essay service provider is one you can trust at any given moment to deliver a personal statement that will wow your admissions officers. The company is known to write brilliant graduate school papers as well.

EssayPro charges different rates based on the type of paper you need. Fees for personal statement writing start at $14.25 per page. Their services come with a 60-day quality warranty.

3. EssayTerritory — Exceptional Customer Service

Adding to our personal statement review list is EssayTerritory. This essay writing company provides its customers with top-quality personal statements that help them secure admission into institutions of their choice. Their writers have extensive experience writing academic papers and are capable of writing excellent personal statements that will impress admissions committees.

In fact, writers at EssayTerritory have been writing personal statements for years and helped thousands of students get into their dream schools.

Its website is quite professional and conveys confidence, which is important when looking for someone to write your statement. They also follow a set of guidelines that ensure you receive exactly what you want. Plus their services are reasonably priced.

Pricing depends on the academic level of the paper required and the deadline. A one-page personal statement can cost anywhere between $15 to $44 per page depending on your academic level.

4. SpeedyPaper — Good Selection of Personal Statement Writers

SpeedyPaper provides students with custom-written high-quality papers for any subject and level of difficulty. Every personal statement, term paper, research paper or essay is written from scratch by highly qualified academic writers with over 12 years of experience in the academic writing process. This means you will receive prompt, compelling plagiarism-free material.

The company also offers low prices on all services and customers can choose their preferred personal statement writers at no extra cost. It scores 4.41 on Sitejabber and 4 on Trustpilot. Its customer base is impressive, so you’re in good hands when you hire them.

The company’s services for writing personal statements and admissions essays start at $34 per page and go up to $100, depending on the type of document and the timeline. Students who use the company’s loyalty program can save on expenses. A 100% money-back guarantee is also available.

5. GradeMiners — Company With Solid Reputation

The final pick on our top five list of companies that provide personal statement help is Scoring consumer ratings of 4.2 stars on Sitejabber and 4.7 on Trustpilot, it’s difficult not to trust them with your personal statement writing. This company has outstanding customer service and top-quality material.

Not only do they have an almost flawless track record in delivering well-written essays, but they also edit and proofread other documents, such as dissertations, graduate and undergraduate essays, reports, and speeches. Definitely one to keep an eye on if you are seeking admission or want to graduate in style! The starting price per page is $30.25.

Here’s where we wrap up our top-five picks. These companies have made it to our list of essay writing service reviews based on the quality content, prompt delivery, and excellent customer service they provide. Explore their profiles further to find the perfect match for your needs.

What is a Personal Statement?

Many schools, including colleges and universities, require an impressive personal statement (or admissions essay) before you can be accepted into your desired program. This essay focuses on your skills, experience, achievements, and education to give admissions officers a better understanding of who you are as a person and what makes you unique. It’s often short, covering between one and two pages.

Even at that volume, it could take you weeks or months to draft the document if you want to create something that will impress admissions committees around the world. Fortunately, you can achieve this with professional assistance. Whether it is from composing the perfect content to proofreading final versions, especially for people whose schedules don’t allow them enough time or freedom, these writing services can make it a breeze.

What Makes a Good Personal Statement?

“I want to write my personal statement, but don’t know if it will be good enough,” you might say. Regardless, don’t let your fear stop you. Just like everything else you will ever write in your life, writing a good personal statement is all about your perspective.

It takes a creative writer to draft compelling material. Whereby a personal statement does not reflect a student’s personality or viewpoint, it might sound like a sales pitch or a generic description of the applicant. That doesn’t mean you need to write down a lengthy and complex dissertation that details every aspect of your life.

A well-written personal statement focuses on a few points that provide a convincing overview. For example, you can discuss a major challenging situation you encountered and how you handled it or describe a specific academic milestone or creative work that demonstrates your intellectual capabilities and passion for a field. It could even include hobbies or extracurricular activities.

These highlights should provide additional information pertinent to understanding your background. Word count is another factor to consider when drafting this material. It shouldn’t be too long or too short. Some schools have less stringent word limits.

There is no one right way for personal statement writing. Just be yourself and showcase your strengths. Besides, admissions officers will probably read a lot of applications, so make sure yours stands out.

How to Create the Right Personal Statement?

Before you hire a writer for personal statement essays, understand the requirements for creating such materials. That way, you’ll set expectations for your personal statement writer. In general, drafting a personal statement is similar to writing a cover letter. You just need the right knowledge and approach.

There are things you can do all along to develop your statement and get it ready for submission. Here we look at how to do that! As much as possible, read through the application requirements and make note of what the personal statement should contain. This will help you get started.

Personal statements are of two types: response to a question and general statement of purpose.

Response to a Question
Your custom personal statement might take the form of answering direct questions or prompts that are styled with the intent to know you better. Hence, your answer must align with each question’s purpose. Here are some sample questions to expect. Yours may vary.

  • Do you have any specific reasons for applying to this university, and what are your goals?
  • Is there a unique quality that makes your application outstanding?
  • What can you bring to this institution or discipline that is currently lacking?
  • Would you mind sharing anything about your history with us?
  • How does your personal background or distinct viewpoint relate to this discipline? What prospects might this program offer?
  • What are some of your proudest accomplishments with application reviewers that you would like to share?
  • Were you drawn to this field because of a difficult background? Please share any insights you’ve gained
  • How has your life been affected by overcoming adversity?
  • Can you recall an experience that inspired you to pursue a career in this field?

You might find it helpful to imagine yourself talking face-to-face with someone who can decide whether or not you should be considered for the course. Keep your intentions and qualities clear when speaking. Students worry a lot about admissions officers seeing right through weak essays, but don’t worry too much.

Personal statements aren’t easy to judge automatically and admissions tutors read hundreds every year. They tend to rely more on personal impressions, rather than hard data like grades and the likes, which means there is room for you to make an impression even if your grades aren’t exceptional.

General Statement of Purpose
Some of the best personal statements fall under this category. Here, your selected institution will require you to write a personal statement in broader terms — a more common term used. Although it allows applicants more freedom, there are guidelines they must strictly follow.

As a general rule, you should describe yourself more regarding your expectations from the course or how you can add value to it. You also need to tailor your personal essay to the institution’s requirements, just as you would when writing “Response to a Question.” There is one difference, though. You can reuse parts of your statement in subsequent essays.

Legitimacy and Safety of Personal Statement Writing Services

Every day more students are relying on online services to improve the quality of their documents, and personal statements are no exemptions. A little bit of help never hurts, right? Sure, but while you’re online, you risk sharing your personal details with untrusted sources. This can create a breach of confidentiality and security and could compromise your safety.

While the internet is flooded with tons of online paper writing services, not all of them are legit or safe. Some of these providers claim to offer personalized papers. Yet, they fail to deliver on their promises. And many of those who have used them report their experience as being less than excellent and regret ever hiring them.

For this reason and more, you should take precautions before contacting any professional personal statement. Reviews, such as this one are there to guide you. And whatever you do, don’t share confidential information that could compromise your identity.

Pros and Cons of Hiring a Personal Statement Writer Online

Here are some of the obvious advantages that you will get if you decide to buy personal statement:

  • Relieve yourself of the burden of writing your personal statement and focus on other tasks, saving time and effort
  • Spice up your paper professionally by choosing from the various options and features offered by the best personal statement writing service
  • Easily maintain the quality of writing since the online writing services comprise experienced writers
  • Expect a personalized, original and engaging customized essay free of plagiarism at any time
  • Save more money by using discounts and get money-back offers whenever you wish

Hiring a personal statement writer for your personal statement editing also come with potential drawbacks, including the fact that:

  • You can’t be sure of finding the best-custom essay writing services since they are offered by many
  • If you have a tight budget, then you might require some time to find a service that is within your budget and can still deliver top-quality material. It may require several trials and errors, which could cost you more time and money
  • You risk divulging your personal details to an untrustworthy source, which may result in impersonation, theft, and even a threat to life
  • It could make you overdependent and less creative over time

Consider these factors before hiring any personal statement writer service. As much as it provides freedom, you shouldn’t abuse it.

Who Will Write My Paper?

The answers depend on the online agency you hire. Reputable writing services employ experienced native speakers or certified non-native speakers who can write your personal statement perfectly. These professionals are thoroughly vetted to deliver high-quality content. This implies that your personal statement will be 100% original and on par with your school’s admission standards.

Is it Confidential to Hire Professional Personal Statement Writers?

Generally, yes. When you hire a professional personal statement writer, your information remains confidential. This means that, for one particular service you hire, the provider will not ever use your contact details, financial details or other private info to get a good name for it and attract more customers. You can submit the document as the “original writer.”

Also note that your reputation is on the line when you choose an agency, as subpar or plagiarized content can threaten your overall credibility. Hence, always hire a writing service with proven results and experience.

The Bottom Line

A personal essay is an important part of a college or university application that can make you stand out from other applicants. As such, it should be taken seriously. But if you don’t have the skills, time or freedom to pull this off, then consider hiring an online service for writing personal statement essays.

A professional writer can save you time and money by producing a high-quality writing piece that will impress your admissions officers.

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Get someone to write your personal statement

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An effective personal statement isn’t easy to write, that’s why it’s no wonder that more and more students turn for help to professional personal statement writing services. In fact, custom writing companies predict that overall demand for personal statement writing will rise by 10% in 2021.

If you want to get into the university of your choice, you can’t afford to send in a poorly written personal statement. While it has nothing to do with your academic prowess and achievements, your personal statement gives an admissions officer a glimpse of who you are.

How can you get a well-written personal statement if you don’t know where to start? There are quite a few companies that can help you! All you have to do is to provide some basic information about yourself and your passions. Read our personal statement writing service reviews to find out more about the most popular companies that can write a brilliant personal statement for you!

These websites have highly experienced admissions experts (college counselors, former Deans and Directors of Admissions from top colleges and universities).

This is one of the best platforms for individuals looking for a reliable college admissions essay writing service. Many students have gotten incredible application essays that helped to earn them a place in their favorite university from this platform, and you can be the next. Whether you are applying for medical school or want an Ivy League-level Quality, this is a great platform.

There are many things that make PaperHelp an incredible writing service. The fact that they only employ highly qualified and professional personal statement writers makes it a dependable service when it comes to quality. Many of these writers have PhDs and advanced degrees and have been writing personal statements for years.

In addition to having great writers who will get the job done, PaperHelp guarantees that your work will be delivered in time. They also offer a transparent pricing system. There is a calculator on the website to help you estimate how much you should expect to pay.

This is one of the organizations that has made academic writing as easy as possible for students at all levels. The team behind the platform works seriously to ensure that students find solutions to all sorts of academic writing dilemmas. All sorts of academic writing services are offered here, so you can get a well-written admissions essay that will help you get into your favorite university.

This writing service can handle any type of personal statement:

residency personal statement;

fellowship personal statement;

medical personal statement;

law school personal statement;

personal statement for college;

personal statement for graduate school;

Expert Writing has a lot of impressive qualities that should make them the choice platform for those who want quality personal statement writing services. The first important thing to know is that you will get an original statement written from scratch. The quality will be unmatched too. The platform also guarantees confidentiality and timely delivery.

Just like any other reputable personal statement service, Expert Writing employs only qualified and experienced writers. Their expert writers will also proofread and edit your college admissions essay. They also offer free revisions on school personal statements and other assignments.

Why you should consider getting a personal statement writing help online

There is no doubt that many students write their personal statements and scale through the admissions process in their preferred colleges. This doesn’t mean anyone can write a good personal statement, or you must write yours. Here are reasons why you should hire a personal statement writing agency:

You will get a quality personal statement that will strengthen your college application.

Some of the best schools in the world take just a percentage of the students that apply for admissions. The competition is always high in these top universities, and personal statements are mostly used to make decisions since candidates cannot be screened personally.

A well-written personal statement for college will convince admissions officers that you are a good fit for their institutions. Using a professional personal statement writing service will significantly boost your chances of getting into the university of your choice.

Your statement will be written by experienced writers who know exactly what is required.

While you may be a good writer, you have very little idea of what most universities look for in potential students. A professional personal statement writer knows what admissions officers want. They have written several school personal statements and can get you what will earn you a place in some of the best universities in the world or any institution of your choice.

You can be sure of an original personal statement

Originality is one of the factors that will earn you a place at a University. Plagiarizing another person’s personal statement can land you in big trouble. Some students find templates online and edit them. Such personal statements hardly earn anyone a place in a relevant university.

It is also risky to hire a regular guy to write your personal statement. Such an individual can plagiarize, also. When you hire from an agency like the two we discussed above, you can be sure that your personal statement will be original and of the right quality.

You can be sure of confidentiality

While it is not illegal to pay someone to write your personal statement, most universities frown at the practice. In fact, most schools will throw out your application if it is found that you hired someone to write it for you.

The best personal statement writing services guarantee confidentiality. Your personal information will be well-protected, and no one will ever know that you bought your personal statement unless you tell them.

It will save you time

If you don’t have the time to write a quality personal statement, hiring a reputable writing agency is the best thing to do. You will use your time for other productive endeavors while the experts work on your personal statement.

What is a personal statement?

The personal statement (or an admissions essay) is a type of paper that applicants are required to write when they apply to a college or a university. Personal statement allows you to present yourself, make a statement and prove that you belong in the school of your choice. Usually, students write about their passions, academic achievements and life experiences to convince the admissions committee that you’re someone they would want in their program.

Regardless of your impressive transcripts and IELTS or TOEFL score, turning in a poor personal statement can make your application to be denied. This is because universities are not only after brilliant minds but sound individuals.

What should you write in your personal statement?

Your personal statement should contain some basic information about yourself, provide an overview of who you are, your strengths and academic experience that you have. In order to make it more personal and effective, be sure to include your achievements and things you’re proud of about yourself. But don’t lie. Admissions board will quickly realize if you lied about anything in your application. Besides, it is better to be true with yourself and don’t try to appear as somebody else. This is your story and your application, not someone else’s.

How a good personal statement should look like

A good personal statement should focus on your person and why you are a good fit for the academic pursuit in the university or college. The personal statement should be written in a manner that will convince the admissions officers that you are suitable to study the course you are applying for.

Depending on the course you intend to study, highlight some of your good qualities. You can study the course description thoroughly, identify the skills, qualities, and experiences it requires. After that, structure your personal statement to highlight your skills and qualities that match the requirements.

It is also important that you tell the reader of your personal statement why you are applying to study a course. You can include what interests you about the subject as well as your ambitions, which are in line with what the course provides.

It is also important to let the admissions officer know a little bit about your extracurricular activities. You can include the clubs and society you belong to. You can also mention employment experiences you’ve had in the past if they are relevant. You can also include your personal circumstances.

Writing a personal statement can be tough, especially for young students applying to colleges for the first time. You don’t have to stress yourself so much about it. You can hire a personal statement writing agency like any of the two we’ve reviewed here. You can be sure of getting a personal statement that will give you an advantage over your peers. The services are highly confidential, too.

Choosing a writing service for your admissions essay is always a tricky task, especially if you’re looking for good research and originality. Fortunately, we’ve analyzed hundreds of reviews and selected the best writing services so that you can be sure that you’ll get the best paper needed. Students can always choose reliable writing services for any budget. Just provide your requirements and deadlines, and receive papers written by professionals as soon as you need them.

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How to write a professional personal statement? Where to find a reliable personal statement writing service? Many people ask these questions, but not all can find the answer. The modern college applications system requires writing this type of assignment and handing it in together with college admission essays and other documents. Besides, there is often a need to write a personal statement for other purposes, for example, an application for a job or some contest.

What Is a Personal Statement Writing?

What is the purpose of this document? The main goal is to “sell” you to a company, college, or school. This means the paper is aimed at presenting individuality, skills, and knowledge in the most beneficial way for you to be noticed among other candidates.

There are two main types of personal statement:

  1. The general one that gives a comprehensive overview of applicant’s background and gives almost complete freedom for the content;
  2. Designed in the form of responses to the questions.

In some cases, these two types can be combined. Although this type of paper doesn’t have many limitations or demands, you should keep in mind that it has to make you stand out and try to bring you the desired job or place at the university. Remember that you can always ask our writers “write my personal statement for me” fast, and they’ll do it for you!

What Are The Main Difficulties?

How is a personal statement different from other writing services like an essay or report? It can be used in very different ways – as an addition to an application letter or a basis for an autobiographical essay. It should also focus on you, your experience, skills, knowledge, academic, and non-academic achievement. Meanwhile, it should be relevant to your application, meet requirements, answer all specific questions that were asked.

Where To Get Personal Statement Help Online?

The best way to get personal statement writing help is to turn to custom papers writing service and receive assistance from a professional personal statement writer.

To pay someone to write a personal statement has tons of benefits! Most importantly – if you buy personal statement, you save a lot of your time! For that reason, our custom personal statement writing services exist. EduBirdie, as a reliable and affordable service, will provide you with the help of the highest quality, which is your guarantee of a high grade and excellent performance!

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  • Is my payment safe?

Our service uses the most secure and reliable financial platforms for payments. We guarantee you safety and confidentiality of your payments.

The most important point is to provide detailed instructions for your order. Also, you should indicate such features as deadline, type of the assignment, academic level, and length. You may also attach additional materials, such as source, samples, or grading rubric.

An average personal statement has around 550 words, which is two pages at our writing service.

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