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[Need Advice] Starting homework late, procrastinating, not getting anything done

Recently I’ve been having massssssssive problems with starting my homework at 11 or 12 at night. I come home at about 5:30, but this isn’t a set time so I have trouble making plans for when I get home. Then, with distraction upon distraction, it ends up being late at night. I honestly have no idea what happens in those 5 hours between me coming home and starting my homework. It’s like it just dissapears.

Also, I have problems with procrastination. Even when it’s this late at night, I still put off all my homework, even thought I’m staying up. THis past week, I;ve gone to sleep at 1am every day and gotten none of my homework done.

Like fuckin today. I have a math assignment, a minor essay, and a self-portrait due tomorrow. It’s 1 am, and I have none of those things started on. I’m breaking down just thinking about it. WHat is happening to me, why can’t I get anything done, why do I feel like such a useless person? I know I CAN do it, but why haven’t I done it?

sigh If you have any advice for me, on starting my assignments earlier, on not procrastinating on tough assignments, on what to do now, I would love it if you left a comment.

I used to be exactly like what you describe. When I went home I would just have no desire to accomplish anything and it was really hard to separate myself from distractions to accomplish what I wanted to. I found going to the library helped (especially a busy library) a lot because it removed me from distractions and made me feel like I had to do work cause I was taking up a spot someone could use. I feel like I’m learning a lot more than I was before and getting a lot more done. (Mind you I’ve always been a straight A student) Doing this actually helped me with the laziness and time management.

My schedule usually goes like this: Wake up, go to my classes, come home for dinner, leave for the library and stay there until its time for bed. On The weekends I get more free time because the library closes earlier. I found that separating myself from the computer and cell phone while I was working also helped a ton.

Also, I found when I filled up more of my free time with extra curriculars (i.e. a job, volunteering doing something I liked, and starting a club) the more I felt like I absolutely had to do work. Pretty much before I had so much free time that I felt everything could be put off until later because I have the time. I hope this all helps!

Thanks man. I love going to the library to work, unfortunately I can’t do so because I can’t drive yet.

I feel like extracurriculars do help with this, yeah. If you give yourself less time to do homework, you tend to do more in less time.

I will definetly close my computer unless needed from now on.

Thanks for responding, I appreciate.

I’m going to guess that if you had someone looking over your shoulder, there would be no problem getting started on your work. Study groups get a lot of their effect from this – sure you get insight from other people’s ideas, but the real benefit is their presence keeping you focused.

I have a procrastination problem too. Do you want to pair up and check in on each other? If you’re in the EST time zone then we would only have 1-3 hours of overlap, but you know how much can be accomplished in an hour of focused study. With any luck, the momentum you get from that first hour will carry you through at least a couple more.

Agreed. Study groups don’t work, however, when they’re both 1) close friends and 2) not really committed. To get good study groups you have to choose people who are more committed than you.

It’s not mindless distractions which are causing you to not do work. You are simply making the decision to not do the work in favor of something else. Realize that this is a real decision, though probably one you have made so many times that you don’t really think about it anymore.

It’s pretty easy to decide not to do something you don’t really want to do until you have no choice. If you don’t know why you don’t want to do the work, find out. For me I’ve found that I tend to be pretty perfectionist, and not having enough time is a pretty good excuse for not having up to some crazy high par work. Figure out why you don’t want to do the work. It may be that there is not reason beyond it not being as fun as something else. You can’t really change your decision making priorities of you don’t know why you made decisions the way you do.

There are two ways to change the decision and habit. Either set strict times when you will work, and perhaps more importantly when you absolutely will not work. This both means that you know when you should be working, and when you have time to do other things. This helps defeat starting resistance. Make your work schedule a real habit, and sink into it.

The other way is simple. Realize that you are making the wrong choice, and will set yourself up for future failure and suffering. Realize that this isn’t happening for no reason (as I said above) and that it is a real decision. Make that decision the other way. This way requires less scheduling, but means really taking control of your wants, getting used to doing unfun and painful things (which most people suck monster dick at) and get used to this kind of self-improving discomfort.

There isn’t any reason to not combine these methods, in part or whole. I’m going to cut that part out because I’m on mobile though.

Is staying up late doing homework bad?

I just got in trouble with my mom because I tried to convince to to let me stay up late (10:00pm mind you) and plan ahead in my homework because I have a really big project coming up and I just want to focus on that for the next few days. So I’m doing the homework that is due on the same day as that project so I will only have to worry about the project. But my mom won’t let me and now I can’t day ANY of it. Is it bad to stay up late and do homework? I’m really mad because I don’t see anything wrong with it except I may be a little tired in the morning.

I say good job to your mom for helping you to prioritize your physical and mental health.

It’s not necessarily bad to stay up late once in awhile to do your homework—let’s be honest, it happens in high school and will happen in college and beyond. But making it a habit isn’t good for you.

Also, I can’t tell from one short internet post, but if you want to stay up late to work on something a few days ahead, your mom might be worried that you’re putting to much pressure and stress on yourself. Good for you for planning ahead—that’s really important—but learn to do so in a way that let’s you take care of yourself and your body as well. Sacrifice something other than sleep to get that work done on time.

LPT Request:How to stay awake at night for homework reasons.

I need tips that will help me stay awake so that I am able to do my homework. I got 3 AP classes that I got to deal with along with 3 and a half practices monday and wednesdays. I come home at around 9:30 or 10 and I just want to be able to do my homework and not have my grades drop.

Coffee, obvs. Some light calisthenics to get the blood pumping. A small nap (unless you are a heavy sleeper and won’t wake up until the morning). Cocaine.

that escalated quickly.

Black coffee, adderall, & appropriate background music. In particular, ambient music really puts me at ease & allows me to shut off the external world & just focus on my work. Recommend Aphex Twin, Brian Eno, Trent Reznor’s film soundtracks, & Tangerine Dream.

Also Tycho is pretty good!

One of these things does not belong.

You’ve probably heard this, but try and do the homework way before it is due. Do it immediately after it is assigned. Sleep is very important, so if you have to cut something out that would be best. Or try to do homework during every single break. I assume you are in high school because of AP courses. If you literally have no time, you may want to do less activities. Just my opinion

Don’t procrastinate. Lol right I know.

taking a break for a quick workout. Do some squats, push-ups, McGill crunches etc

Went through an engineering education and learned never to stay up past 11. If you try to work or learn after that all you will recall is how tired and sleepy you were.

EDIT: Don’t stay up past 11 on a big test day or when a major homework or project is due. The rest of the time PARTY.

I wouldn’t stay the night at all. If you want to do your homework sleep early, and then wake up at between 5:00 and 6:00; It’s guaranteed the best time to do homework/solve problems since your brain is clear and you’ll be able to focus easily. Trust me, this technique will never let you down!

. unless you run out of time in the morning.

That’s why I prefer staying up late and doing it, because I’m not time limited.

come home sooner, wake up earlier, sleep less. you cant force yourself to be awake and sharp enough to do homework in a reasonable amount of time, it will take you hours and just make the next day worse

Some students have to work a job and can’t come home sooner.

Be strategic about it. Work ahead. Do what you need to make it work. For example, when reading skim and take notes on the important parts. If you own the text book write in it and mark it up if it will help. It lowers the resale values but improves how useful it is.

Slack where you can. I don’t mean this to be cynical but sometimes you can just be overloaded. Figure out what requires less time and effort to succeed and invest add much time as you need to learn it.

Maintain your mental health.

Try to get enough sleep, being tired has the net effect of temporarily lowering your IQ.