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Distance mfa creative writing

Online MFA in Creative Writing Master of Fine Arts

Share your story with the world and let the power of storytelling take your career to new heights with an online Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Creative Writing. As one of the only programs available that encourages a focus on genre fiction, our online MFA lets you hone your craft in an area specific to your strengths and interests. You’ll also learn about the business side of creative writing, preparing you to market your work in the real world.

While most MFA programs require a residency, Southern New Hampshire University’s online MFA in Creative Writing can be completed entirely online, with no travel necessary.

“Traditional MFA programs, whether full-time or low residency, are out of reach for many writers,” said Paul Witcover, associate dean of creative writing. “The SNHU online MFA was designed to make the MFA experience accessible to all fiction writers, opening the door to diverse voices excluded for too long from the literary conversation. Our program is dedicated to giving writers the tools to succeed on the page and beyond it.”

Graduates leave the program with a completed and revised novel in the genre of their choice. And with the included certificates in either online teaching of writing or professional writing , you’ll have the skills to support your writing career, no matter where it takes you.

Learn how to:

  • Understand the business and technical sides of professional writing
  • Navigate the publishing ecosystem, whether you intend to publish traditionally or via self-publishing
  • Use social media to gain a following and build your brand
  • Market your work to appeal to decision-makers
  • Develop materials for book promotion
  • Identify agents, editors or other industry professionals who may guide you in future publication
  • Teach writing in a classroom setting

The Value of an Online MFA

Emily Jones ’20 embraced a transformational experience through the online MFA in Creative Writing program, which supported her in taking her writing career to the next level. “I can now say, without even a hint of imposter syndrome, that I am a writer,” said Jones. “And that is because of Southern New Hampshire University.”

Career Outlook

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, writers and authors made a median annual salary of $67,120 in 2020, while editors made $63,400. 1

But we know becoming a successful novelist isn’t always an easy or certain path. That’s why our online MFA in Creative Writing program has a dual focus. First, to give you the training to hone your craft and graduate with a publishable novel. And second, to give you as many tools as possible to market yourself and increase your odds of career success.

“Our mission is to give students a degree and associated practical skills they can use to forge successful pathways in academia, business, or by blazing their own career trail,” said Paul Witcover, associate dean of creative writing.

Earning one of the included certificates in online teaching of writing or professional writing will also be an invaluable addition to your resume for part-time, full-time and freelance jobs in a variety of fields, including:

  • Higher education. Instruct writing courses in higher education settings. In 2020, postsecondary teachers made a median annual wage of $80,560, and you can expect to see a 12% growth in available positions through 2030, according to the BLS.
  • Advertising. Use your storytelling skills in a way that influences consumer action. As a copywriter, you could find yourself doing any number of writing projects from crafting emails and ads to writing entire commercials.
  • Marketing. If you’re more comfortable with long-form prose, many businesses have invested in content writers who create quality content such as blog posts, ebooks and podcasts to attract and retain customers.
  • Entertainment. Good at building suspense or setting up punchlines? From movies and plays to comedy and podcasts, being a good storyteller and writer is important to finding success in the entertainment industry.
  • History. Every person’s life has a plot, but it takes writers like you to tell their stories in a compelling way. Help readers relive the experiences of historic figures and pop culture icons as a biographer.

Earning your Master of Fine Arts online will expose you to both the business and technical sides of writing – helping prepare you for wherever your career might take you.

For Tara Lynn Conrad ’21, that means having her name on the cover of a book.

“I have already been offered a publishing contract for my first novel, which is due to release very soon,” she said. “I’ve also been doing some freelance editing and proofreading. I get complimented all the time by my clients on my attention to detail and finding errors that they missed.”

Start Your Journey Toward an Online MFA in Creative Writing


With no set class meeting times, you can learn on your schedule and access online course materials 24/7.


Take advantage of some of the lowest online tuition rates in the nation, plus financial aid for those who qualify. We also make it easy to transfer to SNHU by accepting up to 12 credits from your previous institution.


Founded in 1932, Southern New Hampshire University is a private, nonprofit institution with over 100,000 graduates across the country. SNHU is institutionally accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE), which advocates for institutional improvement and public assurance of quality.

Recently, Southern New Hampshire University has been nationally recognized for leading the way toward more innovative, affordable and achievable education:

  • “Most Innovative” regional university honors from U.S. News & World Report each year since 2015
  • A $1 million grant from to explore soft skills assessments for high-need youth
  • Recognition as a 2017 Digital Learning Innovator by the Online Learning Consortium


Once enrolled, you’ll have access to SNHUconnect, a community built exclusively for our online learners. With plenty of clubs and events at your disposal, you might find that the Creative Writing Review Club is right up your alley. Wrote a few poems and want a critique? Need an audience to run your plot ideas by? Here, you can share your nonfiction, fiction, poetry and screenplay works – and even seek peer revising if you desire.


If you’re looking for the chance to get involved as an online student – SNHU’s the place for you. Our opportunities to join the ranks of fellow writers include:

  • Submitting to, and being published in, our online literary journal, the Penmen Review.
  • Joining Word for Word, our bimonthly live-streamed event, to hear published authors read their work aloud and discuss both their creative process and their path to publishing success.
  • Entering our annual short-story competition (known as the Fall Fiction Contest) for the chance to win SNHU scholarships, publication in the Penmen Review and other prizes.
  • Viewing, or participating in, our Student Writers Spotlight, a live-streamed event where our talented creative writing students share their work.

96.5% of students would recommend SNHU. 2 Discover why SNHU may be right for you.

Acceptance decisions are made on a rolling basis throughout the year for our 5 graduate terms. You can apply at any time and get a decision within days of submitting all required materials. To apply, simply contact an admission counselor, who can help you explore financial options. Your admission counselor can also walk you through the application process, which involves completing a graduate application and providing undergraduate transcripts.

Additional requirements for the online MFA include a creative writing sample (8-12 pages) and a personal statement. Writing samples will be evaluated on narrative technique and structure, character and setting, and the command and execution of language. The personal statement asks students to explain how someone else’s story – such as a novel, movie, or a personal account – has impacted their life and influenced their drive to become a writer.

Simply contact an admission counselor, who can help you explore financial options, answer all your questions, and walk you through the application process, which includes:

  • Completing a graduate application
  • Providing undergraduate transcripts
  • Acceptance decisions are made on a rolling basis throughout the year for our 5 graduate terms. You can apply at any time and get a decision within days of submitting all required materials.

Courses & Curriculum

If you’re looking to earn your Master of Fine Arts online, you’ve found the right program. Even though there are no residency requirements, you’ll still interact frequently with other students and faculty members in asynchronous discussions, critique workshops and within our online writer’s community, where students come together to share industry news, extend writing tips and develop critique partnerships.

While many traditional MFA programs shy away from genre fiction, SNHU’s online MFA will support you in writing the novel or story collection of your choice. You’ll study the craft of writing throughout the program, selecting novels for close study of the elements of writing, authorial techniques, genre conventions and creative decisions.

“I liked MFA-514 (Advanced Studies in Genre Literature) best,” said student Jamilla Geter. “It was a great look into the different genres. It really helped me narrow down what genre I wanted to write in.”

There’s more to a career in writing than perfecting your craft. You’ll also learn about the publication process, helping you make informed decisions to get your work into readers’ hands. That’s why the online MFA program puts a strong focus on the practical skills you’ll need to succeed.

That was a major bonus for Tara Lynn Conrad ’21.

“A major selling point for me was the classes SNHU offered on the business side of writing,” she said. “That was something none of the other schools offered.”

That practical side made much more sense to Felicia Warden ’20 once she was in these classes – like MKT-635: Websites and Search Engine Marketing/Search Engine Optimization.

“Though it was not writing exactly, its connection to it – especially in our digital world – was made clear almost immediately,” she said. “Writing is not just providing content of value to your readers, but also creating avenues of access so those readers can find your content. This course helped me to understand that and to learn how I can create those avenues.”

Besides allowing you to focus on your own creative interests, part of our 48-credit online MFA curriculum requires you to choose from 2 certificate offerings designed to round out your education and better prepare you for a multitude of writing-related careers.

The first choice is a Graduate Certificate in Online Teaching of Writing, which is tailored to those who see themselves teaching in an online classroom setting as a supplement to their writing careers. Students practice approaches to editing and coaching, learning how to establish a virtual instructor presence and cultivate methods for supporting and engaging students within online writing communities.

Students can also choose the Graduate Certificate in Professional Writing, which highlights the technical and business opportunities available to writers. Students will develop a range of skills, such as copywriting, social media, marketing principles and/or content generation, learning many of the freelancing skills integral to today’s project-driven economy.

All of our courses are taught by accomplished authors and industry professionals who know both the craft and business of creative writing. They will work closely with you to develop both your creative and professional skill set.

“All instructors within my program were extremely knowledgeable and helpful,” Warden said. “I learned a lot about the different career paths my instructors chose. . The course instruction, along with their anecdotal experiences, helped in offering knowledge in different areas of our field.

MFA Program Thesis

The thesis for the Online MFA in Creative Writing is expected to be a novel-length work of fiction in a genre of your choice. The program focuses on novel-length storytelling, and while we read and celebrate short stories, it is expected your thesis will be a novel (or a novel-in-stories with a unified narrative arc).

Every Southern New Hampshire University online MFA student graduates the program with a revised fiction manuscript in the genre of their choice, which is completed in a 3-course thesis series. Throughout your tenure in the program, you can either work on a singular idea that you will develop during the 3 thesis courses, or you can begin a new project for your thesis.

It is expected that prior to beginning your thesis courses, you have 15,000 words of your thesis complete (either through prior coursework, independent work or a mix of both). You’ll build on that 15,000-word count in Thesis I and Thesis II, and then revise your manuscript during Thesis III. Your thesis instructor will deliver a final edit letter to graduates directly upon the program completion, after which you can decide what level of revision you will complete before pursuing publication.

“My three thesis classes for the MFA degree were the most helpful,” said Kathleen Harris ’21. “I was actually writing a book as my thesis, so it was both enjoyable and advantageous for the degree. And it was the end of a very long milestone of accomplishments.”

Writing with Us
The Online MFA in Creative Writing

The University of Texas at El Paso is proud to offer a fully online Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing. Writers can complete the entire degree from anywhere in the world, as there is no residency requirement.

Our goal is to prepare serious writers for publishing and teaching careers. The degree plan consists of 48 hours of coursework – 42 hours of workshops and literature classes (14 courses), followed by 6 hours of thesis during which students complete a publishable manuscript in poetry or fiction.

We offer a workshop-heavy M.F.A., but we believe in the necessity of a background in theory and form. Our candidates enjoy a wide variety of graduate courses in literature, from the “Form of the Short Story” to “Asian American Poetry.”

We believe that the excellent reputation of our M.F.A. program is created by our faculty and the writers we graduate. Therefore, our primary goal is to connect our students with solid writers who will aid in their artistic and intellectual development.

The main criterion for admission is a writing sample in either fiction or poetry. We look for writers with distinctive or developing voices, a sense of cultural or social awareness, and a yearning to expand one’s use of the craft. It’s simple; if you’re good at what you do, we want you to study with us.

We encourage but do not favor undergraduate degrees in Creative Writing or English. Our students and graduates come from various fields, from physics to theater, and all of them enrich the writing experience. Some of our applicants are establishing themselves as writers, while some already have books published, but need the M.F.A. degree to advance in their teaching careers. Whatever level you find yourself at, we welcome your work.

Our classes and discussions are held in English, however if you feel more comfortable, or feel like exploring language, you may submit your creative assignments in Spanish.

We look forward to hearing from you.

No matter where you are in the world, write with us.

Sylvia Aguilar-Zéleny, Advisor for the Online MFA

For questions concerning the M.F.A. curriculum itself, please write us at [email protected]

For questions about the application process, please contact [email protected]

Maestría en Escritura Creativa en Línea de UTEP

La Universidad de Texas en El Paso se enorgullece en ofrecer la Maestría en Escritura Creativa en línea completamente en español. Ahora también los escritores latinos podrán realizar sus estudios de posgrado con nosotros en tu idioma y desde cualquier lugar del mundo.

El programa consta de 48 créditos académicos a completar en el curso de tres años. Nuestras materias cubren un amplio rango de tópicos como traducción literaria, guión, crónica, novela corta y prosa poética, entre otros. Además, si eres bilingüe puedes optar por llevar materias en inglés.

Nuestro objetivo es preparar a los escritores para que publiquen y emprendan una carrera como maestros a nivel licenciatura y posgrado. La tesis a desarrollar dentro del programa es un libro en los géneros de poesía, ficción, o no ficción. Así que al graduarte estarás listo para el mundo editorial.

Aceptamos postulantes de cualquier parte del mundo y de diversas carreras. Aunque la gran mayoría de ellos vienen del área de literatura, nuestros alumnos y graduados provienen también de áreas como física, comunicación, y teatro, consolidándose así un diálogo enriquecedor.

Buscamos escritores que tengan conciencia intercultural y social, así como un deseo por ampliar la técnica de su oficio. Todos nuestros profesores son escritores activos y destacados en la escena literaria de las Américas. Cada uno de ellos habrá de contribuir en tu desarrollo artístico e intelectual. Esta es tu oportunidad de discutir tu trabajo con voces experimentadas y consolidar tu progreso literario.

Nuestras clases son impartidas en inglés, sin embargo, nuestro profesorado es bilingüe, esto te permite escribir en el idioma que más te sientas cómodo, español o inglés, como prefieras.

Envíanos tu solicitud, queremos que estudies con nosotros, no importa en qué parte del mundo estés.

Consejera del MFA en Línea

Universidad de Texas en El Paso. Para preguntas sobre el programa, por favor contactar a [email protected]

Preguntas sobre el proceso de admisión, por favor contactar a Samantharai Yrigoyen [email protected]

Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing

Online MFA in creative writing programs help writers prepare for professional roles. This advanced degree focuses on the craft of writing. Students become skilled readers, writers, and thinkers. MFA programs often include writing workshops, craft courses, and literature courses.

All MFA programs require applicants to hold a bachelor’s degree. However, most programs accept students with any undergraduate major. Many MFA applicants hold a degree in English or creative writing. However, MFA programs typically prioritize the quality of the applicant’s writing.

This guide to online MFA in creative writing programs provides information on tuition rates, common courses, and popular career paths for MFA graduates.

Questions About Creative Writing

What is an MFA in creative writing?

An MFA in creative writing is a graduate degree. Learners build advanced skills in writing and reading. MFA-seekers create original writing, such as fiction or poetry.

What jobs can I get with an MFA in creative writing?

MFA graduates can pursue careers in industries such as publishing, education, and advertising. Many MFA-holders work as writers and authors.

Do creative writers make good money?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), writers and authors earn a median annual salary of $67,120. Ths salary exceeds the median for all occupations.

Featured Online Writing Programs

Find a program that meets your affordability, flexibility, and education needs through an accredited, online school.

Why Get a Degree in Creative Writing?

Online MFA in creative writing programs train students to conduct close readings and improve their creative practice. MFA programs also help learners connect with other talented writers and build professional connections. Graduates often pursue careers as writers and authors.

Earning an MFA in creative writing online lets students pursue their passion without sacrificing their current career. Many online programs use a low-residency model. Learners in these programs complete coursework primarily online. They also attend on-campus residency sessions a few times per year.

How Much Does a Creative Writing Degree Cost?

Tuition rates vary widely among online MFA programs in creative writing. Some programs offer funding through scholarships and teaching assistantships. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the average cost of tuition and fees for graduate programs was $19,792 for the 2019-20 academic year.

Most MFA programs take 2-3 years to complete. Students may earn their MFA in creative writing online to maintain employment while studying. In addition, many schools offer online bachelor’s degrees in creative writing.

Degree-seekers often save money by pursuing online creative writing programs. Many distance programs feature lower tuition rates than on-campus options.

Additional Online Student Fees

Online learners can save on transportation and relocation expenses. However, they may still need to pay fees for campus services. Many schools also charge online students a technology fee, which often covers tech support and virtual learning resources.

Many online MFA in creative writing programs use a hybrid model, which includes some on-campus sessions. Online learners usually pay for travel and lodging expenses to attend residency sessions. Some programs host optional residencies in foreign countries, which can add to these expenses.

How Much Do Creative Writing Graduates Make?

Creative writing graduates can pursue careers in industries such as media, publishing, and academia. The BLS reports that writers and authors who work for the performing arts or spectator sports earn a median salary of $82,350 per year. Media and communication professionals make a median salary of $61,310 annually. Technical writers earn a median annual salary of $74,650.

MFA graduates with a strong publication history can pursue careers as postsecondary teachers. These professionals teach writing and literature courses at colleges and universities. College professors earn a median salary of $80,560 per year. Careers in academia are very competitive, and many institutions prefer candidates who hold a doctorate.

Courses in Creative Writing

Students earning an online MFA in creative writing develop advanced writing and literary analysis skills. Learners often specialize in fiction or poetry. Some programs offer more specializations, such as screenwriting, creative nonfiction, and travel writing.

Some MFA programs feature traditional literature courses. Other programs use a studio model and focus on the study of literary craft. Students typically complete writing and literature electives.

MFA in creative writing programs commonly include the following courses. Course titles and content vary by program.

Writing Workshop

Forms of Fiction

American Literature After 1945

Featured Online Journalism Programs

Find a program that meets your affordability, flexibility, and education needs through an accredited, online school.

How to Become a Creative Writer

While many writing jobs do not have specific education requirements, professional writers often hold at least a bachelor’s degree. MFA programs help learners gain experience and connections that can lead to career opportunities. Many writers gain experience by completing internships.

Writers often work as freelancers. However, some pursue full-time positions. Writers can work on magazines, newspapers, and websites. They may also pursue careers in publishing and advertising. Typical job duties include researching topics, pitching ideas to editors, and drafting and editing written pieces.

Best Online MFA in Creative Writing





Ranked No. 58 on the list of Best Regional Universities of the South, according to U.S. News & World Report, West Virginia Wesleyan College is a church-affiliated school that allows students the opportunity to learn in a small school and small city environment. The Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing is a low-residency program that strives to make graduates proficient in their writing craft and technique so they can publish works and entertain audiences. The 49-credit curriculum offers concentrations in Poetry, Fiction, and Nonfiction and requires a creative thesis, a comprehensive annotated bibliography, a critical essay, and the completion of five-residency courses. As part of the application requirements, applicants must submit a writing sample, a 750-1,000 word statement of purpose, official transcripts, professional resume, and two letters of recommendation.

Net Price: N/A





Wilkes University stands out among most other colleges by having a 97% job acceptance rate. Its small class size, averaging 23 students per class, make it easier for teachers to connect with students and give them feedback on work. By taking a Master of Arts/Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing, students have the opportunity to follow their passion and work on mastering their writing in poetry, screenwriting, playwriting, publishing, documentary film writing, fiction, and creative non-fiction. Students can use their voice and express themselves in a way that professionals in most fields can’t. Students will first work towards an MA, which is 30-credit hours, and can finish the MFA with an additional 18-credit hours. As part of the MFA requirements, students complete in-depth analysis in combination with a semester-long internship in arts education or publishing. Applicants are required to submit alongside their application and official transcripts a creative writing sample, a five-to-ten page essay, and a resume that details work and accomplishments. WU ranks No. 68 on the list of Best Regional Universities of the North, according to U.S. News & World Report.

Net Price: N/A





With over 110 studios and labs on campus, Creative Writing students at Full Sail University have plenty of areas in which to do what they love to do most on a computer: WRITE. FSU’s Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing is an online course that teaches students how to incorporate visual elements in their story writing and how to effectively connect with an audience. The program can be taken in 12 months and focuses primarily on visual storytelling, character creation and development, and multimedia adaption. Before taking courses online with your computer, be sure to check out FSU’s website for technology requirements needed for classes. The 12-course, 47-semester hour program includes putting together two master portfolios and writing a film and animation. Students who apply with a GPA over 2.0 must provide official transcripts alongside the application. The Florida Association of Postsecondary Schools and Colleges awarded FSU with the College of the Year honor in 2008, 2011, and 2014.

Net Price: $12,600





With an average class size of eight students, graduates at Antioch University of Los Angeles get more one-on-one mentoring from some of the nation’s best Creative Writing professors. AULA’s MFA in Creative Writing focuses on giving students the skills to be a successful and professional literary artist. The focus on craft, revision, and critical-thinking skills, along with ethical responsibilities and the business side of writing and publishing will prepare graduates for the world of writing when they leave school. Students can focus on a concentration in either Poetry, Fiction, Creative Nonfiction, or Writing for Young People in their coursework. As part of the program, students must complete the Project Period Core Requirements, which include a critical paper, critical manuscript, monthly packet of creative work and book annotations, The Art of Translation and Adaptation Online Conference, a field study, and a culminating annotated bibliography. Applicants must submit alongside the application a professional resume, an essay, and official transcripts.

Net Price: N/A




Many may think Emerson College is named after Ralph Waldo Emerson, but it is actually named instead after Charles Wesley Emerson, who is considered the founding father of the school and a prominent teacher and orator there. The Master of Fine Arts Degree in Fiction Writing is taught by award-winning faculty members who focus on helping students find their voice in writing. Genres that are concentrated on include fantasy, science-fiction, horror, mystery, thrillers, and young adult writing. The 36-credit hour curriculum includes 16-credits of writing workshops that students must enroll in, eight credits of literature courses, eight credits of publishing courses, and a four-credit master’s thesis. For more information on admissions requirements, you can contact the university on its website. EC ranks No. 6 on the list of Best Universities North, according to U.S. News & World Report.

Net Price: N/A


Columbus, MS



Don’t be fooled by the name. The Mississippi University does admit men, doing so since 1982. A school population of 3,000, MUFW offers writers the opportunity to study a low-residency Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing. The 48-hour curriculum teaches students to use more imagination in their writing and create stories that target different audiences in different genres. The online program includes courses in poetry, drama, early women writers, southern fiction, playwriting, news media, and literary magazine production. Students are also required to take workshops and complete an internship during their studies. Applicants are required to submit official transcripts, three letters of recommendation, and a professional resume.

Net Price: N/A





The University of Arkansas at Monticello has six graduate programs, five of which are completely online. One of those is the Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing that is a non-residency program aimed at improving students’ critical thinking, creative writing, and literary analysis skills. Students will enroll in one of three genres as part of their 48-hour curriculum: poetry, fiction, or creative nonfiction. Students can jump into different genres, which is encouraged by the faculty. By moving at their pace, the program can be completed within a year. As part of the admissions requirements, applicants must submit to the university all official transcripts, a personal essay, a critical analysis essay, a manuscript, three letters of recommendation, and a professional resume.

Net Price: N/A




Western Connecticut State University’s mission is to foster student’s growth as individuals and professionals and to train them to become leaders in the community. The MFA in Creative and Professional Writing allows students to grow as individuals, find their inner passion, and enhance their critical-thinking skills and creativity. The curriculum includes online workshops and the study and practice of writing different genres throughout the program. Students will also be assigned a faculty mentor who will help them develop a portfolio and will guide them through designing an individualized syllabus, reading list, and writing workload. Applicants to the program must submit a writing sample, an application essay, and additional forms that include transcripts from their undergraduate studies.

Net Price: $21,252





The University of Houston-Victoria is perfect for students who wish to study in a more peaceful environment and take courses online. The Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing is a low residency program that focuses on a variety of writing skills, such as critique, creation, revision, and poetics, in the genres of fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry. Students must complete 12 core semester hours, 15 elective semester hours, and an MFA Master’s Thesis where a graduate must compose a book of literary merit. Applicants are required to submit two letters of recommendation, a two-page letter explaining why they want to join the program, a 20-30-page creative writing sample, official GRE data, and official transcripts. UHV ranks No. 96 on the list of Best Regional Universities of the West, according to U.S. News & World Report.

Net Price: $9,900





According to its website, Arcadia University ranks among the best in the nation when it comes to its faculty and innovation, best universities in the Northeast, and best college dormitories. It makes learning easier with those kinds of credentials, especially for writers. The Master of Arts and Fine Arts Dual Degree in Creative Writing and English prepares students for a career in teaching creative writing, literature, and college composition. Courses are offered both on-campus and online, and the two programs can be taken concurrently. As part of the creative writing curriculum, students will expand their horizons, taking part in workshops, studying abroad, working on manuscripts and publishing, and working one-on-one with a faculty mentor who can elevate their writing to levels of higher degrees. Both degrees offer courses that are low residency. Applicants must provide the university with two letters of recommendation, a 15-20-page creative writing sample, a personal statement, and official transcripts. Applicants are also required to set up an interview with a board member before a decision can be made on the application.

Net Price: N/A

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