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light – quotes and descriptions to inspire creative writing

There is a light, a playful light that comes to heart of tiny rain kissed leaves and raises them far beyond the status of the cold cut gem.

It is in the black of spacetime that the light is so at home.

In the dappled light it is as if the golden rays are dripping upon my skin, forming sweet golden pools.

And upon the forest floor so woven with ancient tree roots came a light filtered by the bouquet of foliage above: softened, verdant and freshly aromatic.

Light upon the skin is a joy. Light upon the flower is a work of art. Light through the rain brings the arching colours of a rainbow. Light brings energy, more in a single drop than we can easily fathom. Light brings the plants to life, its warmth and energy giving the essential ingredient for all that we hold sacred. Perhaps it is our holy grail, not a cup but that which feeds us all, that fills every cup and bowl.

Light switched on our world, it brought both energy and vision, ignited the rich colours with such great variation. It flowed from the sun, that star that rose each day to give with ever onwards generosity. I loved the dayshine. I loved the brightness and the warmth in the long summer days. I loved the way it made the world shine so newly in the snow-bequeathed days of winter. Yet, why is the things we need the most are the first we don’t honour, or see how with our souls the gratitude remains? For when you love the simple joys the heart feels full and secure, the hungry ghost within is satisfied and allows serenity to enter.

Even in the velvet dark there is the light of the stars, perhaps a promise that even when we yearn for the light of the sun there will be those stars to bring hope of the dawn. It is always the light we crave, for without it what is our world? Would be become creatures of the night forever to scuttle and hide from predators imagined or real? Either way we seek the light, the chance to stand up and be strong, to see beauty and be beautiful. For the ability to see others and ourselves, to see nature and her stunning variation is a great gift to each and every one.

Lights – quotes and descriptions to inspire creative writing

Lights rise to ignite the hues to a vivid playfulness.

Lights come upon white horses into the night.

Lights come as the rainbows of the night.

Lights echo the stars as if they were heavens chorus.

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