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Creative writing on my dog

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Describing a dog can be a very fun filled writing exercise. Almost everyone loves dogs and that always shines through in an assignment on our canine friends. There are 3 different levels in this post. Level 1 is in Basic English and it goes up to Level 3 which is Intermediate English. The grids are to be read downwards but it may be easier just to pluck out any words you find useful and mix them up for your essay. If you are a student I hope this helps you with your assignment. God bless for now and take care.


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A puppy A handbag dog A Labrador A German Shepherd A Rottweiler
FACE childlikeinnocent friendlyintelligent playfulfriendly alertexpressive grouchydour
EYES jade-greenjewel-green molten-brownmocha-brown human eyeslagoon-blue tawny-yellowwolf-yellow feistyCharles Manson
FUR silkyvelvety polishedglossy burnishedlustrous scragglyscruffy black and tanmidnight hue
PAWS hedgehog pawracoon paws long clawsmanicured soft padsfur covered clumpy pawssplayed paws bear-likesaucer big
TAIL waggingcute pom-pom tailmarshmallow tuftystreamlined bushyspringy stumpybony
PERSONALITY playfuladorable friendlyladylike energetichyperactive loyalprotective stubborndominant
TEETH like arrow tipslike needles sharp teethcutting pointy caninesivory-white vicious incisorshuge fangs dagger-like broken glass
BARK yippingyelping yappingplayful a woofdeep rumble growlingsnarling bottled thunderslavering
BODY SHAPE tinycuddly leanwhip-thin lithegraceful powerfulaerodynamic iron musclesoak-tough
OTHER FEATURES messywobbly on his feet flea collarbegging for food floppy earswet nose wolfish headgreat sentinel apex dogaggressive

LEVEL 1: A puppy

1. My puppy has a very childlike face.

2. He has beautiful, jade-green eyes.

3. His fur is silky and smooth.

4. He has tiny, hedgehog paws.

5. Wagging his tail is his favourite activity!

6. He is very playful and a joy to be around.

7. His teeth are as sharp as needles.

8. He is always yelping at the cat.

9. I love him because he is so cuddly.

10. Sometimes he can be very wobbly on his feet.

LEVEL 2: A handbag dog

We own a handbag dog. That at least is what my mother calls her, probably because she takes him shopping in her handbag. She is a miniature Yorkshire terrier and she is a delight. Her most attractive quality is that she is friendly to everyone, especially children. They love her molten-brown eyes and her glossy fur. She also has the cutest little paws. They are like a fox’s paws and she loves to dig up the garden with them. She also has a small, marshmallow tail. It is soft and white so we just call it the marshmallow.

She can be very ladylike and fussy about her food at times. She turns her nose up at dog food but would snap your hand off for a chocolate digestive. Her small, sharp teeth make short work of any treats we give her. She is always playful and that is why we adore her. Her whip-thin body is very energetic. I’m sure she believes she’s a gazelle or a cheetah at times! Although she can be as temperamental as a human child, we wouldn’t swop her for anything.

Labrador’s are such a contrary bunch. Yes, they’re cuddly and playful but I find that there’s a dark side to them sometimes.

My guy (Elvis is his name) will be lying by the fire on a winter’s night dreaming his doggy dreams when, suddenly, out of nowhere, he will emit a blood-curdling growl. He looks like Cujo when he does that, with his teeth bared and the hackles rising on his neck. I often wonder if he is chasing an imaginary rabbit or a burglar when he’s dreaming. Maybe it’s just the last remnants of wolfdom coming to the surface. He’s never exhibited aggression towards me but it would make one think all the same…….

When he switches back to Labrador mode, he is quite the character. His eyes become mellow and warm again and they glow with a lagoon-blue sheen. He has great physical qualities also. His fur is burnished, almost coppery, and he bounces along with energy on those soft pads of his. Blessed with a streamlined tail for balance, he is the most hyperactive and agile dog I’ve ever befriended.

He is an athlete, or thinks he is, when we take him to the park. His speciality is the discus (known as the Frisbee to us). It doesn’t seem to matter what angle you throw it to him. He will contort his body in all manner of impossible ways just to jump up and pluck it out of the air. My own opinion is that we should have a doggie Olympics to celebrate these wonderful specimens of the animal world.

There is no doubt in my mind that they would, if given the choice, prefer it to being pawed by a bunch of strangers at Crofts. It must be so humiliating to be voted Best Dog in the World and to get a crumbly biscuit and a cruddy bunch of flowers that you can’t even pee on because they’re wrapped in plastic. Give ‘em a gold medal, I say, and damn the begrudgers. Dogs don’t want ivorywhite teeth and manicured nails. They want to let out deep, throaty rumbles and a gold medal celebrating their 1 st position as the apex predator. Someday some genius is going to invent a doggie translator. NASA probably has it already but must be keeping it for the dolphins.

And do you know what the first doggie talker ever is going to say? He is going to put on a wounded tone and ask us:

“What have you been DOING these last 7,000 years . ”

Then he is going to issue a list of demands. These are just the first three:

1. Stop breeding us to chase cats. It’s tiring.

2. Bones are irresistible but cause toothache in later life. Stop giving them to us.

3. We don’t require compliments because we don’t understand you. Just lash on a steak and give us a bunch of biscuits. We will get it.

So the next time you look at your lithe, graceful Labrador, just remember; lose the flattery and fill his stomach. Maybe that’s why he’s been growling at the fire…..

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Essay on My Pet Dog | My Favorite Pet Essay & Paragraph

The pet dog is a wonderful and cute animal. Read the following Essay on My Pet Dog, 10 lines and more sentences , Short and long essay on my Pet Dog for Ukg Class 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 students with pictures & Info graph

Essay on Dog | My Pet Dog Essay | My Favorite Pet Animal Essay & Paragraph

The dog is a wonderful sincere and loyal pet animal. Children love to play with dogs. The following essay discusses pet animal dog, its qualities & characteristics in a simple and easy to read essay

My Pet Dog 10 Lines and More Sentences

1. Brian is the name of my lovely dog.

2. It is multi color silver lab dog with blue eyes, having black and chocolate color

3. It belongs to famous dog breeds called Labradors.

4. It is a famous American dog that was given as a gift by my uncle.

5. Brian is very happy, intelligent and full of energy dog.

6. Brian obeys my commands quickly and he is easily teachable.

7. He protects my house, my family and myself when I am alone.

8. In every morning Brian goes out for a walk with my father lovingly.

9. Brian loves swimming and hunting. He is very happy when it rains.

10. Brian is very happy and child friendly dog. Everyone likes him

11. To keep Brian happy and healthy I give him his favorite food, milk and fresh meat.

12. Like human being, Brian becomes bored in city life. He loves to go out for sightseeing.

13. To keep Brian happy and strong I always take care about his needs.

14. I am very happy with Brian and I always pay my thanks to my uncle for giving me a gift of good friend, Brian.

My Pet Dog Essay for 3rd, 4th & 5th Class Students

There are few pet dogs in my family but Rocky is my favorite dog. He is very attractive, alert and strong body dog.

He belongs to a famous German dog breed that is called German shepherd. He is very different type of dog breed. He is known for his bravery, wisdom, sincerity and loyalty.

Rocky is not alone. His mother and father has been with my uncle for long time. I took Rocky as a gift from my uncle. Since then, Rocky is my best friend. Rocky has blue eyes, black stripe around the neck and a mixture of red and black color. Rocky is very intelligent. He is easily teachable. He protects me and my family during night times. He loves going outside with my family on picnic.

Rocky is very safe and clean dog. He is very humble and child friendly dog. All the family members like Rocky. Rocky is a little bit funny nature. He loves dancing and running with kids and children. He is very happy when he is around children. He doesn’t harm any child rather he takes care of children when they are alone.

I am very happy with rocky having my best friend. I serve him milk, fish and fresh meat. I regularly take rocky to have its medical check up. Rocky is really a best and sincere friend of mine. I will always be thankful to my uncle for giving me the best gift of life long friend, Rocky.

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Essay on my Favorite Pet dog in English

Dog is a very sincere and loyal pet animal. It serves its master all the time. It has unique qualities of loyalty, faithfulness, sincerity, wisdom and emotional attachment with its master.

The dog has been a partner of mankind since the ancient times. The dog is found everywhere around the world. There are hundreds of varieties of dogs. But each variety has one common thing that is sincerity and loyalty to the master.

My family is very fond of dogs. There are few dogs of different varieties in my family. But among all these dogs Jackie is the name of my favorite dog. I have chose him because of his few distinct features. Jackie belongs to a famous dog breeds called Labrador retriever. Jackie is of full strong body with chocolate color having black stripe around its neck.

Jackie is my favorite dog because he is loyal, sincere and he is greatly attached with its master. Jackie is easily teachable. In a very short period he has learned swimming, understanding and obeying my commands. He quickly picks up my orders and follows them immediately. Jackie is very safe dog.

He is child friendly and always keeps your child entertained. He protects my house in my absence. He has very sharp ability to understand the potential danger ahead. In every morning Jackie wakes me up and we both go for a little walk. After that Jackie accompanies me to my school. He comes back on exact time when my school gets off.

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I really enjoy his sincerity, devotion and kindness. He is the best ever friend of mine. Every member of my family loves him. That’s why when Jackie becomes a little bit ill, we all become worried about him.

Due to that fact, I always take care of Jackie. I give him fresh milk and fresh meat to make him healthy and strong always. Dogs are the best ever friend of mankind. There are many pet animal but mankind feels pleased only with a dog. Owing to the gentle nature, love and affection, dogs are emotionally attached with mankind

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you write a dog essay?

Writing a pet dog essay is in fact, wonderful. In order to write a great my pet dog essay, you just have to describe the features and characteristics of your pet animal dog.

2.How are dogs loyal?

The dog is very sincere and loyal pet animal. He has been living with mankind for thousands of years. The dogs are teachable and perform great many works for mankind. Dogs are humble, caring, useful and wonderful pet animal

3. What are 3 interesting facts about dogs?

Though the dogs have many great features, apart from that the following 3 facts are important to mention, Firstly, Dogs are loyal, sincere, humble and are very useful for mankind. Secondly, dogs are trainable. They can be used for various purposes by training them. Thirdly, Dogs are human friendly, intelligent creature who always love to be with mankind.

a dog – quotes and descriptions to inspire creative writing

This little guy has been my companion in quiet moments and those blossomings of hilarity dogs bring. He has that look about him when he’s puzzled, or excited or serious, all those emotions that are so similar to ours. He is my hot-water bottle in the middle of the night and the welcome wagon when I come home. He’s my best friend.

With an elevated step comes a teddy-bear canine, one small enough to fit in the arms of a child. At first she is curious, then as Samantha crouches there is a chirping-bark. “Oh,” she says, “are you feeling afraid, little one?” her voice as sweet as new blossom. Soon the dog comes closer to her outstretched hand and, after a few sniffs, gives a lick. “Kisses. why. thank you.”

The dog’s head is smaller than her neck. She stands in her harness of thick leather, tethered by the kind of rope you could moor a yacht with. For all that muscle she leaps like a puppy and then pushes her body into mine as soon as I’m close enough. In seconds my hand is covered in slobber, her tongue of sandpaper almost dripping with every lick. Her tail isn’t wagging side to side but going round and round like a helicopter blade; any happier and I think those dinner-plate paws might catch some air. I want to take her home so badly but her owner says she can jump six-foot fences and chew through doors. So instead I’ll have to settle for wet hands after school. I pull the beef treats from my pocket and she sits like a champ while I put them one at a time on her muzzle. With a flick of her head she eats them down in one bite and waits for the next- one by one until they are gone.

I never see Charlie move but every time I turn around he’s right at my heels. If I stop for even a half a minute he lies down, the perfect mobile trip hazard. In the newly hot air of summer his coat is floating freely, forming a scattered layer of gold strands on the tile and becoming matted on the couch. Ryan said the couch should be yellow too but I scoffed at him so hard he just never mentioned it again. I wanted to be “clean,” to know where the dirt was. Well, I do know where it is, you can’t miss blonde on red velvet. I know he just loves me, I love him too in my own way, who cold resist Charlie and his doggy eyes? I just wish he had an off switch and a non-shedding coat.

The one with “Raymond” and the wire mesh door has a way of watching me. His eyes are wider than a baby and he tilts his head one way and the other. I can’t imagine what goes on in that over-protected cranium but he wags his tail like he wants to take-off every time I even take a mis-step in his direction. He looks like there’s some labrador in him, possibly crossed with a German Shepard. He looks like a guy who could run all day and still be eager to go again. His jowls are almost grinning. He has the speed of a puppy but his teeth are adult. Then he turns around as if to leave but returns with a tennis ball, dropping it by the gate and looking me straight in the eyes. I don’t think I’m gonna choose a dog today, I think he just chose me.

Now that summer is here I leave after the dawn instead of the wintry blackness. As I wing my work-pack onto my back the dog lady comes into view out of the light mist. Three dogs, and none of them leashed, trot inches from her side. They aren’t a set, they look more like animals she adopted at random. There is the thick set Boxer, the gangly Great Dane and the tiny Maltese. She strides between them in her flower-power clothes, her grey streaked hair jumping as each hiking boot hits the sidewalk. I can hear her chatter to them like beloved children. Each dog is a picture of health, groomed, shining and tails moving faster than a nail gun. I can go now in ill-mannered haste and pretend I haven’t seen her or wait until she arrives. It’ll cost me ten minutes or more and I’ll know fifty more things about those canines to add the many more that ramble around my neurones lost with no hope of ever being recalled.

The dog and I have an understanding; it wasn’t there at first. Back in the days he was fresh from the pound he was a raw bundle of unspent energy, crammed into a canine shape several sizes too small for his personality. He grew to twice the size they thought he might, but that can happen with mutts. I reckon there’s some ridgeback in there, some kind of bull-dog too. You’d think in a head that size there would be room for some brains but perhaps his skull is inches deep. My furniture still has his chew marks and the front door is clawed beyond repair. I had to replace every shoe I owned and the carpet too. Everyone told me to take him back, get a lap dog, but no way. Family is family. He’ll leave my stuff if I buy him raw-hide bones and frozen marrowbones. He wont lie on my bed if he can have the couch. Two walks a day means he’ll let me sleep at night. In return he adores me, cuddles up while I study and raises merry hell if anyone comes near the house.

I want to lie on the couch with a bag of chips and the remote control. There are at least a dozen episodes of Doctor Who I could be watching, but Bailey has his doggy eyes fixed on me. His eye brows twitch from side to side in that way he does when he’s trying to figure something out and it just isn’t working for him. For such a non-descript mutt of uncertain parentage he’s pure cuteness overload. It’s why I picked him from all the other homeless pups. Now that I want nothing more than to ignore him and wallow here in high fat food and distraction he’s thinking healthy thoughts. He wants a walk, the longer the better. Then like he can read my thoughts his tail starts to wag and he jumps up at nothing like he’s dancing. The chip bag crinkles under my closing grasp but my feet are already moving me to stand. My eyes flick to my forest boots and he goes loopy, racing victory laps around the dining table.

Without warning a bundle of caramel fur poked out her handbag, blinking through tousled strands with eyes of pure expectation. Without glancing down a manicured hand pressed down his head, re-submerging him in make-up and electronics. With a flick of her wrist he was sealed under the zip, encased in Italian leather. The bag bulged in random places as he squirmed and then came a series of high pitched yelps, pausing between rallies for a reply. At first the lady looked absent-mindedly out of the deli window, hitching her thumb into the waistband of her Levi’s as if the noise was nothing to do with her. After a few minutes the volume increased and the eyes of her fellow shoppers began to scan for the source. Dogs were not allowed! I expected her to leave but instead she began to hit the bag. Before I was aware of my decision to act I was in possession of the soft brown leather purse and she was screaming “Thief!”

The dog lay on the ground oblivious to the dirt that clogged its cream fur into matts. It was young most likely but it moved only when necessary and its eyes were sunken and dull. Erin crouched down right next to it and offered her hand. Instead of sniffing her it just tilted its head away and closed its eyes in the most submissive gesture it could muster. From the curl in the coat she suspected it was some kind of poodle cross, a golden doodle perhaps. Gently she ran her hand down its back and slowly pushed her fingers to the skin below. He was so thin it was like dragging her fingers over a xylophone; even without the music it was quite the saddest song she had ever heard. This baby was starving to death. Slowly Erin moved her hands underneath the dog and lifted it with absurd ease, a bag of potatoes at the greengrocer would weigh more. Now that it was closer she almost gagged in a noxious cloud of ammonia. The dog buried its head in her old woollen sweater and she made for her car.

I love my dog, she makes idiocy more special every day. She stops halfway down the stairs like just staying there is an option. She reacts to bags blowing in the wind the same way she does for squirrels. Though she pulls when we walk but stops if the leash is dropped on the ground. Every walk is as exciting for her as a person being offered tickets to a rock concert, even if she’s done the exact same route fifty thousand times before. She thinks chasing motorcycles would be fun. The only time she makes sense is when the rain falls thicker than pigeon poop in Trafalgar Square. Then she just turns right around and makes herself comfortable by the couch.