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Creative writing on leaves

leaf – quotes and descriptions to inspire creative writing

The leaf was a chorus of greens.

Held to the light, the leaf was the road map of a million-souled city.

The leaf veins were sweet flowing rivers in the green.

Green skin in summer’s light, the hue each leaf had a way of enchanting the soul.

The leaf was a green hand of splendid shiny skin, as if the perfect alien had reached out in gentle friendship. It was as supple as paper, perhaps more so, and in the strong light it was as magnificent as any stained glass.

The leaf reminds me of a church window, of the glass that glows so brightly on sunlit days. I trace the veins with one finger, following nature’s architecture from stem to tip. I lift it to the light and let my eyes travel over it. So broad to catch the light, so thin to let the air flow in and out, and just like the church – built a “brick” at a time into a beautiful part of life.

To gaze at the green leaf was to pause my thoughts and feel the sense of rest nature gives.

Creative Writing: Leaves Class Book

This product is used to assemble a class book about leaves. Each child picks a leaf (either from home, or brought to school) and thinks of two descriptive words about their leaf. The leaf can either be taped or glued to the product page along with the writing, or can be used to do a rubbing of the leaf under the product page. Students fill in the blanks on the leaf book template. Example: Sally’s leaf is red and lacy. See the other class book templates on my TPT store!

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