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Creative writing of sleeping

sleep – quotes and descriptions to inspire creative writing

I have always felt a serenity upon sleeping. I love my bed. I love to dream. I love the moments between wakefulness and sleep. The feeling of my brain shifting gears is so sweet. I start to see it play its movies, always telling me things in visual puns and metaphor. Sleep is a kind of heaven for me, though I love my waking days too.

Sleep comes so that my dreams may live.

When the stars come out to play and the evening takes on that aroma of the night, when the crickets sing for the joy of living, my bed awaits. I love the softness, the quiet, the sense of rest. My thoughts slow as a beautiful carousel, each dancing as ribbons from a kite string that reaches for sky, its colours embracing those lofty heights and inviting in the dreams that wear festival costumes and are formed of music. In sleep, as in wakefulness, I play.

In sleep I feel the cradle of the loving universe, as if for those hours of dreaming I am returned to heaven’s arms.

falling asleep – quotes and descriptions to inspire creative writing

With a stretch and a yawn he made fell asleep snuggled right into me, he was always the big spoon, I was always the little spoon. Falling asleep in his arms was my safe place, my cocoon.

Evening in the city, in the graphite-lullaby, each vivid hue collects their boarding pass for the land of dreams.

Falling asleep was one of the best parts of the day, there in the cozy blankets, snug and safe, letting the world of dreams come to her in its dancing way.

Bed was my safe place, my haven. I’d snuggle into the duvet as happy as a cat in the sunlight, ready for my starry dreams. I’d fall asleep in good time, either slowly or fast, either way I enjoyed that feeling of relaxing.

Creative writing of sleeping

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