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Use this Writing Prompt Generator to find countless random writing prompts for your next gaming adventure, story or any other kind of project. Enjoy!

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Writing prompts – a short story

Lisa couldn’t believe it. Yes, she’d taken on the challenge to write every day. Yes, she’d promised to try some of these random writing prompts you could generate online. Had she known the outcome would be so outrageous, she’d never have done it. What were you supposed to do with a shipwrecked, cowardly fireman who somehow had anything to do with a music instrument? Was he going to realize that his talents lie elsewhere? Could he somehow manage to use the instrument to call for the help he desperately needed? Befriend it as Tom Hanks befriends a volleyball in Cast Away? If made out of wood, perhaps it could be used to construct a raft.

Lisa shook her head. Writing prompts. At this point even the ice bucket challenge sounded better.

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Grab writing ideas with this creative writing prompt generator

Welcome to The Story Shack’s free creative writing prompts generator! Are you in need of a story starter? Then simply click the button above and let the tool generate some great random writing prompt for you. You also don’t have to worry if it will work on your iPad, iPhone, Kindle or other smart device, as the plot generator is fully responsive!

This tool is currently capable of generating 2.8 billion random fiction writing prompts , and that is not where we’re stopping. Check back frequently for new ideas.

Currently, the writing prompt generator provides the following ideas:

A bonus assignment

Writing prompts through our story idea generator

Do you need writing inspiration for your next book? A story starter for an upcoming flash fiction journal’s competition? Perhaps you simply want to do a writing exercise? This plot generator is a one-stop shop to get the creative juices flowing. Our writing prompt generator provides you with a random prompt that includes a genre, the length of your short story, characters (also try out ourcharacter name generator), quotes, props and a bonus assignment.

What makes for a challenging creative writing prompt?

Creative writing prompts can be a lot of fun to write. However, not all ideas are created equal. Some topics are more difficult than others. Some of the most challenging prompts may include animal-human hybrids or autobiographical essays.

It is important for creative writers to have a variety of writing assignments and creative writing prompts. While some may seem easy at first glance, they can be quite challenging when it comes to actually sitting down and putting words on paper.

The idea of how to write on the given topic is often what makes for a good writing prompt. It’s important to have an idea of what you want your story to be about and what you want readers to learn from it. Writing prompts often give you topics that you wouldn’t think about yourself, so it’s important that when reading the resulting story, one can tell that there is something interesting about the topic and not just something random.

Story prompts modeled after the 48 Hour Film Project

Writing prompts should be challenging. Because of this, I’ve modeled this story idea generator after the 48 Hour Film Project model. This film project takes place in many cities throughout the world and challenges storytellers to create a short film within two days. This short film needs to adhere to a number of random prompts that all participants share.

It’s always a great challenge and a lot of fun. Hopefully you will have as much fun with the creative writing ideas this tool produces. So get the creative process started, click Generate above and keep clicking it until you have all the writing ideas you’d like.

Take writing prompts to the next level with Taleforge

The writing prompt generator was the very first tool I created on The Story Shack, and the site has evolved a lot since. It’s still my favorite random generator, and I wanted to try to explore the idea a bit further. The result isTaleforge, an interactive writing app that challenges you by throwing random prompts at you while you’re racing against a timer.

Can I share the random writing prompts that this tool creates?

Yes you can. The Story Shack claims no copyright on any of these prompts.

How many ideas can I generate with this random Writing Prompt Generator?

The Writing Prompt Generator can generate thousands of ideas for your project, so feel free to keep clicking and at the end use the handy copy feature to export your prompts to a text editor of your choice. Enjoy!

Can I use the random writing prompts that this tool creates?

Yes you can. The Story Shack claims no copyright on any of these names, but it is of course possible that some of the values this name generator provides are already owned by anyone else, so please make sure to always do your due diligence.

How many ideas can I generate with this Writing Prompt Generator?

The Writing Prompt Generator can generate thousands of ideas for your project, so feel free to keep clicking and at the end use the handy copy feature to export your writing prompts to a text editor of your choice. Enjoy!

What are good writing prompts?

There’s thousands of random writing prompts in this generator. Here are some samples to start:

5 Best Writing Prompt Generators to Beat Writer’s Block

The world needs writers who can write stories, come up with plot ideas, new story lines, and turn their next creative writing spark into a movie script.

While writing a book plot and plot lines can be exciting, it can also be frustrating. There are many ways in which a writer can get writer’s block, and sometimes it’s at the start of their novel or short story.

For a story to be told, there needs to be writing ideas. Good ideas can be hard to find and sometimes writers will seek help using writing exercises. One useful source of inspiration is a writing prompt generator.

Writing prompt generators will throw random story plots and character names at you. Sometimes it’s a single sentence and other times it’s an entire paragraph.

It’s an idea you can take and run with. It’s the perfect place to start if you’re in need to start writing. Not all story random idea generators are created equal, however. The idea it puts out needs to spark your creative process. Here are five of the best writing prompt generators available to do just that.

5 Best Writing Prompt Generators for Plots Ideas and Story Ideas

1. Squibler

This writing prompt generator is attached to a distraction-free writing editor, which makes the creative writing process seamless. The interface is simple. It only takes one click to generate a random writing prompt. If you don’t like it, click again for another one.

Once you find a prompt you enjoy, select the “start writing” button. You can then start writing immediately. Once you’re finished, you can export your work to a docx or even a PDF.

If you really hate writer’ block, then try “dangerous” mode. This setting will delete your words if you stop writing for more than a few seconds. There’s no better reason to keep writing.

2. Seattle 7 Writers

Seattle 7 Writers has a writing prompt generator available to help you generate short story and plot ideas. The random idea generator is a clean editor that provides you with over 500 first-line suggestions.

One prompt is generated at a time, with a single click giving you a new one for inspiration. These lines are interesting, fun, and have a ton of potential to spark your creative writing.

This writing generator offers exciting ideas that will pull writing out of you. Once you have a great idea, you’ll be ready to write your short story, novel, or screenplay.

3. Random First Line Generator

This first line generator provides ideas for the opening line of a short story, novel, or screenplay. The first line is crucial for overcoming writer’s block. It’s what either hooks the readers or sends them reading something else.

This generator provides suggestions for your first line. They range from mysterious to shocking and would all serve well as the first line in a novel. The rest is up to you, of course. These first lines are not only good hooks but they can usually spark a few ideas to expand on the line.

If you find a line you like but you’re still feeling stuck, the website also has other generators that can help you with characters, names, places, and titles.

4. Spring Hole

Spring Hole is an educational site for writers. They have tips, exercises, and writing advice. One of their main features is their list of random idea generators. They have multiple generators to help you overcome any type of writer’s block you might have. Some of these writing generators include:

  • Origin story generator
  • Plot generator
  • Character generator
  • Name generator

If you want to craft a plot structure from scratch, use a few of these to create the ideal story. If you don’t know what you need or just want to see random story ideas, they do have a random generator for just that.

5. Seventh Sanctum

Seventh Sanctum is one of the oldest writing prompt generators and story idea generators. Similar to Spring Hole, it offer a series of specific generators depending on what you want to write and the writer’s block you have. Seventh Sanctum has “writing prompt generator” that gives you random sentences that include ideas, dialogue, and sometimes both.

If you want something specific, you can easily choose genres, specific topics, and themes like fiction writing. This includes plot twists, symbols, settings, characters, heroes, names, and humor.

The combinations are endless. It’s a great tool to use when outlining as it can give you ideas for every stage and detail.

Get Started with Creative Writing Prompts

Writing takes a spark to get your create juices flowing. While it’s often fun and exciting, it can also feel like the hardest thing. When you feel like you’ve hit a wall, then use a tool to kickstart your thought process. If you’re not feeling a writing prompt generator, then try using a list fantasy writing prompts or flash fiction writing prompts.

Writing prompt generators are the perfect writing exercises to just that. They offer up plot and story ideas that would take you hours and even days to come up with. Are you ready to get your creative flow going? Try one of the above today.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make a writing prompt?

You need to use a writing prompt generator. The best part about these prompts from these generators? They are free.

What are some writing prompts?

Here are a few popular writing prompts:

-You confess to your crush, only to find out that they like your sibling.

-You wake up and all your neighbors are missing.

-Make yourself the hero of a common work problem you face.

Why would I want to write prompts?

Writing prompts can be used for many reasons. Whether it’s getting over writer’s block or organizing thoughts in general, writing prompt generators are an excellent resource that every aspiring writer should have access to.

What is a prompt generator?

A prompt generator is a website that allows you to use a random generator or input your own specific word, phrase, or sentence.

How do you create a plot?

To create a plot, you should pinpoint the following:

-The protagonist (the main character)

-What is at stake for the protagonist?

-Possible obstacles to overcome or how the stakes could escalate.

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