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american football – quotes and descriptions to inspire creative writing

The story of American football, of the game itself, is a story of sports evolution brought about by passionate creatives who were able to dream of a different way to play.

Passing the ball in American football was brought about by Hal Mumme and others, revolutionised American Football with innovations such the air raid and “no huddle,” also called going “up tempo.” Before then it was far more bloody, far more dangerous for the players. Despite decades of resistance, the new way won through. Somethings it takes the sort of passion that looks bizarre to the outsider to make our world better.

The “air raid” brought real excitement to American football, instead of the brutal running formations, there was a chance to score from any position, to turn the game around in a moment.

Free Creative Writing Prompts #33: Football

Not gonna lie, as I’m writing this article I’m actually using ESPN’s GameCast software to keep tabs on a football game betwen the Philadelphia Eagles and the New York Giants (Go Eggles!) :). I am a huge sports fan in general, but there’s something about football that I just can’t get enough of. Perhaps it’s the statistics, or the hometown solidarity, or the extreme shows of athleticism, or the back and forth strategy of the coaching teams. Whatever it is that makes me tune in every Sunday (and occasional Mondays), these free creative writing prompts about football will help you to use this entertaining watch into a great piece of literature. Perhaps you can write the next Friday Night Lights (great television series) or at least the next Little Giants :). Feel free to create something and post it to the space below the prompts.

Free Creative Writing Prompts: Football

1. You are now the coach of the worst football team in the National Football League. You have about a year to whip into shape the sorriest bunch of athletes this side of the 2008 winless Detroit Lions. What do you do? Describe your process to keep your job and keep your team out of the division basement.

2. What is it that you love about watching football? Or conversely, what is it that you hate about watching football? Talk about all aspects of the game from the plays, to the commentary, to the advertisements.

3. Talk about a game of backyard football with a bunch of your friends. Recount a game that actually occurred or make up a game with your ideal teams and friends involved.

4. You have been dragged out to the sports bar for an all-day beer drinking, game-watching extravaganza! Talk about your experience and your various encounters with superfans throughout the day.

5. You are going to the Super Bowl! You have been granted the best seats in the house (50 yard line) and you even get to meet the players and coaches before the game. Go into extreme detail about how all of this goes for you. Do you get onto TV?

6. To keep with the Super Bowl theme, you are hosting the best Super Bowl party of all time! How do you plan the details of it, who do you invite, and how does it all go down?

7. You are a retired football player. While you’ve saved a little bit of money, it’s certainly not enough to never work again. The only problem is that you didn’t finish college and that you have few skills other than the gridiron game. What is your five year plan and how do the first few months go?

8. Alas, the new love of your life is a die-hard fan for your rival football team. You get along great, except on Sundays. How do you cope with your feud of Romeo and Juliet proportions?

9. What is your best football memory from either playing or watching the sport? Why did this memory stick with you for so long and what do you think could top it in the future? If anything!

10. You have inherited the ownership of a professional football team! As a lifelong fan, you get to choose to go after some of your favorite players in free agency. Talk about your first year with the team and how things go.

I imagine that there are quite a few writers who are not as big football fans as I happen to be. That being said, football is a very important sport that has a lot of reach in the United States and beyond. This leads many people to having at least one or two experiences to draw from if not many. These free creative writing prompts about football are the way to excavate something from these experiences. I hope the best for you in your writing and your teams on the field (unless they’re the Giants today, booo! :)). And happy writing.

10 Football Writing Prompts to Get Your Kids Writing!

World Cup 2018 is happening right now! Cheers, chants and waving flags all across the world. While this is great time to kick a ball about with your friends or sit in front of your TV cheering on your favourite team. You can even use the World Cup as a source of inspiration to improve your child’s writing skills. And even as encouragement to get reluctant writers to love writing through their passion of football or soccer (for our international readers)! Here are 10 football writing prompts to get your child writing through their love of the sport.

10 Football Writing Prompts

    1. You are the manager of your favourite football team. Create a game plan on how they can win their next game.
    2. Write a fan letter to your favourite football player. What would you want to ask them?
    3. Create a poster to support your favourite football team. What kind of slogan would you use?
    4. Write your own football chant or song to support your favourite football team. A chant or a song is similar to writing a poem. You can take a look at our poetry writing tips to help you.
    5. You have 60 seconds left and your favourite football team is losing. What would you do?
    6. List in detail 3 reasons why you love your favourite football team.
    7. What football players would you include in your dream team and why? Describe each players features and what position would they play?
    8. You are a reporter for the sports column for your school newspaper. Write a short news article piece on the most recent football game you watched. Remember you can use the 5 W’s technique to help you (what, where, who, when and why).
    9. If you could meet your favourite footballer of all time, what would you say? Or what questions would you ask them? You can even write a script of how the conversation would go between you the two of you.
    10. Imagine an alien just came to Earth and has no idea about football. How would describe football to them? Can you write a step-by-step guide on how to play football?

    Got any more football writing prompts?

    Football really is a great sport! Not only can it keep active, but when thinking creatively it can improve your child’s writing skills too! Do you have any ideas for football writing activities or writing prompts that will motivate reluctant writers to write for pleasure? Let us know in the comments below!

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