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Creative writing describing a chair

armchair – quotes and descriptions to inspire creative writing

Newton would have been proud of that armchair, of my perfected inertia, the soft cushions pushing me up every bit as much as my body pushed earthward.

The armchair cushions take the form of my body and it is such bliss. The hours will pass, just me, the television and a popcorn bowl on my lap. This stupidly comfortable chair is the the hug I need when there is nobody to hug me, when the best I can do is enjoy some quiet time and my own company.

The armchair was my throne and my cocoon as my emotions waxed and waned, my imagination ever transforming it into the very thing required.

The armchair so soft and warm was a sort of functional teddy bear, a place to rest and take sanctuary.

Vintage- Yang’s Writing Portfolio

From cushion padded sofas to motor embedded massage chairs to a simple wooden stool, the chair has been modified to fit the needs of everybody. It is an essential comfort tool for everyone, and can be found almost everywhere. What is better than letting your back and bottoms relax on a chair after walking around for a while? The chairs I come in contact with in my daily life are truly unique in their own way, and all serve a different purpose.

Every morning, I enjoy the privilege of eating my breakfast on my dining chair. It’s an antique wooden chair without armrests, and it has an open center seat and back attached with soft but elastic canings that form a net. The wood has a dark brown color and there are patterns of flowers carved on the armrests. In the morning, the wooden chair feels nice and cool and it’s great for me to rest my lazy body on it when my body still feels stiff in the morning. I’ve been using the chair for eight long years, and I’ve somewhat grown attached to it, because it gives me a sense of safety and it does a good job of letting me relax and relish my meal everyday.

In school, as much as I hate sitting on them, I have to go through the whole school day acquiescingly sitting on the hard plastic chairs. These chairs have four stands and have small holes on the seats for air regulation. It also has large holes on the backseat which bother me a lot, because I can never rest my back properly, so I just improvise by placing my backpack on the chair so I can lean back comfortably. However, I’m glad that I have these cheap plastic chairs at school, because it makes it hard for my body to relax, forcing me to be more focused in class and keep me from falling asleep no matter how boring the class is.

The first thing I do when I reach home from school is to drag my tired body to the cozy sofa in front of my television screen, relax on the warm leather skin and waste the rest of my evening lying on it. The leather sofa has a wrinkled look and sometime specks of breadcrumb and strands of hair can be found on the leather surface, but I never really care about a chair’s appearance. When my parents first bought the sofa, it still had the new leather smell just like the smell of a new car, but after being used for so many years I wouldn’t dare to find out what it smells like now. Sometimes in my ‘couch potato mode’ I would be so relaxed that no matter how hard I try, I wouldn’t be able to climb out of the sofa, as if I were stuck in quicksand.

I praise the genius who invented the chair, for without it we would probably be standing or just sitting on the floor. The chair truly, is a simple tool that brings so much comfort to our daily lives. I hope however, that one day my parents would buy one of those fancy massage chairs. To have a machine massage your back anyway you want, that would be ultimate comfort.

chair – quotes and descriptions to inspire creative writing

The chair sat there so proudly upon the road as if conjured by magical command.

The chair belonged in that room as much as the air and light, as if that floral fabric had woven itself of the earth as much as natural flowers do.

The seat of that chair, the give of the fabric, the sunlight softened hues, told tales of years of storytime, of the foundations our family was built on.

The chair was the hue of the ocean when the daytime flutters to wakefulness.