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7 Best Creative Writing Apps for Android and iOS

Creative Writing is a skill that develops over time. But, as they say, great ideas come in random places, with just your phone in hand. So, here are few apps that will help your creative juices to flow or pave the way for your writing in the right direction. Creative writing apps are different from the usual writing apps in a way that involves writing challenges and collaboration with other writers. On that note, let’s get to the list.

Best Creative Writing Apps

1. JotterPad

The most popular writing application for writers is JotterPad. It provides a distraction-free writing interface. It has both free and paid variants. In the free version, JotterPad would give you the vibe of a clean text editor with cloud support. You can only link one of your cloud storage accounts either from Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive. The cloud storage provides you the option to work on your story either from your computer or mobile devices.

But, the paid variant ($6), is where the creative aspect of JotterPad starts. The pro version lets you change fonts and typefaces. The most notable feature is the ability to form characters and get character prompts suitably when you script.


  • Minimal writing interface with no distraction
  • Cloud support to maintain a single document for collaboration

Who is it for?

People who just want an app to jot down video ideas or script anywhere on-the-go.

2. Plot Generator

Plot Generator is currently web-only with an app version in the making. But until then, you can create a bookmark shortcut on your home screen for quick access.

It helps you build your characters or storyline. Initially, you choose a story genre. Next, you enter your title, protagonist, and basic adjectives surrounding him. Once you are done, the app will create a story based on your input. The story is more of a first draft and needs a lot of polishing from your side. You can publish your story and share the URL with fellow creators to provide input on it.

Plot Generator is a great application for a novice. But once you get the hang of writing, the suggestions seem pretty basic and cliched. The app also doesn’t provide a native editor for the story.


  • Auto-suggestion for your characters, adjectives, etc
  • A vast number of genres and plots to choose

Who is it for?

People who are new to writing and have no idea where to start.

3. Narrative Nods

Another app similar to Plot Generator is Narrative Nods. It is a story builder application but with much more advanced options and analytics that really lets your creative juices flow. Firstly, you start by declaring your novel title, its description, and the characters. Further, you have to declare your Protagonist, Antagonist, Dreamer, Opponent, and Chorus. After you have declared the characters, the app questions your story goals, its structure and the journey of the character and this is where the thinking starts.

After you visit all these points, Narrative Nods will construct a report on your story and some key inputs which will strengthen your story. In case you are working on a single character of your story, you can also try Character Nods.


  • Character Development and role assignment
  • Story insight
  • Questions to help you build your story

Who is it for?

People who are still developing a story and need introspection or insights on it.

4. Novelist

Novelist is somewhat similar to Narrative Nods with 1 major difference. Unlike Narrative Nods, it doesn’t help in constructing your story. You are all on your own! However, similar to Narrative Nods, the app has 4 sections: Plot, Write, Organize, and Schedule.

Plot is where you declare all your characters, locations, props, etc. Write is wherein you connect all these characters and write your scenes. Organize is where you structure these scenes into chapters and acts. Lastly, you have the schedule section where you can set word count goals or novel due date. This entire bifurcation might feel tedious at the start but trust me, it helps to strengthen your story and keep a track of events.


  • Different spaces for plots, scenes, structure, etc
  • Option to schedule word count or due date
  • Backup and restore via Google Drive

Who is it for?

Especially for people working on novels. It won’t be of much use to video scripting.

5. Writer Challenges

If you have run out of ideas to write on, you should try Writer Challenges. The underlying concept of Writer Challenges is to provide you topics and plots, so you can build up your own story on it. When I started out to write, I used to join communities and help people with their stories. This would give me wide exposure plus expand my thinking towards topics I wouldn’t have chosen in the first place. This is what the app does for you.

When you open the app, it has a white minimal feed where writing ideas are posted. You can click on Start Writing and directly dive down into the story or choose to Explore other stories. I found out just enough number of people writing in the app. In case you want to be a part of a bigger community, you can visit the Simple Prompt subreddit.


  • Story ideas and plots
  • Enough audience writing on topics

Who is it for?

People who just want to flex their writing muscles.

6. Wattpad

At times, you just want to sit back and look for inspiration to write. Here is where Wattpad steps in. It has a huge library of paid and free books by fellow writers on the platform. You can choose your type and start reading or just sit back and enjoy the recommendations. Wattpad also lets you draft your own story with a cover picture. The writer in the app lets you link images, which I couldn’t find in any of the other editors on this list. You can also link YouTube videos in your novel and I’m really not sure why would you do that.

Wattpad has a huge community of writers and I would recommend it as a reading platform.


  • Huge community of writers and genres
  • Ability to save books for later reads

Who is it for?

People who are new to writing and want to draw inspiration from other writers.

Download Wattpad (Android | iOS)

7. Penana

Penana is a similar Wattpad-like social media for writers. But what distinguishes it is the creative contests held on the platform. You get the option to collaborate with other writers on a project. This particularly molds your writing into a specific space. Penana has huge stories on its platform and you can apply for collaboration on any of these stories. It’s subject to the approval of the owner and space available. You can start by trying different genres and see what works for you.


  • Huge library of books
  • Contests and collaboration opportunities

Who is it good for?

People who are looking for writers to collaborate or projects to work.

8. Flow State

Flowstate is a paid app with a unique concept. Basically, it deletes your story the moment you stop typing. And the weirder it might sound, this concept really works. I have been trying the Pomodoro technique for quite some time and I must say putting a time limit to get your work done really works.

The thing with Flowstate is you have to set a time frame, font, title, and start writing. The moment you stop, the words start fading away and will disappear if you don’t write for the next 5 seconds. On the analytical front, it just gives you the word and character count. Unfortunately, the app is available for Mac and iOS only, with a one-time payment of $4.99.


  • Minimal writing interface
  • Unique concept to achieve the flow state

Who is it for?

People who have a story and an iPhone but cannot initiate writing.

9. The Brainstormer

The Brainstormer is a paid creative writing app. The main motive of the app is to get past your writing block. So, the app basically has 3 spinning wheels. You roll the dice and it will give you 3 words from the different wheels. The inner wheel gives you the conflict. The middle wheel gives you the style or setting. The outer wheel gives you the subject. Combine them and go ahead with your writing.

Now, you can create your own wheel with your own subjects, scenarios, plot. So, whenever, you are in the middle of a creative block, spin the wheel and go ahead writing. The app also has wheels made by other writers. However, like the app, even they are paid.


  • 3 random wheels to provide you subject, style, and conflict to begin writing
  • Option to create your own wheel with your own subjects and plot

Who is it for?

Everyone! It’s hard to get past a creative block.

Download The Brainstormer (Android | iOS) ($1.99)

Wrapping Up

If you are a novice in writing, Plot Generator or Penana would be a good choice. For reading ideas and creative inspiration, do check out Wattpad and Writer Challenges. Irrespective of what genre you are into, Flowstate will definitely bring out the best in you.

The 13 Best Writing Apps for Android

What are the best writing apps for Android ? Let’s find out!

Numerous types of writers exist for bloggers, tech writers, screenwriters , magazine writers, authors, novelists and even researchers.

That’s why apps are designed to help writers of all backgrounds.

Remember, Google Docs is a great choice as it’s free, syncs across all devices and is built for Android. But this guide examines some of the other best Android writing apps so that you can find one for your writing projects! Don’t expect any Apple products or iOS apps to appear here.

Android Apps We Recommend

1. LivingWriter

Pricing: From free to $9.99 per month

LivingWriter is a newer writing app for writing stories or a book via your Android device and also online. Rather than using a word processor, It helps writers arrange plots and stories using boards and templates. Living Writer also contains a series of outline templates for popular story structures like the Hero’s Journey.

It’s a good choice for short stories and novels. You can take out a 14-day free trial without using a credit card.

Living Writer contains time-saving templates for authors and novelists. iOS and Android apps available

2. Grammarly Keyboard

Pricing: Free with in app purchases

No matter what kind of writer you are, Grammarly can help you. It includes a keyboard for Android. A virtual keyboard might not be the best way to write, but with Grammarly , it can be incredibly helpful. The biggest strength of Grammarly is that it can catch typos and grammatical errors. It even works on a smartphone.

As you write, your eyes sometimes see what you wanted to write instead of what is actually there. Grammarly solves this problem by identifying your mistakes and correcting them. While you might not need the virtual keyboard, Grammarly is still an important app for fixing errors on the go.

Grammarly is a top spelling, grammar and plagiarism checker. It’ll help you find and fix errors fast, and it works everywhere. It’s trusted by millions of writers for a reason.

Become a Writer Today is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

3. Google Docs

Pricing: Free

Google Drive has historically been one of the most powerful online office suites, and it remains so to this day. It provides a relatively clean and portable writing experience, particularly on Android smartphones and tablets.

It provides you with access to a word processor in Google Docs, cloud storage in the form of Google Drive, and the ability to take notes using Google Keep. As a result, this is an excellent suite of apps for writers.

It can even be used to write scripts for your YouTube videos.

All of these apps are free, and they provide you with up to 15 GB of free space on your Google Drive as well.

If you’re a professional writer, check out my Google Workspace review.

4. Character Story Planner 2

Pricing: Free

Character Story Planner 2 is one of the best book writing apps for Android on the Play Store.

While this app was actually designed to be an app for tabletop gaming (such as “Dungeons and Dragons”), this is also a great resource for those looking to write novels and short stories.

This app is great at creating stories for your characters, coming up with locations, and even creating magical spells. If you are writing something that requires you to create an entire world, then this is the app for you.

You can write an entire book in this app and transpose it into a word processing app later!

5. JotterPad

Pricing: Free with in app purchases

JotterPad provides a free version, and it’s geared specifically for writers.

It can help you write novels, screenplays, and other forms of writing as well. There is a no-distraction mode that helps you get into the zone and tune out distractions.

It even has a word counter, a dark mode, and support for cloud storage. You can even access split-screen mode, where you can work on two documents at once.

6. Markor

Pricing: Free

Markor is a free writing app for Android. It is about as simple and straightforward as it gets. It supports Markdown, meaning you can write HTML relatively quickly (an ideal use case for bloggers).

The app is a basic writing app that helps you write notes, to-do lists, and simple documents. It also provides you with the ability to convert your documents to PDFs.

Finally, it allows you to change the color and size of your font when necessary. With offline support, this is a straightforward app that gets the job done.

7. Microsoft Word, OneDrive Or OneNote

Pricing: Free with in app purchases

Microsoft Word, OneDrive, OneNote provides you with a full range of apps that you can sync across all devices

This suite of apps is a lot like Google Drive. It provides you with a full range of apps that you can sync across all devices.

While Microsoft Word is pretty self-explanatory, OneNote provides the ability to take notes easily.

If you are looking for desktop versions of these apps, then you will need an Office 365 subscription; however, a free version also is available that lets you use Microsoft Word and all that comes with it.

8. Novelist

Pricing: Free

As the name suggests, this is one of the best novel writing apps for Android.

Its numerous features help you plot, prepare, and export your novels and short stories. A timeline feature also helps you track your story as it unfolds.

This app also comes with formatting options, Google Drive support, and a strong text editor. Best of all, this app is free.

9. Pure Writer

Pricing: Free with in app purchases

If you are a minimalist, then this is the app for you. The features are easy to use, making the learning curve short.

There is little to get in the way of your focus. You’ll find paragraph and line spacing options, a dark mode, and the ability to save your documents as you write.

It also reminds you to save your document before you lock your phone to make sure your work is saved. There is even a history feature that lets you restore your work if it gets deleted accidentally.

10. Writer Plus

Pricing: Free with in app purchases

Writer Plus is one of the best writing apps for Android on the Google Play store.

It is popular because of its massive array of features, including headers, text formatting, an undo macro, a night mode and even word counters. It includes a dark theme or night mode.

The user interface is straightforward, and you can navigate through your documents easily. While it doesn’t include everything that’s featured on desktop apps, it’s easy, quick, and intuitive.

Finally, a free version of this app is available as well.

11. IA Writer

Pricing: From free to $29.99

iA Writer has a Focus Mode where you can dim everything on the screen except for the line on which you are working

iA Writer is an intuitive, straightforward writing app that Android users will find easy to use learn.

It’s a clean app that removes all distractions, allowing you to focus on your creative work. With Focus Mode, you can dim everything on the screen except for the line on which you are working.

It also supports Markdown so you can write HTML quickly. iA writer features a light and dark theme, and it also syncs to Dropbox.

The app will also help you highlight weak verbs, repetitive words, grammatical errors, and more.

Finally, the desktop version of iA Writer also links to WordPress, allowing you to write blog posts and publish them to your site quickly and easily. I use this app a lot.

12. Evernote

Pricing: From free to $14.99 per month

Evernote isn’t a dedicated writing app per se. However, if you’re out and about and think of an idea for your article or story, you can save it to Evernote. It’s also a good tool for managing supplementary research for writing projects, such as interviews, PDFs, documents and more.

If you’d like to learn more about how to use Evernote for creative projects, check out this interview.

13. Google Keep

Pricing: Free

Google Keep, a type of dedicated notepad, included with Android devices makes for a good writing app in a pinch. It’s kind of like Evernote-lite.

You can use it for note-taking, to capture ideas, and flesh out outlines while on the go. At the end of the day, the best writing app is the one with you when you need it.

I probably wouldn’t write anything long with it, but I’d use it for research.

Best Writing Apps for Android: The Final Word

These are just a few of the top apps available on Android right now for writers of all types.

Any of these writing tools can help you with blogging, writing a book, creating an article, or editing while using a tablet or Android mobile device.

Take a look at these Android writing apps and find the one that best meets your writing needs.


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