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Creative writing activities for 6th graders

Creative writing activities for 6th graders

This document provides directions for students to follow as a beginning of the year activity. After completing the activity, students can exchange drawings and write and short essay about the other student from what they learn through the drawing. Students enjoy this activity and the pictures can be used for open house as a visual for parents. This is a really good ice-breaker activity that also allows you time to get the beginning of the year paperwork completed. Created by: Mandy McQuade Begin

35 Meaningful 6th Grade Writing Prompts

Some students start to lose interest in writing in middle school , but this is a critical period for writing and an excellent time to help students discover themselves. Students want to be heard at this age, so we need engaging, and thought-provoking writing prompts to help with this. We have compiled a list of fun writing topics that will elicit emotional and meaningful pieces of writing for your students . Use these 35 sixth grade writing prompts to help your students develop their voices and opinions in writing .

Creative Writing

The planner is split into 3 sections. It uses symbols to help students remember the flow of the plot. It is helpful to use the physical gestures as a writing reminder.

Exposition and Initial Incident. Use a photo or other device to brainstorm ideas. In this section, students consider:

      • what kind of hook they could use to entice their audience (eg. sound, action, thought/question/feeling, etc.),
      • how they will share the basic beginnings of a story (who, what, where, when)
      • how the story changes- in the initial incident.

      Rising Action-Climax In this section, the planner is built by imagining a variety of ideas that could happen. (Note the ‘maybe. or. or. )