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Creative writing about pasta

Descriptive Writing: Penne Pasta

When I was writing about my favorite food, the process, the taste, and the look of the dish had come to mind before started writing. This is my favorite dish as my family members and I have made this, so dinner experiences had come into my mind as well. I realized I had a topic to write about as in class we were given a task to describe senses of the favorite food. The topic of penne pasta to write about was again brought up by my personal experiences. In writing about my favorite dish, I did a brainstorming diagram identifying the senses and then followed with creating an outline. I created a list of adjectives that explored the 5 senses to describe my favorite meal. After outlined forms, I began to write. In my food descriptive writing piece, I constantly was revising sentences in my writing to include the adjectives about the pastas features and characteristics. It was difficult writing the whole draft and then going back and changing it. I started with a few paragraphs and then stopped to think and revise how to better phrase some sentences. The steps in composing this piece were a process of brainstorming, outlining, and writing. It seemed easier for me to follow as I knew the adjectives listed in my outline and just had to develop more ideas for those adjectives. Also coloring the layout of the individual outline help me visualize the steps main idea, sub point, and ideas under sub point for getting started on writing the piece. The writing was meaningful to me because I had a challenge with this writing as I had to think about the process and explain adjectives from my five senses on this dish. It took me some time to work on this piece, but for me I felt sense of accomplishment when I was done. The writing did make me think on the topic, for I had looked up additional examples of adjectives to describe my favorite food. This descriptive writing piece is somewhat organized because I had to explain the process and directions of making my dish and I gave the process away at the beginning of the first paragraph and it seems to be a weak transition to paragraph two. However in paragraph three and four I have a better transition of my individual preparation of penne pasta. I fell that transitioning through the process of making the dish did explain my ideas well because the reader follows how to make the pasta and how I felt absorbing all the cues from my dish. I explained the feeling and smell of the penne pasta for readers to have a sense of happiness while cooking. Based on this descriptive writing piece, I feel the grammar and spelling is clear because the paragraphs are separated based on category and sub points for each category. I feel the reader can understand the sentence structure.

My favorite food is penne pasta. As I make this favorite dish, I can feel the last dry uncooked noodle of penne pasta fall off the palm of my hand into a boiling pot of water. Once the pasta is cooked, the penne is drained and steam rises from the hot moist noodles. The penne pasta noodles that I like are slightly soft and are ready for seasoning and flavoring with additional ingredients to appeal to the eyes and taste buds of the consumer.

In looking at this amazing pasta dish, I can see the linear style pasta noodles that have come out of the box. I pour out the long penne noodles into the boiling water to cook for several minutes. Depending on the preference of the eater, one can cook the pasta al-dente or fully cooked to their individual perfection. I can see the pasta penne noodles pattern that is striated lines parallel to each other on each single noodle. While waiting for the pasta to cook, I prepare the ingredients to complement the penne pasta and I stir the reddish tomato paste for the final addition.

While preparing this penne pasta, I move on to the cheese continuing to be busy as the water comes to a boil. I rub the block of Parmesan cheese on to a grater and hear the shaved cheese strands landing on a plate. When I hear the bubbly sounds come from the pot of boiling water, I know the water has come to a boil and it is time to begin adding the pasta. As the pasta cooks I steam vegetables to add to the pasta. The pasta is stirred in the pot once and a while so penne pasta noodles don’t stick to the bottom of the pot. I hear the squishy sounds of the penne noodle as the stirring spoon rubs noodles up against the inner walls of the pot. I can hear the noisy sounds of the spoon clinging against the pan as I stir the tomato sauce.

The best part of preparing my lovely plate is the smell. I smell the seasoned sauce that has herbs of basil, mushroom, and additional vegetables and spices. The grated Parmesan makes it smell fresh and cheesy. The steam of the pasta dish and the vegetables smell delicious.

The food can be served for lunch and/or dinner and is quite ready to be eaten and enjoyed by the eater once preparation is done. Once the ingredients are prepared and the pasta is cooked, I can now give a taste test of the sauce before pouring it on the plate of pasta. The taste of the tomato sauce is delicious as I peppered spices and herbs to the sauce. I pour the tangy sauce onto the pasta and then sprinkled the grated fresh Parmesan cheese on top of the creamy sauce. The cooking is done; I take the plate to the dining table and sit down with a fork ready to be appreciated with a dip into the cheesy pasta and forkful of flavorful goodness.

Creative writing about pasta

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The intoxicating smell of red stewed tomatoes simmering for hours. The sweet smell of basil, oregano and thyme filling my nose. I feel engulfed by the steam rising as I swim back and forth between the rows of noodles. O how I love spaghetti. As I keep swimming lap after lap through the thick chunky sauce. The spices are all around me maturing as they simmer about. I keep swimming and found a meatball and floated on it. The meatball was delicate and meaty. Made of the veal, beef and pork. O how I love spaghetti.