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Sample Cover Letter for Quotation Submission

Sub: Submitting Quotation for Fabrication Work.

As per our discussion, here we are submitting the quotation for the fabrication work, please find the enclosed quotation along with this letter.

For any modifications, please let us know, we will try to revise the quotation.

We ensure quality work at a reasonable cost, and we look forward to hearing from you.

Cover Letter for Sending Quotation (Format 2)


The person name,


Sub: Quotation for Mobile App Development.

As per the discussion in the last week, we hereby submit the quotation for mobile app development.

We have been in this field for more than five years, our world class workforce can develop the best mobile app that can fulfill the needs of you and your customers.

Kindly find the attached quotation along with this letter and give us your valuable response.

We are open to revising the quotation as per your requirements.

Sample Cover Letter for Sending Quotation (Format 3)



Sub: Submitting Quotation for ManPower Supply.

As per your enquiry, here is our quotation to supply manpower to your organization. Kindly find the attached quotation along with this letter.

Please let us know if you want any changes, we will revise the quotation as per your requirements.

We guarantee the supply of quality manpower without any time delay.

Looking forward to your response.

Sample Cover Letter for Sending Quotation (Format 4)


The person name,


Sub: Quotation for ________(purpose)

As per your valuable enquiry, here is the quotation for _________(purpose).

The price mentioned in the quotation can be held for a few days. Once the offer ends then the price may increase.

Hurry up! to get it at the lowest price.

Sample Cover Letter for Sending Quotation (Format 5)


The person name,


Sub: AC service quotation.

We are hereby submitting the quotation for AC service , please find the enclosed quotation along with this letter.

Quotation Cover Letter

A quotation cover letter refers to a letter written by the seller to a buyer giving information about the pricing of a product, delivery conditions, and the terms of payment. It is an offer for sale.

The seller writes this letter to the buyer to convince him/her of the suitability of the product he is selling.

The seller sends it in response to an inquiry that has been made previously by the buyer. Therefore, the seller must state all the information required by the buyer when writing such a letter. The buyer must accept a quotation by way of signing and initiate the processing of the order.

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Tips for writing a Quotation Cover letter

  • While writing the quotation, ensure it’s enclosed – Once all the details are written down, a quote is a confidential document and must be inserted in an envelope with identification on top that indeed it is a quotation. In case the buyer had many letters on board, he will be able to differentiate the quotation from other general letters and give it a priority.
  • Prompt the reader about the products- This is in terms of matching the goods with what they wanted and if they would need any modification. This will aid in forming a close relationship, which will, in the long run, form a basis for closing the contract with your organization.
  • Entice the reader – Inspire the reader by enticing him to purchase the product now when the prices are still low. This is a tactic to ensure that you close the sale within the shortest time possible.
  • Quote the ending date of the terms given – If the pricing and delivery period had an ending date, it’s essential to let the buyer know that the conditions are stipulated for a given period of time. Most likely, if the quotation wins the bid, then the buyer will make sure that the sale is closed within the time limit that you have offered to them.
  • Deliver as promised – When you win the bid, do not give any excuses regarding the delivery date, processing period. Ensure that you provide the customer with an excellent customer service experience, which will help build a long term working relationship and, consequently, profitability.

Quotation Cover Letter Template

This refers to a layout that helps the business person to come up with a complete quotation, having been formatted to input the details as befits the quote. Below is an example.

Date (date on which Quotation is written)

In reference to the discussion we held on I hereby submit the quotation for supply of Office Chairs and Desks.

I hope that the quotation matches your expected costs, delivery, and type.

All our furniture have the below specifications;

It’s our sincere hope that you are comfortable with the quotation, and you will let us know when we can proceed in the processing of your order.

We prefer a 30 days waiting period for payment of any supply from the date of delivery. We believe it is well within your capacity and request for an order soonest.

Since the manufacturer keeps changing the prices, we also request you to act soon before the prices go up, and we may be forced to amend the prices, and therefore the quoted price will be in place for the next 45 days.

It would be kind of you to give as a go-ahead and allow the smooth running of the supply as soon as you could.

Quotation Cover Letter Sample

A sample quotation letter is a preformatted letter showing how to write all the information required by the buyer regarding the sale of services from a proposal that was initially made. Below find an example;

Furniture people International,

Head of Business,

Mr. Latifa Kushi.

Robeta Cleaning Services

Date: ____________ (Date on which quotation is written)

Sub; Quotation for Supply of Furniture.

As per our discussion held last week over the supply of furniture to your office, I, at this moment, present the detailed quotation in support of your request.

We hope that in the interim, this quotation bears all the information that you would require to make a firm decision and a subsequent order.

We hope that you will let us know on the way forward to be able to move with speed and manage the timelines. Some of the pointers include;

  • Our Payment terms- This is done 30 days after the date of delivery.
  • Pricing- The prices given are valid for 45 days, depending on the manufacturer’s change of prices. As such, we request your order to be done within this period to avoid changes at the last minute.

Your company has an excellent contract relationship with us and look forward to better times together. Please find attached the quotation.

For more information, kindly reach the undersigned on email [email protected] at your earliest.

Quotation Cover Letter Email

This is a form of an email quotation sent to the buyer with all the information required to entice him to close a contract with you. Below is an example.

I am Peter England, the Facilities Manager of the Furniture People international Ltd.

As discussed last week, I, at this moment, present to you a quotation for the supply of furniture to your organization.

We have quoted the prices of each type of furniture, the expected delivery period. What’s more, we are currently offering free delivery if you buy within the next 20 days from the date of this quotation.

Our payment terms are flexible and range between 30-45 days from the date of delivery.

It’s our sincere hope that you are comfortable with this arrangement and look forward to getting a final order to aid in processing the cargo.

Do not hesitate to contact the undersigned for further information on email [email protected]

I will appreciate your prompt reply.

Thanking in advance,

“Furniture People International Ltd”


A well-designed quotation cover letter is what is needed to entice the buyer to purchase your products. Create a friendly environment and ensure that this goes well with whatever you quote. Never overpromise the customer if you know that you will not deliver.