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Cinderella creative writing

cinderella – quotes and descriptions to inspire creative writing

It was the ballroom that called for Cinderella, to feel the presence of a heart with such a strong soul-connection.

Being a cinder-ella is not a sin. To start from poverty is a noble a-start as any. To come from a challenging start and become a great and loving person is a huge achievement. So, though we hope that Cinderella did live happily ever after, what happens often is that when a woman is poor the new family (and often the spouse in time) treats her as the maid, an inferior, a person of not-s-good genetics. Frustrations with the children are often then blamed on her – after all “he married down.” Of course, there are boy Cinder-ella’s too. There are times when the girl was more affluent and the husband is treated as the “poor relation” and blamed for any problems. Families cannot be this way. They can’t treat the spouse with such cold heartedness and expect the marriage to function well. Marriage and parenthood are challenging enough without these extra pressures. Family is supposed to support and nurture. Perhaps we need to see the “happily ever after”? Perhaps we need to see how family is supposed to treat a new member that is vulnerable and otherwise alone in the world. In survival cultures (money-nexus) there is a tendancy to support the stronger partner in any controversy, the rationale of the situation bending around this truth. As such, our Cinderella girls and boys often are bullied even after the wedding.

Cinderella was born in that ballroom, for it was the moment she realised that she was worth more than ashes and sacrifice, that she was as worth of happiness as any other.

Cinder-ella isn’t a name; it’s lifelong stigma for being born poor and disadvantaged. Rather, treat me as the queen who rose upon flamed wing, and I will make you my king. I’m Bella. Beauty inside and out. I’m empathy and compassion, kindness and humble gratitude. and worthy of a warm-hearted man.

Cinderella Story Ideas

The Cinderella story lends itself readily to re-invention. Put your own twist to this traditional fairy tale and develop it into a marvelous original story. Here are some writing prompts and story starters to get you going:

The Modern Fairy Tale
Department manager from hell favors two lazy, bumbling secretaries (who just happen to be his nieces) at the expense of overworked Cindy. Top honcho of company is an eligible bachelor looking for a Personal Assistant.

Twisted Characters
She’s actually a sly, scheming sex siren, playing on the sympathies of Prince Not-So-Charming (who’s just another schemer with pretensions to royalty and riches); and the two of them get exactly what they deserve.

Gender Twist
He’s a gentle, sensitive guy, an artist/musician/writer trying to make his way in life, but he has enemies/rivals who stand in the way of his getting the heroine, who’s an heiress/famous actress/the girl next door.

Midnight Thief
A family of thieves gets invited to a grand ball thrown by Prince Charming. The family friend, a master of disguises, helps the youngest daughter to doll up as a beautiful princess. She attends the ball with the intention of picking the Prince’s pocket/stealing the Queen’s jewelry but falls for Prince Charming instead.

We’re still adding more stuff to this page; do visit often for new story ideas.

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