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Capstone project help reddit

What senior (capstone?) project did you do?

or, at the very least, what are some good senior projects ideas? My major is mechanical engineering.

I need ideas for my seniors project; particularly, something interesting but do-able.

Also, i searched previous threads, but i still need more ideas. Thanks!

The way our capstone works, companies can pay something like $20,000 to submit a capstone project for students to complete. This funding also leaves some room for university level and charity projects – like the human powered drill, University Rover Challenge, open source wheelchair, AFRL heavy lift challenge, and other various competitions.

Here you can find all previous projects from 2008 until now.

I don’t know how other schools work, but with my university you are have a project supervisor, who is just one of the professors in your discipline.

So I would say a nice place to start would be to figure out which profs research in an area that you are interested in and approach those profs first!

Furthermore it is possible to continue a project that has been worked on by a previous group of students, while you will not have a original idea, getting a more definite problem to solve can really help focus your work and make the project more fun.

Ideas for a Capstone project?

Hi guys, I’m doing my capstone project next semester. I was wondering what you guys have done in the past or any ideas that would be cool to do. I do most of my coding in Python and would like some ideas for cool things I could do in that language if possible.

Also, what is really expected for a capstone project? What are your experiences?

What are your interests? What advanced classes have you taken? A capstone is what you make of it, try to work on something valuable to you.

Honestly I fell in love with frontend developing, but I don’t think they’ll be too happy with just a simple website? Like I feel like it has to be bigger than that, that’s why I’m really lacking some ideas because I haven’t really been to interested in anything else.

Also, what is really expected for a capstone project?

Completely depends on your educational institution. Ask them.

Find somebody in the history, anthropology, polysci, or biology departments and work with them to write a monte-carlo simulation to explore an interesting question.

By focusing on monte-carlo simulation you can avoid making a fool of yourself with incorrect usage of statistics and still produce useful results.

The people telling you to improve tooling are wrong. Academics have all the tooling they need. It’s a saturated market.

Going off of this, you might not need to do AI in order to work with the department. My current project is turning a math model developed by the environmental science department to mitigate flood damage. We now use it to make predictions to be used by a town and reduce damage to people’s properties. There’s a surprising amount of backend development that had to take place to get forecasts and do the math before returning to a nice simple front end that the professor and mayor can use.

One thing you could do is look into something your school does that could be improved by software.

I forget the specifics but one capstone project that was done at my college had to do with streamlining the application process, which was being done archaically at the time.

The school didn’t use it (the group didn’t really finish the project) but it was cool to see an idea that had come from a real need the college had.

These are also great questions to ask your capstone coordinator (I assume you should have one), I’m currently in the last month of mine, which is an internship with deliverables due.

I think a capstone should mean something to you. Only you could make it and you went the extra effort to make it the best work you’ve done at uni. So a good capstone draws from a lot of different fields, not just compsci—make compsci a tool for a larger issue or topic etc.

a good capstone should drive you crazy and test your limits, good luck 🙂

Personally, I was assigned a project by a company in the industry (we had a professor source these projects). While it is cool to work with a well-established professional, usually the projects aren’t very interesting or lack reasonable scope. Personally, my team was handed a working software product and told to turn it into a product (make it downloadable, write documentation, bug fixes, etc.). While the software product is super cool, I had basically no part in building it and instead act as somewhat of a product designer while not leveraging much of what I learned in my education. So long story short, I think it’s awesome that you can choose what project you have. I have so many good ideas that I would have loved to have dedicated a class to this semester.

You should see if there are any researchers at your university who have software they hate using. then make it better!

We partnered with a researcher to make a server/frontend that could run simulations using their super janky, command-line simulation software.

It really streamlined their workflow and allowed them to do much more with their time than screw around with parameters buried in text files and messy file organization.

It was a big success and they’re still using/improving it. Take a look!

Would your institution allow open source projects as a capstone?

Blender 2.8x is currently going through a lot of development. Python is the scripting API for Blender. There might be some add-ons which need to be migrated from 2.79 to 2.8.

Whatever you do, seek out advice on how to set a realistic scope for the project. Understanding what you can do and how much time it will take is a skill that takes time to refine.

A capstone project is really just a theoretical project for a company. But it can help you get a job after college if you put some work into it.

You mentioned you are learning Python and you enjoy front end development.

So why not build a web scraper that displays some type of data. There are tons of open API’s, or websites with data to scrape. Python for data scraping and html/css/js for front end dev.

If you are looking for more of the networking path, build a network traffic analyzer from scratch.

If you haven’t had some type of internship or part time job, think about a project that may relate to your future career choice. Good luck!

My internship was all frontend html/css/jquery stuff. I have done some light data scraping though, so maybe that’s a good route for me to go. The project is only a semester long, so that kinda freaks me out that I don’t have all that much time to work on it.

In my ugrad capstone we had to build a simple working operating system on a basic cpu that we built in digital circuits. It was a 1 year project and digital circuits was also an entire semester in and of itself.

That’s actually really cool, and to have a year to work on the project must’ve been nice too because you can really get into it. Mine is only a semester long, so it has to be something simple enough to do in that time frame but also complicated enough for a capstone. But damn. that’s a really cool idea.

Use python, a raspberry pi to make a bird house with a camera in it that uses motion detection and can take picture in night and day. Have it connect to WiFi and run on a solar panel. Weather proof it. Make a web server using python so you can download pictures through a web interface

This is actually brilliant. I’m putting this down on my list. I love working with motion detectors and raspberry pi.

I became proficient with SQL Server 2008 at an internship before college. Like, just for an example of a crazy hack which was driven by a real-world business case, there was this table that had on the order of 3 rows in it, but the rows were changed ~quarterly by a non-technical user. The rows corresponded to columns in some fancy report, and so we used a PIVOT clause (I think it was PIVOT) to generate that report. Problem is PIVOTs have to be hardcoded. So I ended up writing a stored procedure that ran on insert/update/delete, to generate and eval the sql to write the stored procedure for that report.

So basically, I entered college obsessed with the idea of sinking business logic into the database engine. On the one hand, one wants their business logic all in one place, with a strong focus on logical coherence. But on the other hand, thought me, why not put it as close to the data as possible?

It’s not clear this was a good idea. But it was my obsession.

So for my capstone project, I wrote a database engine from scratch, predicated around this. I wrote it in C#, and my crowning achievement was that the query language was C# lambda expressions. I straight up serialized the lambda expression, shipped it to the db server, and ran it in place, on the remote server. The results were then streamed back.

It was terrible, but mostly because I spent more time on the “query language” than I did on the part where it was a database engine. I wrote a custom serialization format for the network io, which was focused on small size. But I ran out of time, so I literally dumped it to disk, for the storage layer. It was variable width with no indexing, so it had to do a linear scan over the entire db to find the record you asked for.

What is a capstone project?

All the grad programs I’m looking at reference a capstone project, but not one of them nor my friends have been able to explain to me what that is. How does it compare to an undergrad thesis? It is in place of a master’s thesis?

So I’m an economics major and I’m in my last semester in college. To complete my major, I had to do an economic capstone project in order to graduate.

Basically, it was a semester long project and that was the only thing we worked on. The grade was heavily dependent on our final paper. So the semester was full of writing small papers that will later be organized into the final paper, as well as data analytics/regressions to support my hypothesis.

It definitely was not easy and my paper ended up being around 13 pages, but overall the class taught me how to thoroughly write a research paper.

I’m not sure how other majors handle a capstone project, but that is the gist of it. Hope this helps!!