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Board Resume

Writing a corporate resume takes a lot of time and effort. Knowing how to write a concise two page board resume can be even more challenging and daunting. You’re an executive. You understand time is money. Perhaps now is the time to let a professional resume writer alleviate you of the burden of creating a board resume so you can focus on exploring the board appointments most relevant to your career and personal interests.

Your Corporate Resume is not a Board Resume

Corporate resumes are seductive; they use personal branding to market your unique promise of value and are filled with a plethora of quantifiable career achievements, capturing and engaging the reader in your career story all within a 2 – 3 page document.

A Board Resume is not nearly as exciting; in fact, it’s downright bland and boring but is a necessary tool when you are aspiring to become a full-time Board Director.

While a traditional executive job search resume is targeted to the hiring influencer, a board resume is targeted to the Nominating and Governance Committee in charge of the board recruitment process. The change in purpose and audience necessitates a change in resume format.

Board Directors are the “overseers”, they discuss and equate issues to shareholder value, arriving at decisions through census and collaboration. It is best to therefore start from a clean slate when writing a board resume versus trying to modify your existing corporate executive document. Unlike a corporate resume, a board resume has a different focus, is succinct and streamlined, presented at the highest strategic level, and no longer than two pages.

Boring? Yes. Easy to do? No. That is why it is always best to hire a professional who will ensure you position yourself accurately and optimally for the role of a Board Director.

Mary Elizabeth Bradford, CERM, CMRW+EE, CARW, MCD, NCOPE
Top Executive Resume Writer / C-Level Executive Resume Writer

Do you, like so many other CEOs, COOs, CFOs, CIOs, CDOs, and CTOs, struggle with the following:

  • Send out your executive resume with little or no response?
  • Are unsure if your resume clearly speaks to your target market?
  • Find it frustrating to communicate your skills without feeling that you are bragging?
  • Know your resume falls short of selling your skills and abilities, but don’t know what to do about it?
  • Want to change industries or qualify for a bigger position/title, but are unclear how to frame your resume to accurately position yourself for maximum market leverage?
  • Are unclear what to say when asked to give examples of your strengths and achievements?

I am an Internationally Certified Master Resume Writer, Advanced Resume Writer, award-winning Job Search Coach, and top-selling author of career books and guides. Formerly, I was the President of The LYNN Group, a highly successful executive recruiting firm. I would like to show you how a small investment in yourself and your career can result in landing quality interviews, formidable salary increases, bigger and better titles, and more fulfilling job roles.

“As President of the professional association, Career Directors International, I have had the opportunity to get to know member, conference speaker, and committee volunteer, Mary Elizabeth. She has consistently impressed me her cutting edge strategies for career success, and her willingness to help others succeed.”

– Laura DeCarlo, Executive Director & President

” The new company matched my base and bonus. Add-ons included a strong sign-on bonus (to offset walking away from my bonus), car allowance, and a 5x increase in equity (in the millions in current market value – which is many times greater than my current package). I am going from a $500M revenue company to a $1B+ revenue organization, with strong investors and a track record of growth and profitability . I think I interviewed with 9 people over several months, and got nothing but compliments on the resume. Overall, it’s going to give me experience at $1B+ scale, and a chance to pick up some general management experience that will hopefully help me pivot to a COO or president type role in the future.”

– Fergie T., Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

“Mary Elizabeth, using the executive resume you designed for me, I went from a SVP of Operations to landing a COO role with a premier, $2B+ specialty food company. I also secured a $100k+ salary increase and an amazing benefit package. This position is located in one of the most beautiful parts of the US and my wife and I couldn’t be happier. I have been referring you to others every chance I get!”

– Darren T., Chief Operating Officer

“I was having a tough time landing interviews for posted jobs at the VP- and C-level in Silicon Valley, California. Since I was a career technologist with a couple of home-run hits, I was flabbergasted . till I read Mary Elizabeth Bradford’s book titled The NEW Executive Job Search. Her examples of what to expect using the classic methods of finding a job matched my experience 100%. Then, Mary Elizabeth and her colleagues rewrote my resume following their process. The feedback from my colleagues and potential employers was amazing: we went from “nice resume” to “fantastic format and what an amazing resume.” I landed a dream job at nearly $400k, a 30% premium over my previous jobs. In addition, I received a healthy chunk of stock options that could provide another life-changing experience. Thank you, Mary Elizabeth, for reawakening my confidence and showing me the way.”

– Harold Y., Chief Technology Officer

“A resume represents that critical outer layer of professional ‘packaging’ around one’s career. Having a professionally designed executive resume provided me with the added confidence of having a solid document that accurately communicates my true value to an organization. Having this polished ammunition gave me great peace of mind during my confidential search process. Within 6 months of vetting opportunities, I landed a great executive role in an outstanding Fortune 250 company, with a 40% increase in compensation. Dream job: check. Compensation: check. The unlimited opportunity that lies ahead: priceless. “

– Martha B., Senior Vice President, Fortune 250 Technology Corporation

“As a VIP Platinum client I received excellent support during my transition and secured a higher title with a fast growth company with a very bright future, a $65k increase in compensation with significant bonus potential. I felt incredibly prepared during the negations and this all happened within 90 days – thank you! I was also able to successfully transition out of the industry I was in , which was another goal of mine.”

– Chris F., Chief Operating Officer

“I had been sending my resume out with ZERO response for 6 months before you ‘talked me into’ investing in your professional resume package. In the first week of submitting my new resume to the SAME companies I had previously sent my resume to – I landed 3 interviews and I presently have an offer on the table for nearly double my previous salary. That is a $70,000 pay increase and 5000% ROI on my investment in myself and my career. Awesome!”

– Russel B., Construction Executive, Nashville, TN

“After working with Mary Elizabeth, I secured a position that met my goals and increased my bonus structure over 80%. Mary Elizabeth is not only an expert career coach, she is also a person with high integrity, compassion and very motivational.”

Charles K., Chief Financial Officer, St. Louis, MO

Not only did Mary Elizabeth design a resume for me that has landed me multiple interviews for C-level positions, in my most recent position her negotiation techniques helped me secure substantially MORE than what was originally offered! “

– John K., Chief Operating Officer, Toronto, Canada

Why do professionals hire Mary Elizabeth?

Mary Elizabeth Bradford is one of the top CxO executive resume writers in the world, acknowledged authority and 15+-year veteran of the career-services industry including serving as past President of a top boutique executive search firm. She possesses the highest international industry certifications available: Internationally Certified Advanced Resume Writer, Master Career Director, Certified Executive Resume Master, and Certified Master Resume Writer. Top awards include Forbes Top 100 Career Website, CDI Career Innovator Award and CDIs Highest distinction, The Lifetime Achievement Award.

Best Executive Resume Writing Services

Advance your career with a laser-targeted branding package

Michael Kurko a writer and editor for The Balance. He is an expert in small business marketing, finance, wealth management, and business technology. He has deep experience reviewing insurance products and has worked with brands including Software Advice, Fit Small Business, and Fast Capital 360.

With practical experience running his own IT business and an education in the liberal arts, Matthew Klammer has become well-accustomed to the difficulties of research. From providing POS systems to small tourist shops to data security and account management, Matthew has provided business solutions to many individuals.

We recommend the best products through an independent review process, and advertisers do not influence our picks. We may receive compensation if you visit partners we recommend. Read our advertiser disclosure for more info.

Executive resume writing services can help professionals land top-salary positions with a resume, cover letter, and personal branding package targeted to their skills and goals. Most are run by former executives or recruiters who know exactly what it takes to compete in the upper echelons of the executive world.

According to professional resume writer, Mary Elizabeth Bradford, only 10% of executive positions in the $300K+ range are advertised online. A laser-targeted resume and a well-polished executive bio can help an executive get discovered by recruiters and headhunters, giving them a leg up on the competition.

We reviewed over a dozen executive resume writing services and chose the best based on experience, personalized service, career support, cost, and more. Here are our top picks.

The 8 Best Executive Resume Writing Services of 2022

  • Best Overall:Career Steering
  • Runner-Up, Best Overall:The Writing Guru
  • Best Customer Service:TopResume
  • Best for Experienced Executives:Briefcase Coach
  • Best for ATS Software:ZipJob
  • Best for C-Suite Executives:Mary Elizabeth Bradford
  • Best Value:Capstone Resume Services
  • Career Steering
  • The Writing Guru
  • TopResume
  • Briefcase Coach
  • ZipJob
  • Mary Elizabeth Bradford
  • Capstone Resume Services

Best Overall : Career Steering

Career Steering was founded in the early 2000s by Rosa Elizabeth Vargas, a certified resume writer and career coach with a background as a senior-level executive. For over 10 years, the company has been providing boutique resume writing services for C-suite executives, general counsels, and board-level leaders. We chose it as the best overall because it offers personalized, one-on-one resume consulting and writing as well as career branding.

Every resume is written by Rosa herself with editing, research, and preliminary preparation done by one of her certified, executive resume writing assistants.

Clients start by choosing an executive resume service package, then email their career documents (resume, cover letters, LinkedIn profile, etc.) and fill out an executive career assessment. From there, Career Steering schedules a 60- to 90-minute writing session to map the resume branding strategy by phone, Skype, or Zoom.

Because clients work directly with Rosa, the turnaround time for a completed resume is four plus weeks with back-and-forth consultation as needed. Career Steering’s most basic package includes a resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile optimized for search.

In addition to the packages listed below, Career Steering also offers à la carte resume writing services that include a one-hour resume branding phone session, resume branding and value proposition, career assessment personal branding questionnaire, and two rounds of edits and edit phone calls, all for $1,695.

180° Career Acceleration Executive Branding Package

  • $2,295
  • Branded executive resume with custom graphics (3 formats: Word, PDF, and ASCII)
  • LinkedIn profile and SEO optimization
  • Job-focused cover letter (2 formats: Word and ASCII)
  • Job search handouts

270° Brand Reputation Executive Branding Package

  • $2,795
  • All 180° Career Acceleration Executive Branding Package features
  • Modern bio with custom graphics (3 formats: Word, PDF, and ASCII)

360° Career Steering Executive Branding Package

  • $3,995
  • All 270° Brand Reputation Executive Branding Package features
  • LinkedIn development and SEO optimization
  • Customized LinkedIn background
  • Distribution to recruiters and venture capital
  • Networking resume or personal branding video
  • Thank-you letter
  • Unlimited email communications

Runner-Up , Best Overall : The Writing Guru

The Writing Guru

The Writing Guru was founded in 2010 by Wendi Weiner, a professional writer with a long career as a college professor and lawyer. Wendi is recognized as a top executive resume writer and has been published in major media outlets including HuffPost, Forbes, and Thrive Global. We chose The Writing Guru as our runner-up because it offers the most one-on-one time with each client.

The Writing Guru focuses its services on high-level professionals, senior managers, executives, and top business leaders. Wendi handles each project from beginning to end and doesn’t outsource any work to a subcontractor or another writer. Projects typically take over 15 to 20 hours and include more than three hours of coaching and consulting.

Using an existing resume review, an extensive questionnaire, and a one-hour interview process, Wendi digs in to craft a resume tailored to the career objectives and experience of each client and a detailed cover letter that emphasizes their credentials and accomplishments. Wendi updates her clients on the progress of their resumes and will ask additional questions and request more information on follow-up calls if needed.

The Writing Guru offers tiered packages focused on the type of professional served. Due to the focus and attention Wendi gives to each client, the typical turnaround for a resume and cover letter package is 14 to 21 days.

C-Suite, General Counsel, BOD, International Execs

Standard Resume Package

  • $2,695
  • Executive resume (includes two rounds of revisions)
  • Unlimited email support (after the project is complete)
  • Master cover letter
  • Pre- and post-strategy calls

Premium Branding Package

  • $3,595
  • All Standard Resume Package features
  • Full LinkedIn profile makeover and strategy call

Premium Branding Plus Bio Package

  • $4,995
  • All Premium Resume Package features
  • C-Suite/Board Bio

Ultimate Branding Package

  • $8,495
  • All Premium Branding Package features
  • Thank you letter
  • Networking e-note letters
  • One-page networking resume and interview coaching call

Senior Executives, Executive Managers, Business Leaders

Standard Resume Package

  • $2,395
  • Executive resume (includes two rounds of revisions)
  • Unlimited email support (after the project is complete)
  • Master cover letter
  • Pre- and post-strategy calls

Premium Branding Package

  • $3,095
  • All Standard Resume Package features
  • Full LinkedIn profile makeover and strategy call

Premium Branding Plus Bio Package

  • $4,195
  • All Premium Resume Package features
  • C-Suite/Board Bio

Ultimate VIP Branding Package

  • $7,895
  • All Premium Branding Package features
  • Thank you letter
  • Networking e-note letters
  • One-page networking resume and interview coaching call

Best Customer Service : TopResume

Founded in 2014, TopResume boasts a network of over 1,200 writers, certified career coaches, recruiters, and experienced hiring professionals with experience in over 65 industries. We chose it as the best customer service because it offers a free resume review and a free rewrite of resumes it creates that don’t generate twice the number of job interviews.

TopResume uses a unique approach to the resume writing process, combining the knowledge of its resume writers with feedback from resume-scanning software that filters applicants based on keywords. This dual approach ensures that resumes created by the company satisfy both humans and the machines that sift through resumes before passing them on.

TopResume’s certified resume writers collaborate with each client to deliver the first draft of a resume within about a week. Clients have another week to offer feedback to the writer and receive up to two rounds of revisions. The entire process normally takes one to two weeks.

In addition to its paid resume writing services, TopResume lets users upload a copy of their resume for a free review that includes feedback on the layout, how the resume communicates skills and expertise, and personalized recommendations for improvement. The company will also rewrite a client’s resume if it doesn’t double the number of interviews within 60 days.

Professional Growth Package

  • $149
  • Professionally written resume

Career Evolution Package

  • $219
  • Professionally written resume
  • Custom cover letter
  • Sixty-day interview guarantee

Executive Priority Package

  • $349
  • All Career Evolution Package features
  • LinkedIn makeover

Best for Experienced Executives : Briefcase Coach

Briefcase Coach is the creation of Sarah Johnston, a former corporate recruiter and development professional who has helped executives move up the ladder with professional resumes and career coaching. We chose Briefcase Coach as the best for experienced executives because it offers tiered resume writing packages based on the needs of each client.

Although Briefcase Coach also offers resume writing services for graduates and non-executive professionals, its experience in the latest trends of the recruitment process and applicant tracking system (ATS) software allow it to offer executives support in branding, networking, and interviewing as well as resume writing.

Briefcase Coach clients start with a 60 to 90-minute intake and strategy interview with Sarah where she works to understand each client’s strengths, goals, and achievements. From there, she crafts a custom resume from scratch, typically spending an average of 12 to 20 hours per resume. Turnaround time from consultation to final draft is typically seven business days.

In addition to resume and cover letter writing, Briefcase Coach also helps executives improve their skills in networking, personal outreach, navigating LinkedIn, and even handling job searches and interviews.

Beyond the executive resume writing packages offered below, Briefcase Coach also offers à la carte pricing with an executive resume as a standalone product starting at $1,300.

Compact Briefcase Package

  • Starts at $1,500
  • 60-90 minute consultation
  • Custom resume
  • Custom cover letter

Portfolio Briefcase Package

  • Starts at $2,000
  • Two 30-minute job search coaching calls
  • One-hour interview coaching call
  • Executive bio
  • Email and text support

Attache Package

  • Starts at $2,799
  • LinkedIn profile branding
  • One-hour mock interview (recorded)
  • Thirty minutes of LinkedIn training
  • Email and text support

Best for ATS Software : ZipJob

After learning that his wife’s resume was being filtered out by automated resume screeners, Michael Krikheli created ZipJob in 2017 to help job seekers build resumes that make it through the filters to real recruiters. We chose it as the best for ATS software because it focuses on creating keyword-optimized resumes that will land more interviews.

ZipJob asks users to either upload an existing resume or answer some questions to create one from scratch. From there, a dedicated writer works with each client to build a properly formatted resume that highlights their skills and goals. Writers communicate with their clients through the entire process, asking questions and getting clarification along the way.

All of ZipJob’s resume writers are experienced in resume keyword optimization to ensure that every resume has the best chance of being scanned and accepted by automated screeners. Once a resume is written, the writer will scan it through ATS software and adjust it as needed.

ZipJob claims that its optimized resumes get their clients two to three times more interviews. It backs this up with a 60-day interview guarantee and will offer a free rewrite of a client’s resume if it doesn’t generate more interviews after 60 days.

ZipJob offers three packages:


  • $139
  • A professionally written resume from an experienced writer
  • Keyword optimization to pass ATS scanning software
  • 1-on-1 communication with your writer

Fast Track

  • $189
  • Everything from Launch plus
  • Cover letter
  • 60-Day interview guarantee


  • $299
  • Everything from Fast Track
  • LinkedIn update
  • Expedited delivery

Best for C-Suite Executives : Mary Elizabeth Bradford

Mary Elizabeth Bradford

Having built a successful recruiting business in the 1990s, Mary Elizabeth Bradford launched her personal brand in 2008. Today, her team of certified resume writers offers boutique resume writing services to executives across the globe. We chose it as the best for C-suite executives because it helps them make high-level career transitions with professional resumes, personal branding, networking, and more.

Mary Elizabeth Bradford offers directors, VPs, CxOs, and board members both executive resume packages and the option of working directly with Mary Elizabeth herself. In addition to providing its clients with resumes, the company also helps them find a clear focus of direction and lock down some concrete strategies for reaching their career goals.

Clients who choose one of Mary Elizabeth Bradford’s lower-tier executive resume packages won’t be working with Mary Elizabeth herself, but with one of her certified executive resume writers and coaches. All packages include a resume, a value proposition letter, digital storage, an executive thank-you letter, and three of Mary Elizabeth Bradford’s bestselling Career Artisan guidebooks.

Mary Elizabeth Bradford’s VIP packages are for high-earning executives looking for private coaching during executive transitions. Many corporations and private equity firms also use these services to outplace their top executives.

Mary Elizabeth Bradford offers multiple packages ranging from one-on-one consulting with Mary Elizabeth to working with her team of certified executive resume writers. The company also offers à la carte “resume only” services for $2,597.

Executive Resume Package

  • $2,597
  • Executive resume
  • Value proposition letter
  • Digital storage
  • Executive thank you letter template
  • Three Career Artisan guidebooks

VIP Premium Package

  • $3,979
  • Executive resume
  • Two value proposition letters
  • Digital storage
  • Executive thank you letter template
  • LinkedIn profile design and optimization
  • Executive recruiter distribution
  • Thirty-minute Power Coaching session
  • The Job Search Success System

VIP Board of Directors Resume Package

  • $4,397
  • Executive resume written specifically for BOD roles
  • Value proposition letter
  • Digital storage
  • Executive thank-you letter template
  • LinkedIn Profile design and optimization
  • Executive recruiter distribution
  • Board of Directors special report and tip sheet
  • Executive biography

VIP Executive Package

  • $5,979
  • Executive resume
  • Second one-page networking resume
  • Three customized value proposition letters
  • Digital storage
  • Executive thank you letter template
  • Reference testimonials
  • LinkedIn profile design and optimization

VIP Platinum In-Person Coaching Program (by application only)