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Magical creative writing

Make Creative Writing Engaging and Magical!

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Online creative writing can be both engaging and magical with a language arts program that knows just how to get reluctant writers from staring at a blank page to actively writing in ways they never have before! Check out how games and imagination bring writing, grammar, and spelling to life with Night Zookeeper!

*Disclosure: I was asked for an honest review of Night Zookeeper. I was compensated for my time. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. I only choose to share resources that I would use with my own family and those that I believe other families will enjoy and benefit from.

Homeschooling Reluctant Writers

For many children writing is a dreaded chore, while for others, it can be downright painful. These are the kiddos that need an extra boost of confidence and fun. Children need to see how magical writing can be and how expressing our thoughts are not a cause for fear or anxiety but a release of reactivity and imagination.

My daughter LOVES copywork and coming up with fanciful stories for me to scribe for her. She’ll even draw pictures to go along with her stories! But she isn’t physically writing stories on her own yet. Of course, she’d much rather be doing her arts and crafts than writing. What creative 8-year-old wouldn’t?

My son has been a reluctant writer from day one. He tends to stare at the page blankly before throwing his hands up in the air and saying, “I don’t know what to write!”

That’s been a hard pill for me to swallow because this kid is brilliant! But he struggles with getting his thoughts onto paper. This year we are focussing heavily on his writing skills while still trying to keep it fun without the overwhelm.

So I’m always looking for new and exciting resources to help my son and daughter on their writing journeys. I recently discovered Night Zookeeper and thought it could be an excellent addition to our homeschool writing endeavors.

Online Creative Writing Language Arts Curriculum

Night Zookeeper is an award-winning creative writing platform that helps improve the writing skills of 5-12+ year olds. But it’s so much more than that!

There are plenty of reading and writing programs available for kids. And for many, these programs work just fine. But for other children, especially reluctant writers , struggling readers , or kids who need extra help in the language arts department, Night Zookeeper is a gamechanger because it is a game-based language arts curriculum that sparks imagination and creativity!

Game-Based Homeschool Writing

With Night Zookeeper , kids draw magical zoo animals that go on their interactive journey through the Night Zoo. That’s right; there is a fun drawing aspect to this online creative writing curriculum ! Perfect for my daughter, who loves to draw, and fun for my son too! The Night Zoo is filled with some of the most magical and bizarre animals you’ve ever seen!

Your kids will help the zookeeper, Will, and his friends, as they try to protect the zoo from the evil Lord Nulth and his robotic monsters called the Voids. They are trying to steal the Night Zoo’s colors. In return for looking after the animals and completing activities, your children will collect orbs. Orbs help you to power up or they can be cashed in to buy new animals to add to the zoo!

With over 1,000 different learning games and activities, your children will practice grammar, spelling, vocabulary, and sentence structure! I’ve said it before, and I’ll repeat it again, games are a fantastic way to enhance learning in your homeschool! Night Zookeeper hits the ball out of the park with this one!

Night Zookeeper Parental Controls and Information

To get all of the important information for parents, download the Night Zookeeper Parent Guide. There you’ll find details about how to get started, saving your child’s work, the zoo menu guide, information about challenges and competitions, how to set up and use the parent dashboard, privacy settings, and more!

Here are a few things I personally love about my kids using Night Zookeeper:

  • From the parent dashboard, I can monitor my children’s writing, achievements, and feedback from their tutors.
  • I LOVE that this is a SAFE and MONITORED environment with no ads. No photos can be uploaded either. Instead, kids draw their own fun avatars as their profile pictures.
  • There is a communal aspect in which kids can compete with other kids worldwide with an online writing competition!
  • Kids can also comment on each other’s work. Comments are strictly monitored.
  • These competitions offer real prizes like books and card games!
  • Future authors can also compete to have their work published in the Night Zookeeper books!

Online Creative Writing with Night Zookeeper for Older Kids

Night Zookeeper is geared toward 5-12-year-olds. So, would it work for 13 and 14-year-olds?

You know your kiddos best. However, I saw progress in my reluctant 14-year-olds writing abilities. My son enjoys the program and requests it every morning. He is presented with writing topics and writing prompts in small bite-sized chunks. After just three days, he had already written three different drafts culminating in over 200 words.

He has written about his animal creation, the Fri Bird, his favorite books, and a news report! After a week, he had seven submitted projects and over 500 words. The same kid that struggles to get words onto a page is writing without my nagging or prodding!

That’s progress, folks!

Benefits Night Zookeepers Online Creative Writing

The online creative writing benefits of Night Zookeeper are vast and far-reaching.

  • Improved core writing skills
  • Creative drawing and the creation of zoo animals are so much fun.
  • FREE monthly printables that follow the online gameplay.
  • Game-based interactive spelling games, and grammar lessons
  • Children are encouraged to explore many different forms of writing , including stories about magical animals, recipes, newspaper articles, persuasive reports, poetry, and letter writing.
  • Weekly Lessons that incorporate interactive video elements and games to teach your children key skills. ‍
  • Online writingcompetitions with kids from around the world are a fun bonus.
  • Positive feedback from a dedicated team of tutors with encouragement for your kids on improving their writing is super helpful.
  • Publishing opportunities for kids in Night Zookeeper books is an exciting possibility.

Engaging Online Creative Writing with Night Zookeeper

I am thoroughly impressed with Night Zookeeper! It could be used as the sole language arts curriculum for homeschoolers because it covers reading, writing, spelling, vocabulary, and grammar. We used it for about 30 minutes each day per kid. Though it is said that only 30 minutes per week to a few hours per week will suffice. You could also use Night Zookeeper as a supplement to your current program because it will help your kids build on their literacy skills in such a delightfully fun way.

Some Reasons I Think Night Zookeeper Is a Fantastic Resource for Homeschoolers:

  • Short writing challenges take the overwhelm out of putting words onto paper.
  • It sparks the imagination with its gamified writing process.
  • Reluctant writers will find this program helps boost their confidence while providing them with highly engaging tools and encouragement to help them write their thoughts and ideas down.

Night Zookeeper Special Offer

Be sure to check out this unique online creative writing resource for your reluctant writers! Right now, Night ZooKeeper is available at $59.99 for the year for a single child subscription and $77.99 for 2-3 children. (NOTE: This offer may have ended. Please check with Night Zookeeper for current pricing information.)

More children can be added at a bespoke price.

People who sign up get a free 7-day trial and then get 50% off on the yearly subscription.

Magical creative writing

Here you’ll find information about how to write fantasy, with advice on the dos and don’ts of creating magical worlds. This is just one of many pages on this website about creative writing techniques. At the bottom, you’ll find links to related pages about how to write a novel, as well as the chance to take free creative writing lessons.

How to write fantasy – what’s a fantasy novel?

Fantasy is a genre or category of fiction that is about things that are generally considered to be impossible. This includes magic, and magical creatures such as elves, dragons, and unicorns (the tooth fairy is, of course, real). Fantasy is often based on myths, legends, and folklore, and frequently includes elements from the Middle Ages. It tends to be action-packed, including quests or adventures. A conflict between good and evil is a common subject in fantasy.

How to write fantasy – things you should do:

  • Read a lot of fantasy fiction. Learn about the traditions of the fantasy genre.
  • Research the folklore and traditions related to the magical elements you plan to use in your story.
  • If you are setting your story in medieval times or using elements from those times, research medieval life in the real world. Any innovations or changes you make to reality should be based on your informed artistic decision, not just a lack of knowledge. If you have a sword that doesn’t work like a real sword because it is magic, you can let readers know how and why, and that’s fine. If you have a sword that doesn’t work like a real one because you haven’t got a clue about swords, you might risk confusing your readers or losing their trust.
  • Plan your magical worlds before you start, figure out all of the details, and get to know them as well as your own neighborhood. This will help you write about them more naturally and make them more real for your reader. It will also help you avoid getting into a mess where the pieces of your magical world don’t fit logically together.
  • Figure out the rules of any kind of magic in your book. The magic has to have some kind of limits. If your hero(ine) or villain can do anything s/he wants, then the story will be over before it starts — there is no chance for a struggle or suspense. Let readers know what the important rules are, and follow them.
  • Show your magical world in detail. Besides your book, where will readers have the chance to meet magical creatures or see magic in action? Make them feel like they’re there. Click here for tips on writing strong descriptions.
  • Let your hero(ine) conquer obstacles and solve problems based on his or her own abilities, instead of events outside your character’s control.

How to write fantasy – things you shouldn’t do:

  • Don’t feel that you have to tell readers everything you know about your characters and your magical worlds. Even though you’ll do a lot of planning before you start, there’s no need to put every detail in the book. All that preparation will make your worlds real to the reader because it lets you choose the right details to include.
  • Don’t forget that you can give your reader information by “showing” instead of “telling.” Read more about that here.
  • Don’t fudge or break your own magical rules. If you do this, readers will feel cheated. And they will no longer trust what you’ve told them or shown them about the worlds you’ve created. The story will stop feeling real to them.
  • Don’t copy stories, settings, characters from other fantasy authors. Although fantasy often uses elements from very old traditions, you should try to do something new with them. No one needs another Lord of the Rings spin-off. Use your imagination to create a magical universe that has never been seen before.
  • Don’t lose track of the story. It’s fun to create worlds with their own histories, geography, customs, creatures and magical rules, but don’t get so caught up in those details that you forget to have anything happen. Invent a main character or characters, give them a goal or a problem, throw in some complications, and you’re on your way.

Photo credit: Cederic X. @ Unsplash

How to write fantasy – what next?

    to brush up on plot development techniques.
    to read about how to write fantasy novel outlines.
    to read more about how to write fantasy on the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Association website.
    for a list of CWN pages about different types of novels and novel writing tips.

Feedback on Our Courses

“As usual – I already love the course on Irresistible Fiction, rewriting a lot and improving greatly even after the first lesson. Thanks so much for the great courses.”
– Kitty Safken

“Essentials of Fiction proved that I could indeed write and I wrote every day, much to my boyfriend’s dismay (waa sniff).”
– Jill Gardner

“I am loving the course and the peer interaction on the blog is fantastic. ”
– Bill Lane

“I’m enjoying the weekly email course, Essentials of Poetry Writing. Thank you for offering a basic, no nonsense basic poetry course at a reasonable price.”
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– Jacqueline Tasik

“I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the lessons and feel they were very helpful in introducing new ideas and perspectives to my writing. I am sure I will go back frequently to review them for reference during many of my future writing projects. Thanks again!”
– Jenny Jacks

“Thanks very much for this course. It’s been really helpful and well-explained. I look forward to any more courses you run.”
– Robin Gott

“I’m learning so much. This course is amazing.”
– Karl Tobar

“Thank you so much!! You’re always there. The course is great. You are always looking forward to the next lesson like a good novel. ”
– Nuria Alberti

“Thank you for a course that builds writing skills with direction to excellence. Everything was included, possibly more than college courses can offer.”
– Janett Lee Wawrzyniak

“It was a nice journey for me to be able to write in answer to your e-mail lessons. Being able to post the answers on WordPress is exciting. I had not done that before taking your writing class. I plan to take another of your e-mail class, either the 8-week descriptive or the new poetry class.”
– James Sciullo

“The Irresistible Fiction course is going well. I see why it’s a bestseller. I can’t wait for the next email.”
– Kayode

“Thank you so much for putting together this writing course. It was of good value to me as it got me started thinking more deeply about my characters. I don’t have a lot of time to write, working two jobs, but I am doing the ten-minute exercise with each lesson, and each evening, trying to get in the habit of sitting myself down to write. I would recommend the course to anyone.”
– Barrie Creamer

magic – quotes and descriptions to inspire creative writing

Magic will only ever prove itself to the pure of heart, to show that it guides, protects and comes as willing companion. For those who cannot yet make pure wishes, those whom have become lost to some degree, it is better left that way until they can. Moreover, pure ones, who want to help so much and teach others how to see their own beauty, mission and purpose. trust the magic to come to them if and when it is their time. Until then, they will never believe, and that’s okay.

I experience magic everyday because I am an angel witch. I cannot imagine being as I was before the transition. The sense of magic, the company of the angels and the divine, it is a form of company. Yet more than that, this kind of magic that comes with purity, emotional generosity, unconditional loving and faith – it is a magic everyone can learn. Anyone can become an angel witch, though the training program is rigorous and challenging. Being in the flow of creation is a form of pain and you have to stay in it for the sake of others. If your motivation isn’t right, the flow won’t hold you in. That’s the way it is. That is how the art of magic, the magic of art, comes to us.

The good witch or wizard is a conduit for the divine spirit, the magic not belonging to them yet to the creator of the universe. In such a way, through avoiding power, they remain pure of heart. Thus good magic and miracles are the same thing.

If you take on pain for the love of the self and others, to improve the world, to learn the ways of heroes, then you earn magic. The universe will bring magic to your soul and begin to bring the coincidences that will be as miracles to others – or the most amazing luck they’ve ever seen. The universe needs those who come to pain by climbing these mountains through empathy and determination, picking their path with intelligence. Those who seek harm or fall into pits for the sake of asking others to rescue them, they will never find the magic. For them, it is a fiction. For the heroes it is their reality, one only ever seen or experienced by others as heroic as they.

Some places are magic; it’s a thing you feel in the soul as much as the eyes. The valley was the kind of green that sets free the child self, inviting you to join the infinite horizon of your soul.

They say that any technology sufficiently advanced looks like magic, and you see, there is the clue to the art of magic. it’s also a science, a technology. It can be used for the betterment of mankind, to promote our evolution, or to bring devastation upon us all. Those who practice the dark arts use it for power and control, for abuse and for the pleasure they feel in causing pain and death. It is for the most parts a linguistical method, hence the “spells” in literature, the sense that it is done with words. because for the most part, it is. It is often combined with fear and sometimes drugs. It works because of the way the brain is wired with words and images.

Magic can be used to make a person forget experiences, to not see what is right in front of them and to control behaviour. With words you can be paralysed or have your body controlled. yet it is possible to fight your way out of it, to resist the “spell” and I’m living proof of that. I’m the one who was never supposed to survive. For the ones that fight the spells, who emerge with memories that were supposed to be erased, there will be the drugs to induce insanity and the watchers to ensure you are living as you ought to, that even if you have memories you are too intimidated to tell them. Magic is a science and an art, it uses the entire brain. so be both too, be a scientist and an artist, use positive phrasing, be kind with your words. then the ones who aren’t will stand out, or else they’ll have to hide and be reduced in the ways they harm our world. And please remember, there are the good magicians too, the ones who will share their abilities and teach you how it works. So please, dear muggles, wake up, because we’re trying with every ounce of strength we have to save you.

We good magicians work with and for the positive universal force, we are helped by love and made well by love. The dark arts magicians are helped by the negative force and they are poisoned by love, feeding off pain.

Okay, okay. This is the deal as we are. The Earth matrix is going in for a reboot and upgrade based on current trajectories. The caveat is that you must maintain or improve your navigation to planetary and social health. You must show competence in caring for your home world and one another. So, re-boot yourselves, start the work of fixing your world, she is beautiful, such a shame she got in this state in the first place. We remain monitoring with our AI systems and will alert the Ancient of Days if there are any significant deviations. The “magic” of our technology should become less obvious yet we remain in close contact with key players for obvious reasons of support and protection. You, however, owe that to them too and we expect to see that situation improve. Calibrations are looking good. We are go for auto-pilot mode.

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Rewrite my essay for me

Rewrite My Essay: Rewording Tool for Students

Rewriting can sometimes be even more challenging than writing a new essay. Yet we know how to save your time and nerve cells. That’s why our team designed Rewrite My Essay – a rewording tool for students. It will help you create a unique writing piece without putting too much time and effort into it.

Copy and paste the initial text, press the button, and enjoy the high-quality work in several moments.

We also collected the most useful rewriting tips in the article below. They will help you reword your essays or any other academic papers like a pro. Content creation has never been so easy!

  1. 5 Benefits of the Tool
  2. ‍ ️ Plagiarism & How to Avoid It
  3. 5 Rewriting Steps
  4. Polishing the Text
  5. References

Essay Rewriter: 5 Key Benefits

In case you might be asking yourself why you should choose our rewriter tool, here are some valid reasons.

It is 100% intuitive. Forget about putting much effort into receiving a new text. With our rewording generator, you don’t have to make anything complicated. Copy and paste the initial text and receive high-quality content by clicking a button.

It is 100% automatic. How much time do you spend looking through thesaurus? Trying to replace a word or a phrase can be exhausting. Our essay rewriter does not require any additional actions. It is fully automatic and searches the synonyms from a database in seconds.

It is 100% free with no registration. “Register,” “buy a monthly subscription” – annoying, right? That is why Rewrite My Essay does not require completing any registration steps. What is more crucial, it does not take money from you.

It is 100% online. The lack of storage space can be one of the most irritating problems people deal with. But don’t worry! Our essay rewriter does everything online. Now you don’t have to waste your memory space on numerous downloaded documents.

It is 100% original. Stressed out about the plagiarism issue? No need to! If you use our essay rewording tool, the content will be completely unique. Besides, you’ll have time to add something to the document, making it even more original.

‍ ️ Avoid Plagiarism with an Essay Rewriter

Now you know that our sentence changer is a perfect choice for you. So, it’s time to figure out why every student should know about it.

According to integrity rules, any academic work requires a 100% uniqueness. However, composing an original paper can be an incredibly tricky task. And when you should write a research paper with plenty of citations and rewriting, you may face even more issues.

Our tool is an excellent helper if you need to rewrite any content without losing its meaning. For more insights, explore the following sections.


Plagiarism is unacceptable for any type of academic work. So, carefully structure your thoughts while taking information from the secondary sources. Rewriting may become a real struggle for students, especially in papers with numerous references.

There are two main types of plagiarism – intentional and unintentional. If you strive to demonstrate high academic performance, you have to avoid any kind of plagiarism.

Intentional plagiarism is one of the offenses that may result in dismissal from the college. Be extremely careful while using someone else’s works. Claiming other people’s ideas as yours without listing them as sources is unethical. You disobey the moral and academic rules.

Sometimes, however, students plagiarize unintentionally. For example, they might forget to use proper punctuation marks to determine the quote. It can happen when you take notes and then insert them into the paper. Or it might be quite challenging for students to rewrite the paragraph, so they don’t change the wording properly.

Imagine you managed to prove that you plagiarized unintentionally. Even then there is no 100% guarantee that you will omit the academic penalty.

Therefore, rewriting the essay, you should use rewording tools and be as attentive as possible: changing the text does not guarantee that you don’t plagiarize.

Rewriting and Plagiarism: What’s the Difference?

Rewriting that uses the pattern of words from the source text is plagiarism. But are there situations when rewriting does not violate any intellectual property rights?

Paraphrasing does not count for plagiarism if:

  • You give credit to the original author according to the selected citation style.
  • You reword the cited material enough to make the sentence structure and word choice different from the original.
  • Copying a sentence from the source, you cite it as a quote.

To make your rewriting far from the original wording, try putting away the text once you have read it. Wait for several minutes. Then sit down and paraphrase it without consulting the original. You will perfectly transmit the idea in your own words. Below are easy but essential rewriting steps that describe the process in more detail.

How Do I Rewrite My Essay? 5 Easy Steps

  1. Read the text several times to understand the author’s message. Paraphrasing should be accurate and objective. You can achieve this level of quality only by gaining a thorough understanding of the source. Pay attention to the sentence structure and the flow of thought. You will have to change it while rewriting your essay.
  2. Take notes of the essentials. This piece of advice is suggested for your convenience. Use these notes as an outline later while rewriting. It will give you more freedom of expression and lower the chance of plagiarism.
  3. Put aside the original and write your summary, consulting the notes. Once again, follow your notes, looking up into the original only for the details. Mind that the more you peep into the text, the more you will be tempted to copy the author’s manner of writing.
  4. Look through your writing and compare it with the source. Rewrite the sentences that look too similar. You can use a plagiarism checker for this purpose. Still, a computer program can miss some points a human eye would detect. Making it by hand eliminates the chance of unintended plagiarism.
  5. Include a reference to the source. Using the respective rules of the citation style, give credit to the author.

But there is an easier way to paraphrase a text than doing it by hand. Use Rewrite My Essay tool to save time and get high-quality reworded text without plagiarizing.

Polishing Your Essay

Rewrite My Essay tool is an excellent helper for text rewording. It will do most of the work for you. Yet, after using it, you still should proofread your essay.

Why? See the following reasons:

  1. The tool is automatic. Nowadays, artificial intelligence is still not as developed as a human brain. So, there is a probability of some drawbacks, improperly chosen words, punctuation mistakes, etc.
  2. Some words may seem to be not appropriate for the context. To avoid any confusion, you should proofread the text. Pay attention to two problems:
    • The synonym selected by the tool is not that precise.
    • The tool confused the homographs or homonyms. Instead of selecting a synonym, it offers an antonym (or just an inappropriate alternative).
  3. Proofreading is essential for any writing. Before submitting the paper, you should always ensure its high quality. Thoroughly revise and proofread it so that your text is free of mistakes, coherent, and properly structured. All in all, never skip this step while working on an assignment.

Here is a pleasant bonus for you – five essential tips on proofreading.

  1. Take a break before proofreading. As you finished writing your essay, take a pause and do something you like. After your brain got refreshed, carefully reread your work and correct all the mistakes.
  2. Know your weaknesses. Do you always struggle with the punctuation marks in the compound sentences? Or maybe you know that you tend to write monotonous, boring paragraphs that need improvement? While proofreading, focus first on your weak sides and try to correct them.
  3. Proofread the text out loud. This trick will help you to spot the repetitions, indicate the incoherent or weak parts. Another good idea is to use our text-to-speech tool that will read the text for you.
  4. Read backward. Of course, we don’t recommend reading each word from right to left – sentences only. With this method, you will better focus on spelling, punctuation, and grammar mistakes, rather than on the content. It might be useful for identifying and correcting minor errors.
  5. Let the other person read your work. When you are writing a paper, you know the idea, so everything seems clear for you. Ask someone to read your paper and indicate the wordy or unconcise fragments.

That’s it! Thank you for visiting our page. Use our sentence rewriter and share it with the other students who need to rewrite their essays. By the way, you might want to try our thesis statement generator. This tool can be used for essays and more complicated academic assignments, such as a term paper or thesis.

Rewrite my essay for me

Write or paste text in the input box


Get a unique rewritten essay or article


Click on the underlined words to find matching synonyms list and change words

What is ArticleReword

ArticleReword is an intelligent Essay Rewriter tool it rewords your Essay with over 90% matching synonymous.

It replaces words with similar meanings without changing too much purpose of your essay or article so that your essay or article remains the same but yet becomes unique.

Blog Posts or Essays Rewriting

ArticleReword solves the problem for bloggers trying to keep writing new content, you can make several variations of one blog post with ArticleReword.

ArticleReword for students: Make your essays more readable and use better words in your essays, give your essays a new touch.

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Well written essay synonym

more well-written

Mrs. Wurzel was quite right; they had been supplied, regardless of cost, from Messrs. Rochet and Stole’s well-known establishment.

I waited three months more, in great impatience, then sent him back to the same post, to see if there might be a reply.

Bernard stood there face to face with Mrs. Vivian, whose eyes seemed to plead with him more than ever.

The country is well inhabited, for it contains fifty-one cities, near a hundred walled towns, and a great number of villages.

The vision—it had been an instantaneous flash after all and nothing more—had left his mind completely for the time.

Of course, considerations of weight have to be taken into account, but the more mould round the roots the better.


Apostrophes can be tricky; prove you know the difference between “it’s” and “its” in this crafty quiz!

On the farm, the feed for chicks is significantly different from the roosters’; ______ not even comparable.

Words nearby well-written

Collins English Dictionary – Complete & Unabridged 2012 Digital Edition © William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd. 1979, 1986 © HarperCollins Publishers 1998, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2012

Words related to well-written

How to use well-written in a sentence

The best comparison here for an American audience is, well, Internet stuff.

Then add in all bored people, as well as people whose job it is to report on celebrities.

The well, ghost or no ghost, is certainly a piece of history with a bold presence.

In front of this strange structure are two blank-faced, well-dressed models showing off the latest in European minimalism.

It is the obligation of citizens and journalists as well as governments.

Mrs. Wurzel was quite right; they had been supplied, regardless of cost, from Messrs. Rochet and Stole’s well-known establishment.

The big room at King’s Warren Parsonage was already fairly well filled.

The country is well inhabited, for it contains fifty-one cities, near a hundred walled towns, and a great number of villages.

Before he could finish the sentence the Hole-keeper said snappishly, “Well, drop out again—quick!”

Old Mrs. Wurzel and the buxom but not too well-favoured heiress of the house of Grains were at the head of the table.


Mrs. Wurzel was quite right; they had been supplied, regardless of cost, from Messrs. Rochet and Stole’s well-known establishment.

The country is well inhabited, for it contains fifty-one cities, near a hundred walled towns, and a great number of villages.

Old Mrs. Wurzel and the buxom but not too well-favoured heiress of the house of Grains were at the head of the table.

They ranged from moving trunks to cleaning cisterns, and, by grace of all of them, Sim was doing very well.

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I used an essay writing service

Do essay writing services work?

Yes, they work. The best essay writing services use professional essay writers to provide ethical writing services to students. When used correctly, these services can help students express their thoughts better than they could do on their own.

For an essay and paper writing service to really work, it needs to meet certain criteria. These includes:

  • Plagiarism free work
  • Native speakers and writers
  • Direct communication with the writer
  • Free and unlimited revisions
  • Affordable and reasonable prices
  • 100% anonymity and security
  • High-quality essays and academic papers
  • Meet deadlines, ALWAYS

An essay writing company that meets the above criteria provides the best service. Such services work in favor of the college and university students and help them excel in their academics.

Who Uses Essay Writing Services?

Students studying at different academic levels use these services for different purposes. Here are some common ways these students use them.

  • Non-native English speaking students use it for admission essays.
  • College students hire professional essay writers to help them write or proofread their essays.
  • Students with part-time jobs and additional responsibilities may need the help of professional essay writers.
  • Ph.D. students use online essay writing services to come up with a better thesis, research, and proofreading.

Students also use writing services to understand their course better. This helps them in preparing for their exam and earn a good grade.

Are Essay Writing Services Worth It?

Yes, professional and reliable essay writing services are definitely worth it. And there is more to it than you know.

To understand their worth, place yourself in the shoes of international students from a non-English speaking country. Although they can understand the teaching or take a test successfully, writing a full essay is quite challenging for them.

For them, an online and cheap essay writing service is a blessing. Their writers help them understand the course, perfect their writing skills, and prepare for their tests in a better way.

It sounds very convenient to label hiring essay writers as “cheating” if you are a native English speaker. But once you start learning “why” these types of service exist, you begin to appreciate them even more.

Is Buying Essays Online Safe?

Yes, if you are buying them from a reputable writing source then it is safe and worth it to buy papers online.

These writing services employ subject specialists and professional writers. They are masters of their craft and have the drive to help struggling and busy students. They have a stringent hiring process and they hire the best writers for it.

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Besides the best writers, good essay services have a responsive customer care team that works 24/7 and answers your queries. However, unfortunately, not all writing services are safe.

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Buying College Essays Is Now Easier Than Ever. But Buyer Beware

Concern is growing about a burgeoning online market for essays that students can buy and turn in as their own work. And schools are trying new tools to catch it.

As the recent college admissions scandal is shedding light on how parents are cheating and bribing their children’s way into college, schools are also focusing on how some students may be cheating their way through college. Concern is growing about a burgeoning online market that makes it easier than ever for students to buy essays written by others to turn in as their own work. And schools are trying new tools to catch it.

It’s not hard to understand the temptation for students. The pressure is enormous, the stakes are high and, for some, writing at a college level is a huge leap.

“We didn’t really have a format to follow, so I was kind of lost on what to do,” says one college freshman, who struggled recently with an English assignment. One night, when she was feeling particularly overwhelmed, she tweeted her frustration.

“It was like, ‘Someone, please help me write my essay!’ ” she recalls. She ended her tweet with a crying emoji. Within a few minutes, she had a half-dozen offers of help.

“I can write it for you,” they tweeted back. “Send us the prompt!”

The student, who asked that her name not be used for fear of repercussions at school, chose one that asked for $10 per page, and she breathed a sigh of relief.

“For me, it was just that the work was piling up,” she explains. “As soon as I finish some big assignment, I get assigned more things, more homework for math, more homework for English. Some papers have to be six or 10 pages long. . And even though I do my best to manage, the deadlines come closer and closer, and it’s just . the pressure.”

In the cat-and-mouse game of academic cheating, students these days know that if they plagiarize, they’re likely to get caught by computer programs that automatically compare essays against a massive database of other writings. So now, buying an original essay can seem like a good workaround.

“Technically, I don’t think it’s cheating,” the student says. “Because you’re paying someone to write an essay, which they don’t plagiarize, and they write everything on their own.”

Her logic, of course, ignores the question of whether she’s plagiarizing. When pressed, she begins to stammer.

“That’s just a difficult question to answer,” she says. “I don’t know how to feel about that. It’s kind of like a gray area. It’s maybe on the edge, kind of?”

Besides she adds, she probably won’t use all of it.

Other students justify essay buying as the only way to keep up. They figure that everyone is doing it one way or another — whether they’re purchasing help online or getting it from family or friends.

“Oh yeah, collaboration at its finest,” cracks Boston University freshman Grace Saathoff. While she says she would never do it herself, she’s not really fazed by others doing it. She agrees with her friends that it has pretty much become socially acceptable.

“I have a friend who writes essays and sells them,” says Danielle Delafuente, another Boston University freshman. “And my other friend buys them. He’s just like, ‘I can’t handle it. I have five papers at once. I need her to do two of them, and I’ll do the other three.’ It’s a time management thing.”

The war on contract cheating

“It breaks my heart that this is where we’re at,” sighs Ashley Finley, senior adviser to the president for the Association of American Colleges and Universities. She says campuses are abuzz about how to curb the rise in what they call contract cheating. Obviously, students buying essays is not new, but Finley says that what used to be mostly limited to small-scale side hustles has mushroomed on the internet to become a global industry of so-called essay mills. Hard numbers are difficult to come by, but research suggests that up to 16 percent of students have paid someone to do their work and that the number is rising.

“Definitely, this is really getting more and more serious,” Finley says. “It’s part of the brave new world for sure.”

The essay mills market aggressively online, with slickly produced videos inviting students to “Get instant help with your assignment” and imploring them: “Don’t lag behind,” “Join the majority” and “Don’t worry, be happy.”

“They’re very crafty,” says Tricia Bertram Gallant, director of the Academic Integrity Office at the University of California in San Diego and a board member of the International Center for Academic Integrity.

The companies are equally brazen offline — leafleting on campuses, posting flyers in toilet stalls and flying banners over Florida beaches during spring break. Companies have also been known to bait students with emails that look like they’re from official college help centers. And they pay social media influencers to sing the praises of their services, and they post testimonials from people they say are happy customers.

“I hired a service to write my paper and I got a 90 on it!” gloats one. “Save your time, and have extra time to party!” advises another.

“It’s very much a seduction,” says Bertram Gallant. “So you can maybe see why students could get drawn into the contract cheating world.”

YouTube has been cracking down on essay mills; it says it has pulled thousands of videos that violate its policies against promoting dishonest behavior.

But new videos constantly pop up, and their hard sell flies in the face of their small-print warnings that their essays should be used only as a guide, not a final product.

Several essay mills declined or didn’t respond to requests to be interviewed by NPR. But one answered questions by email and offered up one of its writers to explain her role in the company, called EduBirdie.

“Yes, just like the little birdie that’s there to help you in your education,” explains April Short, a former grade school teacher from Australia who’s now based in Philadelphia. She has been writing for a year and a half for the company, which bills itself as a “professional essay writing service for students who can’t even.”

Some students just want some “foundational research” to get started or a little “polish” to finish up, Short says. But the idea that many others may be taking a paper written completely by her and turning it in as their own doesn’t keep her up at night.

“These kids are so time poor,” she says, and they’re “missing out on opportunities of travel and internships because they’re studying and writing papers.” Relieving students of some of that burden, she figures, allows them to become more “well-rounded.”

“I don’t necessarily think that being able to create an essay is going to be a defining factor in a very long career, so it’s not something that bothers me,” says Short. Indeed, she thinks students who hire writers are demonstrating resourcefulness and creativity. “I actually applaud students that look for options to get the job done and get it done well,” she says.

“This just shows you the extent of our ability to rationalize all kinds of bad things we do,” sighs Dan Ariely, professor of psychology and behavioral economics at Duke University. The rise in contract cheating is especially worrisome, he says, because when it comes to dishonest behavior, more begets more. As he puts it, it’s not just about “a few bad apples.”

Felicity Huffman And 12 Other Parents To Plead Guilty In College Cheating Scandal

“Instead, what we have is a lot . of blemished apples, and we take our cues for our behavior from the social world around us,” he says. “We know officially what is right and what’s wrong. But really what’s driving our behavior is what we see others around us doing” or, Ariely adds, what we perceive them to be doing. So even the proliferation of advertising for essays mills can have a pernicious effect, he says, by fueling the perception that “everyone’s doing it.”

A few nations have recently proposed or passed laws outlawing essay mills, and more than a dozen U.S. states have laws on the books against them. But prosecuting essay mills, which are often based overseas in Pakistan, Kenya and Ukraine, for example, is complicated. And most educators are loath to criminalize students’ behavior.

“Yes, they’re serious mistakes. They’re egregious mistakes,” says Cath Ellis, an associate dean and integrity officer at the University of New South Wales, where students were among the hundreds alleged to have bought essays in a massive scandal in Australia in 2014.

“But we’re educational institutions,” she adds. “We’ve got to give students the opportunity to learn from these mistakes. That’s our responsibility. And that’s better in our hands than in the hands of the police and the courts.”

Staying one step ahead

In the war on contract cheating, some schools see new technology as their best weapon and their best shot to stay one step ahead of unscrupulous students. The company that makes the Turnitin plagiarism detection software has just upped its game with a new program called Authorship Investigate.

The software first inspects a document’s metadata, like when it was created, by whom it was created and how many times it was reopened and re-edited. Turnitin’s vice president for product management, Bill Loller, says sometimes it’s as simple as looking at the document’s name. Essay mills typically name their documents something like “Order Number 123,” and students have been known to actually submit it that way. “You would be amazed at how frequently that happens,” says Loller.

Using cutting-edge linguistic forensics, the software also evaluates the level of writing and its style.

“Think of it as a writing fingerprint,” Loller says. The software looks at hundreds of telltale characteristics of an essay, like whether the author double spaces after a period or writes with Oxford commas or semicolons. It all gets instantly compared against a student’s other work, and, Loller says, suspicions can be confirmed — or alleviated — in minutes.

“At the end of the day, you get to a really good determination on whether the student wrote what they submitted or not,” he says, “and you get it really quickly.”

Coventry University in the U.K. has been testing out a beta version of the software, and Irene Glendinning, the school’s academic manager for student experience, agrees that the software has the potential to give schools a leg up on cheating students. After the software is officially adopted, “we’ll see a spike in the number of cases we find, and we’ll have a very hard few years,” she says. “But then the message will get through to students that we’ve got the tools now to find these things out.” Then, Glendinning hopes, students might consider contract cheating to be as risky as plagiarizing.

In the meantime, schools are trying to spread the word that buying essays is risky in other ways as well.

Professor Ariely says that when he posed as a student and ordered papers from several companies, much of it was “gibberish” and about a third of it was actually plagiarized.

Even worse, when he complained to the company and demanded his money back, they resorted to blackmail. Still believing him to be a student, the company threatened to tell his school he was cheating. Others say companies have also attempted to shake down students for more money, threatening to rat them out if they didn’t pay up.

The lesson, Ariely says, is “buyer beware.”

But ultimately, experts say, many desperate students may not be deterred by the risks — whether from shady businesses or from new technology.

Bertram Gallant, of UC San Diego, says the right way to dissuade students from buying essays is to remind them why it’s wrong.

“If we engage in a technological arms race with the students, we won’t win,” she says. “What are we going to do when Google glasses start to look like regular glasses and a student wears them into an exam? Are we going to tell them they can’t wear their glasses because we’re afraid they might be sending the exam out to someone else who is sending them back the answers?”

The solution, Bertram Gallant says, has to be about “creating a culture where integrity and ethics matter” and where education is valued more than grades. Only then will students believe that cheating on essays is only cheating themselves.

‘I felt guilty when I got my results’: your stories of buying essays

The government has announced a crackdown on “essay mill” websites that sell written-to-order essays.

Tens of thousands of students are believed to have bought essays online and submitted them to university tutors, a practice known as “contract plagiarism”.

Last week Jo Johnson, the universities minister, called for new guidance to be issued for the next academic year, including tough penalties for students who buy essays and strong warnings about the consequences.

We asked readers who have used, written or marked these essays, or know anyone who has, to tell us about their experiences. Here’s a selection of the responses.

The writer: I try not to think about how students use my work

I’ve been a writer for so-called essay-mill websites for many years.

Back when I was at university, people joked about using these sites but I didn’t know anyone who actually paid for such a service. After leaving university I got into freelance writing. One day I came across an advert for an essay-writing service that was recruiting. I applied and with a good degree and a master’s I was accepted. After I realised how easy it was (and how much better paid it was compared with other freelance work) I started applying to more companies. Now I work for a few different companies, writing roughly an essay a week. I do everything from short thousand-word pieces to full dissertations.

I try not to think about how students use my work. On all the websites I write for, there’s a disclaimer saying that the essays are not to be submitted by students. This is ignored. It helps that I work in the humanities, so the consequences of a student not being able to show their supposed knowledge are not likely to be severe. In fields where there could be serious ramifications, it’s much more of a moral conundrum for everyone involved.

Some students quite blatantly use these sites to cheat: to the point where I’ve been given dissertation feedback from a tutor and made changes accordingly. I’ve even got messages from pleased students who were happy to pass their course thanks to my help. It seems strange.
Brian, 29, Wales

The user: I felt quite guilty when I got my results

I used an essay-mill website once in my second year at university. I regret it now as I felt quite guilty about it when I got my results. It cost about £400 for a 2,000-word essay. The reason I used the site was because I didn’t understand the module, although I must admit I was partly to blame for that as I didn’t engage in lectures. The tutor didn’t really engage individually with students. The site emphasised doing your own research to gain understanding. Another factor was that I was up to my neck in essays and working commitments and only had a couple of days to produce an essay. If I had prioritised that particular essay, which I didn’t have enough knowledge in, I would have jeopardised the quality of my other essays.

These websites are pretty widespread. What I have noticed is that wealthier students coming from abroad tend to use them more. One student told me in his first year he used this site various times for many essays just because he could afford it and he “couldn’t be bothered” to do the work.
Dan, 24, London

The lecturer: In scientific subjects, it’s obvious

I am a lecturer and I’ve seen PhD students use these websites. International students are not taught to write essays in the way that most UK students are, so plagiarism is rife. It’s not enough to tell them not to plagiarise when they don’t fully understand what this means; and even if they do, they are not able to stop doing it. They write the key points that they want to say, and then send it to an essay-writing service to rewrite it for them. It’s obvious to the academic reading the work when this has been done. The essay-writing service doesn’t have a proper grasp of the scientific concepts, so the work makes no sense.
Sarah, 37, south-west England

The coder: It’s not just essays. There are websites that write code

It’s not just the essay mills that need observing here. These websites and individuals also offer to write code and do the write-ups for a fee. I used to hang around with a few students who weren’t short of a few pounds, and they’d get another person to write code/re-factor their own submission and do the write-up for them. The plagiarism-detection software doesn’t work well for code since so much can be quickly changed to make it look incredibly different.

Everyone knew of people offering to write a program for you. It was mainly students further along the course who had been asked to write the same code before.

I asked another student in the year above to see their submission once to get an idea of what the lecturer wanted. I just ran the program to get an idea, I didn’t look at code. The lecturer was being incredibly vague and didn’t have a lot of time for us, so I felt forced. But other students used them because they fell behind in lectures and didn’t have the background knowledge to continue at that level.
Andrew, 29, Midlands

The friend: The bought essays got very low marks

I haven’t used one of these sites but a friend did. We were on a challenging course and many members of our small class struggled. One student in particular was deemed to be asking too many questions of lecturers and was only receiving limited help. That’s why they resorted to using essay-mill websites.

Due to the course being highly technical (involving technologies that are rapidly evolving) the essays often contained incorrect information. It was either because the writer didn’t understand the course or used out-of-date information. The student in our class that used these sites fell foul of the latter – recycled outdated information – and got very low marks.
Lucien, 22, south-east England

The writer and user: Laziness is the main factor

I’ve both used and worked for essay-mill websites. When I worked for essay-mill websites it was to make some extra money. I found the work to be both easy and interesting. (I read and wrote about a wide range of topics related to my degree and master’s that I am interested in.) I probably wrote too well for some clients, especially those who didn’t have English as their first language. I think it would have been quite obvious to a tutor that they may not have written the piece of work.

Students use these sites for a number of reasons. It is laziness, lack of time, as a jump-off point to write an essay (eg by using the list of references to help kickstart their own work). Laziness is probably the main factor though. If you can pay someone £100 to get you a guaranteed 2:1, which means you can go out and party all weekend, then there are lots of people who will happily do so.

I bought an essay for this exact purpose (the only time I have ever bought an essay) and it was probably the worst piece of writing I have ever seen. It was not written by a native speaker, had almost no relevant information or references in it and was useless as a piece of work. I contacted the company to try to get a refund for my order (their website offers no-questions-asked refunds) and have been completely ignored. I won’t buy an essay ever again. Some people use them as aids to improve their writing. Or point them in the direction of useful authors, journals, sources of information etc.

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Best Online Will Makers

Nolo’s Quicken WillMaker & Trust is comprehensive and affordable

Sarah Li Cain has more than 7 years of experience as a writer, personal finance expert, author, and speaker. She is a candidate for the Accredited Financial Counselor designation and an expert on banking, persona loans, real estate, and insurance. Sarah earned her bachelor’s degree in English literature and Education with a minor in Visual Arts at York University. She is the founder of Beyond the Dollar, a podcast aimed at making normalizing talking about personal finance and money topics.

Peggy James is a CPA with over 9 years of experience in accounting and finance, including corporate, nonprofit, and personal finance environments. She most recently worked at Duke University and is the owner of Peggy James, CPA, PLLC, serving small businesses, nonprofits, solopreneurs, freelancers, and individuals.

Michael Rosenston is a fact-checker and researcher with expertise in business, finance, and insurance.

We recommend the best products through an independent review process, and advertisers do not influence our picks. We may receive compensation if you visit partners we recommend. Read our advertiser disclosure for more info.

A will or trust is a legal document that explains your wishes in the unfortunate event that you pass away. Choosing the right type of document determines whether or not your family will have to go through probate court to settle your estate, among other important information. Because a will or trust determines who gets your assets, it’s something that most adults should have.

We looked at 13 will-making companies with a focus on ease of use, availability in all states, and the ability to make changes or updates. Here’s a look at the top online will makers to get your estate plan on track.

The 6 Best Online Will Makers of 2022

  • Best Overall:Nolo’s Quicken WillMaker & Trust
  • Best Value:US Legal Wills
  • Best for Ease of Use:Trust & Will
  • Best Comprehensive Estate Plan:Total Legal
  • Best for Free:Do Your Own Will
  • Best for Making Changes:Rocket Lawyer
  • Nolo’s Quicken WillMaker & Trust
  • US Legal Wills
  • Trust & Will
  • Total Legal
  • Do Your Own Will
  • Rocket Lawyer

Best Overall : Nolo’s Quicken WillMaker & Trust

  • Price: $299.99
  • Legal Support: No
  • Free Trial: No

Customers get a large number of estate planning documents, and the software itself is easy to use. Plus, you’re not required to have an internet connection, except to download and update the software.

Get comprehensive estate planning documents for a flat rate

Free legal updates for one year

Estate planning documents aren’t valid in Louisiana or U.S. Territories

Need to meet minimum operating system requirements

Not available on mobile devices

Nolo started by publishing DIY legal guides back in 1971 and was one of the first websites to provide online legal information and assistance. It has since branched out into other products, like their Quicken WillMaker & Trust software tools.

This program, which you can download for $299.99, includes key estate planning documents such as a legal will, living trust, financial power of attorney, healthcare directive, final arrangements, and a letter to survivors, as well as other types of personal finance and home and family management documents.

The software is compatible with both Mac and Windows and is easy to use, as it allows you to create customized legal documents using a simple interview survey to fill out forms. You can then save your information and download completed documents in PDF format. You can update your will at any time and receive legal & technical updates via the internet.

Within Quicken WillMaker & Trust, there is a legal manual to help you answer common questions, and you can contact technical support for additional help. Louisiana residents won’t be able to use this software, as it doesn’t address the estate planning requirements for the state.

Best Value : US Legal Wills

  • Price: Starting at $39.95
  • Legal Support: Yes
  • Free Trial: No

US Legal Wills has one of the most affordable will options we’ve seen, offers 40% off forms for partners or spouses, and also has an add-on service to get an attorney to review your estate plan. Plus, it’s one of the only websites that accommodate affordable wills for expats and those who have assets outside the U.S.

Free unlimited updates

Includes forms for assets outside the U.S. and for expats

Discounts for documents for your spouse or partner

No living revocable trust available

Website not as intuitive as other competitors

Signup process for spouses can be clunky

Formed in 2000, US Legal Wills is an independent organization that works with U.S.-based lawyers to create legal documents, including for expats and those who have assets in Canada or the UK. Services are available in all U.S. states except Louisiana and provide some of the best values and discounts of all the websites reviewed.

Starting at $39.95 for a last will and testament, US Legal Wills customers also get free storage for their documents on the company’s secure servers, as well as unlimited updates. If you want to keep storing your documents with US Legal Wills, you can pay annually or opt for the lifetime feature, which is only $124.95, a more economical choice if you plan on storing your will on their servers for more than a few years. Spouses or partners can get a mirror will (plus additional documents) for 40% off.

You can create a variety of estate planning documents on the US Legal Wills website, then designate what the company calls Keyholders, which are people who have access to your documents, such as a trusted family member or executor.

Members can receive additional support by submitting a ticket through the customer service portal. If you want a lawyer to review your estate plan, especially if it’s a more complex one, you can do so for an additional $69 after you’ve completed your documents.

Best for Ease of Use : Trust & Will

  • Price: Starting at $159
  • Legal Support: Yes
  • Free Trial: No

Customers can create their estate planning documents quickly and simply. The company offers an easy way to decide which option is best through the Get Started section of their site, and then fill in relevant details using an interview-style format. We also like that Trust & Will makes it easy for you to make your documents legally binding by mailing you your completed documents for free and providing complete instructions.

Comprehensive learning center

Choose from three options so you can feel less overwhelmed

The website is intuitive to use

Only one year of unlimited updates available

Doesn’t offer free upfront legal consultations

Founded in 2017, Trust & Will aims to modernize the estate planning industry by providing an easy and secure way to create your estate plan online. Document creation is seamless using their user-friendly website and step-by-step path to getting started. The process takes as little as 15 minutes, and the company even mails your completed documents for free, along with instructions to make it all legally binding.

The fintech expert’s state-specific trusts offer pretty much everything you need, including a living will’s schedule of assets and a revocable living trust (one of the only do-it-yourself companies to offer this option), helping your loved ones avoid probate.

Trust & Will has a flat fee for wills of $159 for an individual and $259 for couples. A customized trust costs $599, or $699 for couples. This includes unlimited updates for a year. After a year, you will pay $19 a year for unlimited updates for wills and $39 for trusts.

Best Comprehensive Estate Plan : Total Legal

  • Price: Starting at $19.95 or $89 per year
  • Legal Support: Yes
  • Free Trial: No

TotalLegal is one of the only companies that provides comprehensive legal services that include do-it-yourself business and estate planning documents plus free and discounted services from attorneys through their TotalLegal™ plan.

Low annual or monthly fee

Premium members have access to free and discounted legal services

Ability to create a wide variety of documents

Customers who purchase one-off documents have limited update period

No living trusts available

No online access for executors

Accredited by the Better Business Bureau since 2003 and carrying an A+ rating, TotalLegal is part of Pro Se Planning, Inc., which provides self-guided legal products, including estate planning and business formation documents. Customers can purchase and complete individual estate planning documents starting at $19.95 for a last will and testament, which is available in your online account for 60 days (with unlimited updates).

The biggest advantage of TotalLegal is its yearly subscription plan. For $89 a year, you get access to free legal services, including a free consultation, attorney-reviewed documents, and a free will with free updates each year, providing the most comprehensive resources for those needing some guidance.

Document creation is simple, as you’ll go through a series of questions to inform and complete your document, which can then be downloaded and printed. TotalLegal’s help center has extensive information, though you can always call or email customer support if you have any questions.

There are discounted services that include creating a simple will with a trust. You’ll also get access to their document storage vault service, where there are no storage limits.

Best for Free : Do Your Own Will

Do Your Own Will

  • Price: Free
  • Legal Support: No
  • Free Trial: N/A

This free option offers one of the widest varieties of forms without paying for extras. Also, there is no need to create an account or hand over any credit card details—and you can download your documents instantly.

No need to sign up for an account to get access to documents

Available to residents of all 50 states

Ability to save your will as either a PDF or Word document

No legal support

You’ll need to check state laws yourself

Started in 1999 in Seattle, Do Your Own Will is a completely free way to make a last will and testament, power of attorney, or living will. Beyond the unbeatable price, one of the major perks is that it’s simple to use—there is no need to sign up for an account, though you will need to provide your email address if you want to make updates or changes later.

Users complete forms online by filling in details such as marital status, info on dependents, how you want your assets to be divided, and your executor. Download the document as a PDF or Word document, then you can sign it.

It’s available nationwide. One caveat: There is no legal support, so make sure you do your own research to make sure your will is really legally binding.

Best for Making Changes : Rocket Lawyer

  • Price: Starting at $39.99 or $39.99 per month subscription
  • Legal Support: Yes
  • Free Trial: Yes

You get access to all their estate planning documents for one monthly price and can make updates whenever you want. What makes Rocket Lawyer stand out is the ability to get legal advice for new legal issues and the ability to sign your documents securely online, allowing changes to go into effect immediately.

Offers a wide variety of legal and estate planning documents

A free seven-day trial to try out their services

Ability to pay a low monthly fee for premium access

Monthly membership pricier than other options

Need to provide credit card information even for a free trial

Founded in 2008, Rocket Lawyer offers online legal services that include documents and attorney services. Users can purchase individual legal documents for $39.99 each, including wills, trusts, and power of attorney. You can download them immediately once you complete all required information online, and then receive instructions to make them legally binding. Your documents can be securely signed online, plus you can invite others to sign them digitally as well. This allows for updates and changes to be made quickly.

The best value is Rocket Lawyer’s monthly subscription model, which costs $39.99 per month. For this price, you get unlimited access to all their legal documents (including making updates) and attorney services. This includes a free 30-minute consultation on new legal matters, “ask a lawyer” your legal questions, and discounts when hiring an on-call attorney through Rocket Lawyer. You can also contact customer service by email, online chat, or calling their hotline.

Final Verdict

We’re a fan of Nolo’s Quicken WillMaker & Trust because you can make your will or trust and other documents with one download for one flat price. However, if you want additional help from a live lawyer, you may want to choose another option. But if you’re computer savvy, Nolo’s Quicken WillMaker & Trust is an option with great features for your estate planning forms.

Compare Online Will Makers

Company Price Free Trial Additional Documents Legal Support Update Period
Nolo’s Quicken WillMaker & Trust Best Overall $299.99 No Yes No 1 year of software updates included
US Legal Wills Best Value From $39.99 No Yes Yes Unlimited
Trust & Will Best for Ease of Use From $89 No Yes Yes 1 year
Total Legal Best Comprehensive Estate Plan From $19.95 or $89 per year No Yes Yes 60 days
Do Your Own Will Best for Free Free N/A Yes No Unlimited
Rocket Lawyer Best for Making Changes From $39.99 flat fee or $39.99 per month subscription Yes Yes Yes Unlimited with subscription

What Is an Online Will Maker?

Online will makers allow you to draft, print, and sign your last will and testament via an online or downloaded document creator. This is a more cost-effective way to establish will and trust documents compared to going to an attorney or in-person legal service. Most online will makers walk users through a series of questions to then populate the required fields.

Once you’ve created a will, it’s a good idea to review or update it when you experience a major life event such as a divorce, marriage, a new business entity, a birth, and even a large purchase (like a new home) so that you can make changes or create a brand new will from scratch. Good online will makers allow you to make updates for a specified period of time.

Are Online Wills Legitimate?

The short answer is yes—online wills are legitimate as long as you ensure they comply with federal and state laws. Online will companies hire licensed attorneys and legal professionals to carefully word their estate planning documents so that each is legally binding.

Keep in mind that not all online will makers are created equal. Although some of these companies have products that comply with your state laws, you’ll want to make sure that your final document will carry the same weight as one that an attorney creates.

For example, if you reside in North Carolina, you need to ensure that whoever creates the will signs it in front of at least two witnesses. Check the fine print of the online will company to make sure it’s compliant in your state and confirm what you need to do to make your documents legitimate.

Do You Need More Than an Online Will Maker?

An online will maker may not be enough to address your unique situation. Online will maker services typically are best for people who have a fairly simple estate. However, if your family situation is more complex—think multiple marriages, physical assets in different states, stepchildren, and even a small business—it might be beneficial to seek legal advice from an attorney.

The same is true if you believe your estate could be subject to taxes or if someone might contest your will after you pass. That way, you can ask more in-depth questions you won’t be able to explore with online will companies (even though some claim they’ll offer support) and have your attorney draft a customized will that will be hard to contest.

How Does an Online Will Maker Work?

An online will maker helps you create a customized estate plan using the company’s software. Think of it as using a template of sorts, where you enter your relevant details for the software to create legally binding documents.

Information you’ll need to provide includes a list of your assets, an executor (who is responsible for making sure your wishes in your will are followed), your beneficiaries, a guardian (of your children, pet, elderly parent, etc.), a trustee, and your power of attorney.

Types of documents you can create for your estate plan include a will, living trust, financial power of attorney, health care directive, final arrangement requests, and a letter to survivors. Information you’ll need to provide for these specific documents may differ (and could depend on your state), but an online will maker should provide some guidance as to what you need to do.

What to Do After You Make Your Will

After finalizing your will, make sure to keep it in a safe place. Most people keep their estate planning documents in a fireproof safe alongside other important documents like their life insurance contracts and house deeds. You might want to give a copy to your appointed executor or beneficiaries for safekeeping.

Other options include storing them in a safe deposit box at your local bank or financial institution. This is usually a metal box that’s kept in a federally insured bank or credit union’s vault. You (or whoever has the rights to the contents in the safe deposit box, like your power of attorney) will be able to access it with a key that’s given to you or by providing identification each time you go. Another tip is to keep a digital copy stored in an emergency kit in case your physical copies get destroyed after a major catastrophe, for example.

What Are the Expected Costs of an Online Will Maker?

Prices vary for online will makers; some offer a flat price, whereas others charge a monthly fee for access to a wide variety of documents. For example, you can get a free online will, which is a simple last will and testament, or pay less than $100 for a similar document.

Some service providers charge per document or as a bundle for complete estate planning, which can run a few hundred dollars (though it’s still less than it might cost to hire an attorney to draft one up). Although there are typically fees for multiple downloads or updates, some companies may limit the number of updates to the year you purchased the original service.

Is Paying for an Online Will Maker Worth It?

If your estate planning is simple and straightforward, then using a free online will service could suffice. For example, if you don’t have any children, your only beneficiary is your spouse, and your estate is very small, free services may be all you need. However, you won’t get legal support and expertise if you have questions when drafting your estate planning documents.

If you have a larger estate, a more complex situation (such as children or other dependents being in the picture), or want a legal professional to help you work through your estate planning documents, then you might benefit from a paid service.


Our goal is to make sure our recommendations are ones we would share with our family and friends when looking to choose an online will maker company. We looked at 13 companies before choosing the top providers. Factors we looked at include company history, price, availability in all states, offerings for online resources, whether the product was simple to use, compatibility with various devices, and whether it was easy to make updates.

Will writing services in 2020

Writing a will is very important – especially as we get older and have more assets in our possession. On this page we will explain:

– Why it’s important to have a will

– Things to consider when writing a will

– What will writing services involve and how they can help

– The benefits of using will writing solicitors

– Tips and advice to follow when choosing will writing solicitors

Although writing a will can be pretty straightforward, it’s often a complicated process for people who have multiple assets and several family members they’d like to benefit from their estate.

Even if your situation is relatively straightforward, you want to make sure that your will is watertight and will deliver on your wishes after you’re gone.

60 second overview of this article

  • You need a will to ensure that your wishes will be carried out properly after you’re gone
  • If a will is not clearly or properly written it may not be valid, meaning you die intestate. In this instance matters become complex and certain beneficiaries may not actually be entitled to their share of your estate
  • Will writing services ensure that your will is watertight and can be relied upon in the event of your death
  • It is important to research will writing companies thoroughly to ensure that a reputable professional is supporting you through the process
  • A list of expert will solicitors can be found on our professional UK Care Guide Directory

Will Writing services

These are services provided by specialist Will writers. These services range from online will providers through to either using a professional will writer or a solicitor . The cost for these will writing services differs depending on how much support you need and who you use

Do you need to create a Will?

If so, we can help you create one online in 15 minutes.

Just click the button below to see how.

Why is it important to write a will?

Many people understand how important it is to have a will in place – but an alarming number don’t yet have one in place, and haven’t put their wishes down in writing. Mostly people put it off because they see it as something to address when they are older, or they know they need to sort it out but then forget about it.

According to charity Will Aid, over 53% of people in the UK do not yet have a will in place.

Wills are important for a number of reasons. It’s perhaps easier to look at it from a different perspective – if you die without having written a will, a number of problems can arise. Good reasons for writing a will include:

Protection of your wishes

When you die without making a will you die ‘intestate’. When this occurs an individual’s assets are distributed according to a set of rules called Intestacy Rules. This is a set legal order which decides where your money goes – and the result may not reflect your wishes.

This can understandably be very upsetting for those left behind – especially if the results appear to be unfair or are significantly different to what you would have wanted. For example, under Intestacy Rules assets can be passed to estranged family members and even former spouses.

Where there are no surviving family members the situation becomes even more complicated. Unless long lost relatives can be located all assets pass to the government.

Protection of your assets

As above, if you do not have a will, it’s likely your assets will be seized by the government when they could have been gifted to loved ones or even your favourite charity. Wills also offer an opportunity to introduce additional clauses such as trust funds to further protect your assets from certain taxes and allocate them to specific family members.

As part of this, a will writer may also be able to advise you on approaches you can take to avoid paying inheritance tax. There is a video below that explains some of the benefits of avoiding inheritance tax and the steps you can take.

Here is a useful video that explains how you can reduce your inheritance tax bill.

Protection of family

Most commonly people write a will because they want to know that their loved ones will be looked after and provided for when they are gone. This however may not happen or could become complex if you die without leaving a will to refer to.

As an example let’s use Mrs Bloggs. She has lived with her partner for over twenty years – but they are not married.

She has not made a will and dies unexpectedly, so her partner is not legally entitled to any of her assets. Even if you are married or are in civil partnership, dying without a will means your loved ones are less likely to inherit your estate in its entirety.

In these cases the amount a spouse is entitled to is restricted and some money may go to individuals you hadn’t planned on including in your will.

It’s also important to make sure that your will is complete and correct. It’s not enough to just have a will – it also needs to be fully legal and up to date at all times. For this reason it’s a good idea to enlist professional support from a solicitor or expert with specific experience in this area of law.

Here is a short video that we produced on the important of making a will.

What do will services involve?

Will services offer an important lifeline for anyone who is concerned about leaving a legally binding, watertight will when they are gone. They are usually delivered either by will specialists trained in law, or solicitors specialising in wills.

There will be a charge for will services – but the peace of mind they offer is often invaluable. Will services can be conducted face to face, online or via post – so you can choose whichever you are most comfortable with.

Most commonly face to face meetings are preferred for clarity – as the will writer will often come to your home to chat with you. Will services may be a good option for you if:

– You understand how wills work, but need extra advice and assistance to ensure that it is done properly

– You can’t afford to pay a solicitor or would rather pay less

– You have a simple situation and straightforward circumstances

What are the benefits of using a will writing service?

Lots of people can benefit from using a will writing company – whether you’re simply looking to get your wishes down on paper, or have a complex and large estate and lots of family members to take care of. Benefits include:

Ensuring your will is legally binding

A surprising number of people write their own wills or use a ‘will writing kit’, only to leave behind an unpleasant legal dispute that rages on for months or years between family members. Using a will writing company should protect against this as it ensures that your will is legally binding.

Professional advice and support

Will writing can be a complex process. Perhaps you’re unsure of your wishes – or don’t know what the best options to take may be to protect your estate for the next generation. A will writing company can advise and assist with this.

Ensuring your will is up to date

Your will writing company may keep your details on file and remind you when it’s time to review your will. It’s a good idea to review your will on a regular basis to ensure that it is valid and still reflects your wishes. If you leave an old will and don’t update it you may find that it does not comply with current regulations and could leave your estate open to Intestacy Law.

Do you need to create a Will?

If so, we can help you create one online in 15 minutes.

Just click the button below to see how.

Why use will solicitors?

If your situation is complex or you need a more complicated will setting out, will solicitors are likely to be a better option for you. They are fully versed in all facets of the law surrounding wills and estate planning, so they can offer you tailored advice to suit your needs. Advantages of using will solicitors include:

Protection of your will

A solicitor can safely and securely store your will so that when the time comes it can be retrieved and actioned. Few will writers can do this for you.

Sound legal advice

Solicitors are fully legally qualified and specifically trained in this area of law. Few will writers are legally qualified – instead they receive training for wills and estate planning which allows them to give limited advice. This is fine if you want a swift and straightforward solution – but not ideal should you have more bespoke requirements. Solicitors are also fully regulated, so you’re protected should something go wrong.

Complex situations

You can obtain more specific advice from a solicitor in the event of a complex situation, such as multiple divorces, overseas investments, business assets or large estates.

Executor ability

You can choose the solicitor or law firm who draws up your will as your executor. This means they’ll be responsible for executing the will and handling arrangements when you’re gone. Often this is preferable for people who don’t wish to burden family members. There will be an additional cost for this – so make sure you’re clear on charges before you go ahead with it.

Using will writing solicitors is sometimes a more costly option compared with will writing companies. The cost can range between £150 for a basic will up to £600 for a complex will.

Tips for choosing will writing solicitors and will writers

When sourcing will writing solicitors you should:

– Ask for personal recommendations from family and friends

– Choose a solicitor appropriate for your situation – some may specialise in arranging overseas assets, for example

– Shop around for the best price. You may be able to save over £100 by comparing costs.

– Make sure they are registered with The Law Society

You may also like to wait until Free Wills Month (run twice a year in March and October throughout England and Wales) or Will Aid in November. This enables you to see a solicitor for free – although the charity will strongly encourage a small donation, so its not really free!

When sourcing will writers you should:

– Check that they belong to either The Society of Will Writers or The Institute of Professional Will Writers. This should ensure that they are regulated and have received up to date training. They are also insured should your will be legally challenged and must follow a Code of Practice set out by Trading Standards

– Ask for reviews and testimonials – word of mouth recommendations are often helpful

Other things to consider when writing a will

Before you organise a meeting with a solicitor to make a will, it’s worth thinking about your wishes in some detail. Consider:

Your children : If you have children under the age of 18, you’ll need to think about who will be their legal guardian should you and your partner pass away.

Your Assets : List your assets (everything you own) one by one. This includes property, cars etc. Note down the estimated value of each and remember to include details such as independent or shared ownership. It might be useful to locate documents such as deeds and titles now, as they can be expensive to replace if they get lost.

Your Belongings : Remember to include smaller items in the above list – cherished items you wish to pass on.

Executors: You’ll need to appoint an executor to ensure that the wishes in your will are carried out. Usually people appoint either a close family member or their solicitor to take care of this. It must be someone you know well and trust. Remember it can be a stressful and lengthy process – so they will need to be prepared for it and agree to it.

Beneficiaries: These are the people or organisations who you wish to benefit from your will. Make a list before deciding who will receive what.

Charity: Do you want to leave some money behind to your favourite charity? How much will you leave?

Funeral instructions: You may like to leave your preferred funeral arrangements in your will along with money to pay for it. If you have not thought about paying for your funeral, you can read our article on funeral plans here. Your intentions to be an organ donor can also be included in your will – but you’ll need to be registered too.

Here is a short video explaining the benefits of a funeral plan.

Any complex circumstances: If you have a complex situation it will need to be considered and managed early on. Examples of this include business assets you’d like to leave behind, overseas investments, exclusion of somebody who would normally benefit from your will and beneficiaries with special needs. *

Powers of Attorney and related issues: Whilst making a will you can also arrange Lasting Power of Attorney, alongside trusts, advanced directives and more. You can read more about Powers of Attorney on this site.. The two main types of power of attorney that you should be aware about are called a Health and Welfare Power of Attorney or a Property and Financial Affairs Power of Attorney. It is important that you understand what these are and how they work.

The process itself may throw up some additional talking points – as you speak with a solicitor, they may advise certain things that you hadn’t considered before, such as trust funds.

Where can I go for further information on writing a will?

You have two options if you are looking for some help.

Option 2 – Leave your details below, and we will put you in touch with a will writing professional. This is an option that lots of people prefer as it takes away a hard decision of finding someone reputable to help you.

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You’re doing homework

8 Easy Ways to Finish Your Homework Faster

How many times have you found yourself still staring at your textbook around midnight (or later!) even when you started your homework hours earlier? Those lost hours could be explained by Parkinson’s Law, which states, “Work expands to fill the time available for its completion.” In other words, if you give yourself all night to memorize those geometry formulas for your quiz tomorrow, you’ll inevitably find that a 30 minute task has somehow filled your entire evening.

We know that you have more homework than ever. But even with lots and lots to do, a few tweaks to your study routine could help you spend less time getting more accomplished.

Here are 8 steps to make Parkinson’s Law work to your advantage:

1. Make a list

This should be a list of everything that has to be done that evening. And we mean, everything—from re-reading notes from this morning’s history class to quizzing yourself on Spanish vocabulary.

2. Estimate the time needed for each item on your list

You can be a little ruthless here. However long you think a task will take, try shaving off 5 or 10 minutes. But, be realistic. You won’t magically become a speed reader.

3. Gather all your gear

Collect EVERYTHING you will need for the homework you are working on (like your laptop for writing assignments and pencils for problem sets). Getting up for supplies takes you off course and makes it that much harder to get back to your homework.

4. Unplug

The constant blings and beeps from your devices can make it impossible to focus on what you are working on. Switch off or silence your phones and tablets, or leave them in another room until it’s time to take a tech break.

5. Time yourself

Noting how much time something actually takes will help you estimate better and plan your next study session.

6. Stay on task

If you’re fact checking online, it can be so easy to surf on over to a completely unrelated site. A better strategy is to note what information you need to find online, and do it all at once at the end of the study session.

7. Take plenty of breaks

Most of us need a break between subjects or to break up long stretches of studying. Active breaks are a great way to keep your energy up. Tech breaks can be an awesome way to combat the fear of missing out that might strike while you are buried in your work, but they also tend to stretch much longer than originally intended. Stick to a break schedule of 10 minutes or so.

8. Reward yourself!

Finish early? If you had allocated 30 minutes for reading a biology chapter and it only took 20, you can apply those extra 10 minutes to a short break—or just move on to your next task. If you stay on track, you might breeze through your work quickly enough to catch up on some Netflix.

Our best piece of advice? Keep at it. The more you use this system, the easier it will become. You’ll be surprised by how much time you can shave off homework just by focusing and committing to a distraction-free study plan.

Stuck on homework?

Try an online tutoring session with one of our experts, and get homework help in 40+ subjects.

The Staff of The Princeton Review

For more than 35 years, students and families have trusted The Princeton Review to help them get into their dream schools. We help students succeed in high school and beyond by giving them resources for better grades, better test scores, and stronger college applications. Follow us on Twitter: @ThePrincetonRev.

How to Do Homework

This article was co-authored by Ronitte Libedinsky, MS. Ronitte Libedinsky is an Academic Tutor and the Founder of Brighter Minds SF, a San Francisco, California based company that provides one-on-one and small group tutoring. Specializing in tutoring mathematics (pre-algebra, algebra I/II, geometry, pre-calculus, calculus) and science (chemistry, biology), Ronitte has over 10 years of experience tutoring to middle school, high school, and college students. She also tutors in SSAT, Terra Nova, HSPT, SAT, and ACT test prep. Ronitte holds a BS in Chemistry from the University of California, Berkeley, and an MS in Chemistry from Tel Aviv University.

There are 7 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page.

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Even though your parents probably complain about how hard it was in their day, students nowadays have more homework than ever before, even when just starting their first year at middle school. That homework doesn’t need to be a struggle now. Learning to plan out an efficient schedule for completing your homework, working on it effectively, and knowing when to get help with difficult assignments can help take the stress out of studying. Don’t put it off any longer. See Step 1 for more information.

How to Make Homework Less Work

Homework is your teachers’ way of evaluating how much you understand of what’s going on in class. But it can seem overwhelming at times. Luckily, you can do a few things to make homework less work.

Create a Homework Plan

Understand the assignment. Write it down in your notebook or planner, and don’t be afraid to ask questions about what’s expected. It’s much easier to take a minute to ask the teacher during or after class than to struggle to remember later that night.

If you have a lot of homework or activities, ask how long the particular homework assignment should take. That way you can budget your time.

Start right away. Just because it’s called “homework” doesn’t mean you have to do it at home. Use study periods or other extra time in your school day. The more you get done in school, the less you have to do at night.

Budget your time. If you don’t finish your homework at school, think about how much you have left and what else is going on that day. Most high-school students have between 1 and 3 hours of homework a night. If it’s a heavy homework day, you’ll need to devote more time to homework. It’s a good idea to come up with a homework schedule, especially if you’re involved in sports or activities or have an after-school job.

Watch Where You Work

When you settle down to do homework or to study, where do you do it? Parked in front of the TV? In the kitchen, with the sound of dishes being cleared and your brothers and sisters fighting?

Find a quiet place to focus. The kitchen table was OK when you were younger and homework didn’t require as much concentration. But now you’ll do best if you can find a place to get away from noise and distractions, like a bedroom or study.

Avoid studying on your bed. Sit at a desk or table that you can set your computer on and is comfortable to work at. Park your devices while you study. Just having your phone where you can see it can be a distraction. That makes homework take longer.

Get to Work

Tackle the hardest assignments first. It’s tempting to start with the easy stuff to get it out of the way. But you have the most energy and focus when you begin. Use this mental power on the subjects that are most challenging. Later, when you’re more tired, you can focus on the simpler things.

Keep moving ahead. If you get stuck, try to figure out the problem as best you can — but don’t spend too much time on it because this can mess up your homework schedule for the rest of the night. If you need to, ask an adult or older sibling for help. Or reach out to a classmate. Just don’t pick someone you’ll be up all night chatting with or you’ll never get it done!

Take breaks. Most people have short attention spans. Sitting for too long without stretching or relaxing will make you less productive than if you stop every so often. Taking a 15-minute break every hour is a good idea for most people. (If you’re really concentrating, wait until it’s a good time to stop.)

Get It Ready to Go

When your homework is done, put it in your backpack. There’s nothing worse than having a completed assignment that you can’t find the next morning. Now you’re free to hang out — without the guilt of unfinished work hanging over you.

Get Help When You Need It

Even when you pay attention in class, study for tests, and do your homework, some subjects seem too hard. You may hope that things will get easier, but most of the time that doesn’t happen.

What does happen for many people is that they work harder and harder as they fall further and further behind. There’s nothing embarrassing about asking for help. No one understands everything.

Start with your teacher or guidance counselor. Some teachers will work with students before or after school to explain things more clearly. But what if you don’t feel comfortable with your teacher? If your school is big, there may be other teachers who know the same subject. Sometimes it just helps to have someone new explain something in a different way.

Ask a classmate. If you know someone who is good at a subject, ask if you can study together. This may help, but keep in mind that people who understand a subject aren’t always good at explaining it.

Find a tutor. You’ll need to talk to an adult about this because it usually costs money to hire a tutor. Tutors come to your home or meet you someplace like the library or a tutoring center. They work with students to review and explain things taught in the classroom. This gives you the chance to ask questions and work at your own pace. Your teacher or guidance counselor can help you find a tutor if you’re interested.