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Bishopsgate institute creative writing

Writing Creative Non-Fiction

We will explore the techniques used in the personal essay, the autofiction novel, and other journalistic and more experimental/hybrid forms. As a supportive group, we will share work and offer one another feedback, pushing one another to be braver, more self-reflective and more deeply engaged in our writing practice.

Each week we will look at and discuss extracts from contemporary writers working in different creative non-fiction forms. We will analyse and discuss the possibilities of each form and in the week that follows we will produce a piece of work in that style, sharing our work-in-progress with the group. We will also discuss ideas around “truth”, “reality” and narrative, exploring how the political, the personal and the imaginative intersect to create powerful and original writing.

Suitability – Who should attend?

This course is for anyone who is curious about language and ideas. It is for anyone who wants to develop their creative writing skills, take risks and engage in discussions about what it might mean to write the “truth”. It is a course for anyone interested in exploring how different narrative forms offer us new ways to understand and write the reality around us.


Looking to get creative and start crafting a story? Join one of our writing courses to develop your skills and share your work.

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