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Are actors and/or pro athletes paid too much essay

Is It Just That Actors and Professional Athletes Are Paid So Much?

Throughout the history, there always existed and exists a kind of people who would rather count somebody else’s money than earn a little bit of their own. The difference between the past and the present is that previously this idea was called “envy” and was treated correspondingly; nowadays it is called something like “just redistribution of wealth” and is used as a kind of religion by leftist politicians.

Among the targets of this redistribution there are such people as actors and professional athletes who, according to the popular belief, don’t do anything useful yet are being paid thousands of times more than honest workers. Unfair! Yet one question always remains unanswerable: if the work done by these people is so much easier and more pleasant, why all these honest workers don’t give their daily job up and do the same? The answer is simple: because they cannot.

Professional sportsmen and actors possess certain qualities that make other people eager to pay millions of dollars to them – not without the influence of the above mentioned honest workers, who simply like to watch them doing their job.

It doesn’t matter whether the work done by a person brings any real benefits. What are these benefits, after all? Real benefits for whom? Which benefits are more real than the others? The only scale that defines the value of your work is how much other people are willing to pay you for it and how easy it is to replace you. Actors and athletes are unique, so there is no real possibility to find an identical substitute; while any average worker may be replaced by any other average worker.

Justice doesn’t have anything to do with it. It is the matter of economics.

Are actors and professional athletes paid too much?

Yes,actors and professional athletes are paid too much.

It can be easily argued that actors and professional athletes are paid too much.There really does not take too much skill to perform these activities so many people think it is a quick and easy way to make excess money without working too hard.If there was some kind of pay scale that was based on experience then the whole system would be fairer.

Absolutely, they are!

I do think both actors and athletes are paid too much; actors especially! Unfortunately, I think when it comes to Hollywood, it all comes down to the money, and how much they are going to get when it is all said and done. Athletes also tend to be a bit greedy.

Yes they are.

Actors and professional athletes are paid way too much. It can not be justified as to why the professional athletes and actors get paid so high than we have people who are on the street without a home. Half their salary could probably home at least two families and live comfortably.

Actors and pro athletes are paid too much

Actors and professional athletes are paid far too much. Actors and pro athletes are payed millions and millions of dollars to provide a service that is not worth nearly that much. These people should be paid a large amount of money, but the amount of money that they are paid is obscenely out of proportion to the work that they are doing.

Entertainment Is Over Priced

I do believe that professional athletes and actors are paid far too much. When you consider the current cost of entertainment, especially through cable, given the amount of advertising they sell added to the charges they pass on to the consumers, it has gotten out of hand. I think these people deserve a fair salary, but not as much as they are currently receiving, in most cases.

It’s all about the greed

The more I think of this, the more I do believe actors and pro athletes are in fact, paid too much The worst part is, sooner or later the money could get their head, and they would demand even more money for doing the same sport or type of movie.

Yes, Yes they are overpaid

I find it insane that people such as pop stars, Actors, Tv hosts or athletes, People that contribute literally nothing to society, Get paid millions and millions. And they get paid millions at the same time billions of humans live in inhumane conditions in Latin America, Africa and most Asian Counties.
I also find it insane because they are get paid more than the people thay actually contribute to society. People such as scientists, Doctors, Teachers etc. A doctor in greece for example gets paid less than 1500€ per month. It is insane

Because I’m Jealous

I’m broke their rich. Its as simple as that. Honestly many people work hard in life yet they never really achieve what they wanted. Actors and athletes made it through pure chance because they were there at the right place at the right time when people were to see their “talent”.

Yes they are

Other professions like doctors, The army and even the president of the united states gets paid so little but contribute so much to society. I understand that its hard to make it to pros but once you sign a 15 million contract for 5 years the next day you can sprain an ankle and still get 15 mill every year for 5 years. The army risks their lives to protect this country, Doctors contribute to medical research and go through hell and back to become a doctor in the first place, Teachers teach students the proper way of life and a lot more thing but barely get paid 75K AND even Obama, He helped the counrty he lead the country made life in the US better and he only got paied 400K. While athletes are sitting on millions of dollars for simply entertaining us, If you think thats fair i don’t know what to say to you.

We lost our Goal as a society!

Just think. . . Entertainment is a part of our way of life and that should be paid to the ones that provide it.
But in what way are they more essencial than a firefighter, A farmer, A medic and so on?
What is the priority of our society and why so much money is going that way instead of providing for the planet and our community. . .

Some people don’t understand how hard athletes work to br in the majors.

For example I will talk about major league baseball players. Major league baseball players have to go through a lot just to make it to single a, double a, and triple a. They wake up at 5:30 in the morning get dressed, eat breakfast, and then they still have to go to practice that is about 4 hours long. You may ask how I know all this? Well my cousin is in the single a and told me everything he does once he wakes up. I asked him how hard is it to get to single a , double a, or triple a. He said its not easy you got to go through many training and practices. He almost got to double a but he messed up once and they sent him back to single a. So I believe they get paid a really good amount not to much and not to little. 🙂

They are not

A lot of stress is put into this such as being pressured to make a movie a blockbuster. You have to give up your privacy and lifestyle for paparazzi and have to be hidden. I also think they’re not because we’re funding them, so we can’t complain about their wages.

They earned this job they deserve the job

People might say they are paid to much but they aren’t. They have to start off at the bottom of the list to work their way up to the top of the chart. They are people kids look up to so they can have a dream job some day to be a pro athlete or an actor or actress

You give your money up to watch them, it is your fault they are paid that amount

Without people going to go watch them then they would not be so popular and would not get the sponsorship that they need. Also the amount they get paid is in no way linked to the governments debt and the lack of money the army get. If you blame any one it is the people that spend their precious money to go watch them.

Hey need to be paid high

Professional athletes have a serious age limit to their career, many will have to retire by 35. Very few will still be employed by 40. Actors work is always very uncertain, they can go years without a job. The high payment ensures that these people can continue to offer these services to the public.

They’re paid what they’re worth

This is a free market, which means that sports team and studios are free to pay whatever they want for whoever they want. If it weighs on the conscience of the actor or athlete, then they are perfectly free not to sign on the dotted line of the contract. Sports and entertainment are big business, and the reason those companies can clear those profits is because of the talent they employ, and I do think that they’re worth every cent.

This is false

That is really stupid to say yes, they get overpaid maybe they do maybe they don’t but i believe that they don’t get over payed because they have devoted their whole life for their job and now that they have got here they shouldn’t even get payed well. And just to be clear we are the ones paying them because we are going to their sports games or even watching or renting or buying there movies it is just that there funds and payments are coming from our pockets

They keep young teens remain hopeful.

Children now days and especially teens look up to these people that we are now considering overplayed. They contribute to culture and encourage others to America. And we spend our money to keep them in business so it’s our fault they get paid so much. If they really are overpaid, then why are we still watching tv and movies and watching sports?

Athletes/ Actors shouldn’t be compared to soldiers, Teachers, Etc.

Some people compared athletes and actors to soldiers and teachers. They say how athletes are overpaid because they make more than people who benefit our society. However, This doesn’t show that they’re overpaid. This just shows that teachers and soldiers are underpaid.
Tip: Stop using, “I” or “I believe” in your arguments, Because it’s not formal and it shows bias.

No they aren’t

It is a hard work to do yes you make friends spend good times doing things you enjoy but on a large playing or filming day you only want to go home and have a big sandwich and sleep like a king there rest hours are a disorder because the need to ´practice at night and the movie or game will be fabulous but they will want to have a work like the one u have also they do other stuff modeling, Makeup or perfume brands, And collaborate with a brand on fashion

Are Professional Athletes and Actors Overpaid

In this essay I will explore a much debated topic in this country pertaining to the undeniable fact that professional actors and athletes overwhelmingly get paid much higher than the average American. As any highly debated topic, there are always arguments and viewpoints from both sides of the spectrum. Like many Americans, for entertainment I thoroughly enjoy watching both film and professional sporting events. Even though, I have always maintained a firm stance that many in these professions are simply overpaid.

I believe once you have read my research and analysis on this topic, you as well will agree from a sociological, economical and even ethical perspective that they are grossly overpaid. Proponents of the film industry or “Hollywood” and the pro-sporting industry would contend that they are simply providing for a demand. These two industries do provide for Americans some of the most enjoyed and popular forms of entertainment in our society today. These industries not only provide earnings to the actors and athletes but also provide jobs to many other Americans as well.

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Like any successful industry, those who provide the primary service to that industry will in turn be rewarded appropriately for their contributions to its success. Both actors and pro-athletes would argue that attaining their current level of success was not easy as these jobs are very competitive.

Also, there are many times huge expectations to perform and stress that come with the job and the celebrity status. Some pro-athletes such as football players, would also argue that after they retire, their physical condition has declined much earlier in life due to years of physical trauma and injury and performing in other jobs post-career is many times difficult.

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As I wrote earlier, there are arguments from both sides of the spectrum. Let’s begin to analyze from the other viewpoint not ignoring the other side’s arguments and include some of the fundamental and sociological reasons of our need and demand for entertainment. Looking back to the era of the “Roaring 20’s” in which America was enjoying a period of sustained economic prosperity, the average American could at a higher level afford to enjoy different forms of entertainment than previously. This ushered in a new era and cultural dynamic which emphasized organized sports, theatre, and film. Since this era, America has seen economic depression, recession and crisis, but has still remained the wealthiest country in the world.

Due to this, the entertainment culture that was created roughly 100 years ago still exists today, and the demand for it continues to grow. Each year more and new gaming devices, games, videos, movies, and television shows are released. Likewise the costs of these products and devices continues to go up. The unfortunate side to this is that it has created a more sedentary lifestyle and culture of everyday America, and in turn attributing to issues as obesity amongst both children and adults. Regardless, we have developed and created this culture with the associated increased demand for this form of entertainment, and the industry is nothing more than happy to oblige us in providing it. In a study conducted by USA TODAY and Statista of top paid Hollywood actors, it found that Robert Downey Jr. earned over $75 million in a one year timeframe from June 2012-June 2013. Much of his earnings were a result of his roles in both “The Avengers” and “Ironman 3,” with “The Avengers” alone grossing $1.51 billion in box office sales making it the highest grossing movie of 2012 worldwide. Liam Neeson who was ranked as the 10th top earner, grossed over $32 million in the same timeframe.

According to the Daily News, Samuel L. Jackson is titled with being the highest grossing actor of all time with earnings of $7.42 billion throughout his film career. Floyd Mayweather Jr. who is a pro-boxer has earned a total of $90 million in 2013 from winnings alone, making him the top pro-athlete earner according to Sports Illustrated. Mayweather has achieved such a high status that it is common for him to have a guaranteed win-or-lose purse of around 30 million per fight. Pro-basketball player Lebron James who is at number two in the rankings, earned over $17 million in salary and a staggering $39 million in endorsements alone for 2013. The list goes on and on with astronomical numbers that get higher and higher each year in passing.

There is essentially a fundamental question that is raised in regards to all of this, “What individual is simply worth that much?” The services provided by these individuals is simply for entertainment alone. What is provided does not contribute to the functionality or betterment of our society. There was a time when acting or professional sports were a second job in which an individual would perform due to their love for the sport or art. After all, a sport is something that is played for enjoyment by the rest of us because it is enjoyable. They get paid millions while the rest of us do it for fun. Being the die-hard Green Bay Packer fan that I am, I scream and yell and root for my team as hard as or harder than the other fans. When my team loses or Aaron Rodgers has a bad game I can find myself feeling down and upset. Some fans feel as if their whole day or week is ruined if their favorite team loses. I think it is they that always have the last laugh. At the end of the day he or she is disappointed but regardless they’re still making millions. When Mayweather has a bad fight, he still takes home his $30 million. In a way we are all pawns in their game, and we are always the losers.

As we look at wealth distribution in the U.S., many of these actors and athletes fall into the wealthiest 10% of Americans. According to James M. Henslin in Essentials of Sociology, 70% of our nation’s wealth is owned by this top 10%. To break this down even more, the top one percent owns 1/3 of all U.S. assets. The average per capita income in the U.S. is only $42,000 per year (194). The other 90% who is the fan base that provides the majority of the income of these actors and athletes, are seeing this income gap continue to widen. Even with the recent recession in our economy, the rich as a whole statistically remain unaffected. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. The strong middle class that once was the backbone of our economy is slowly diminishing and sliding to the left. This middle class are the firefighters, police officers, and service members who protect and serve our communities and country. They are the structure of society who provide strength and functionality and who ultimately serve to the betterment of us all. There is much debate on how wealth should be distributed. A capitalist society has proven for the U.S. to be effective and be partially credited with building the foundation of all of the wealth and creating the richest country in the world.

Completely socialist societies have proven in history to be a failure. Typically there is a Darwin Effect of “Survival of the Fittest” which dominates. There obviously needs to be some middle ground here, but finding a solution is difficult. In this case of actors and athletes, I believe us as the consumer and their supporters have the power to control this huge inequality and disparity by saying, “Enough is enough!” and demand that some rationale come into play. Paying these individuals this much money is simply ridiculous in my opinion. Fundamentally we as a society should give value to those professions which serve us in a way that promotes a more sustainable society.

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