Your Pinkie is More Powerful Than Your Thumb


Chapter 1


This chapter is all about recent health-related facts about which your doctor is most likely clueless.


Why are hospitals so worried about neckties?

Neckties, regardless of who wears them, are rarely cleaned, and doctors’ ties, which are more likely to be bombarded with bacteria from sneezes, can unknowingly spread disease to patients. Those who want doctors to shed their neckties point to a 2004 study of ties worn by employees of New York Hospital Medical Center of Queens in which half of the doctors’ ties contained germs that could cause illnesses. Only 10 percent of the neckties worn by hospital security guards carried similar germs.


Just about all of us have had our hearts broken, but can a heart literally break?
Find the answer on page 11.

Chapter 2


This chapter focuses on life-and-death facts, such as why women live longer than men and how many serial killers are on the loose in America.


What's the most common word used by death-row inmates during their last-words speeches?

Love, by far. Love was said 630 times, followed by thanks (243 times), sorry (211), God (175), death (132), Lord (130), life (126), peace (95), Jesus and mom (both 86), pray (80), warden (74), kill (69), ready (65), innocent (45), Allah (41), heaven (40), 20 (closure), fear (14), regret (12), deserve (10), guilty (7), hell (6), not guilty (4) and afraid (1).


How many American lives are saved when gasoline costs $4 per gallon or more?
The answer is on page 42.


Chapter 3 


Money happens to be one of the most universal topics of conversation, and this chapter includes dozens of surprising money-related facts.


What's the most anyone ever paid for a chair?

$28.3 million. At an auction in Paris in 2009, someone paid that much for a chair made around 1918 by Irish artist Eileen Gray, who mostly lived in Paris. The leather and wooden armchair was part of the estate of fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent and his partner.



When will painting your walls bright pink cost you $3,500?
Turn to page 65 to find the answer.